Ferran Torres Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

By | December 12, 2022

Ferran Torres Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

Ferran Torres Gracia born on the 29th of February 2000 is a Spanish professional football player.  He plays as a forward for the Spain national team and La Liga club Barcelona. Ferran is widely recognised for his outstanding pace, creativity, strategy and his close control at speed. 

Apart from this, Torres his amazing height, athleticism & heading talents make him a robust player on the ground. Torres put a lot of hours practicing various workouts to maintain his physique and unbeatable fitness. Let’s have a close perk at the Ferran Torres workout routine and Ferran Torres diet plan in extensive depth. 

Ferran Torres Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height  1.84 m or 6 ft. 0 inches 
Weight 77 Kg 
Age 22 years 
Chest  39 inches 
Waist  31 inches 
Biceps  17 inches 


Ferran Torres Workout  Routine 

Ferran has gained a huge fame and love from millions of people globally. He has around 3.3 million fan following on his Instagram account and more on other social media platforms. But here we are disclosing the secret for his attractive physique by jotting down the Ferran Torres workout routine.

Ferran is very possessive & dedicated about his fitness and physique. He maintains a great style of play and performance on the ground by adopting a regular workout regime. Ferran Torres workout routine is composed of speed, core, strength and plyometric workouts. He used to spend an hour or two in the gym practicing various types of workouts. 

For all the fans of Ferran and fitness buff we are presenting one of the youngest yet brilliant footballer Ferran Torres workout routine below. Go ahead and check out the entire regime. Draw some inspiration & gear up for your fitness journey.  

A very important pre-workout regime is to do a RAMP warm-up drill of 15 minutes atleast to bring your body muscles into active state & get ready for the actual workouts. 

Session 1: Workout for Pace

  • Box jump – 


This workout helps in training the leg and core muscles to “ turn on” faster during a run. 


  • Deadlift – 


This exercises is a great way to develop propulsive force in the hip extenders & glutes which in turn will increase your pace. 

  • Kneeling hip flexor stretch – 


This exercise is a crucial part of building pace as it improves the range if motion in the hips by stretching the hip muscles. 

Session 2: Workout for Core

  • Rolling side plank – 


This workout is a combination of plank & side plank. It braces the core muscles and also challenges the abs & obliques.  


  • Renegade row – 


This exercise works effectively on the core along with the muscles present in the chest, shoulders, back, hips and even quads. 


  • Single-leg lowering  –


The best workout to activate the core muscles & restore the body posture. 

Session 3: Plyometrics workout:

  • Squat jump – 


This workout works to tighten the glutes & the arches in the feet rise. 


  • Staggered pushup – 


Ferran used to practice this workout as it works well on the shoulders, chest and arms.


  • Punch throw – 


This exercise challenges the shoulders and hips. Also, it provide strength and resilience. 

Session 4: Heavy strength training: 

  • Prowler: Sled push – 


This strength training is highly effective for glutes, quads, calves, chests, hamstrings, arms and core. It helps in achieving speed, strength, power development and overall conditioning.  


  • Medicine ball toss –


This workout is a great low body exercise as it helps in strengthening glutes, quads etc. It helps in training all the triple extensions. 


  • Dumbbell clean & press 


This workout let you lift the weight off the ground & press it overhead. So, in this exercise the legs, shoulders, back, grip & biceps work fiercely to lift the dumbbell. 


So, finally we have came to an end of the Ferran Torres workout routine.  His workout schedule is so well-curated and stuffed with numerous exercises to tone up the whole body. If you want to stay fit and healthy with an attractive body image, start following a well-prepared workout schedule blended with right food habits. 

Ferran Torres Diet Plan 

Ferran Torres diet plan is so focused and well planned. He takes only healthy and nutritious diet and follow it nicely before and after the workouts. He consider pre as well as post workout meals as a very crucial part to get appropriate nutrition. Nutrition and hydration are the two important aspects he mainly focuses on. He consumes meals with high proteins, fibres etc. He drinks a plenty of water to stay intoxicated & hydrated. 

Have you ever checked out the popular footballer Ferran Torres diet plan? If not, have a look below to know how he stays fit and follow that healthy diet mantra in your life. 

Is Ferran Torres a Vegan? 

No, Ferran Torres is not a vegan. 


Spanish egg bread 


Tortilla Espanola 


Patatas Bravas 

Pimientos de Padron







Paella & Fideúa

Gazpacho & Salmorejo 


Ultimately, this is the end!  We have summed up all the information relevant to the Ferran Torres diet plan. His fitness mantra lies more in his eating habits and workout plans than any other stuff. So, if anyone wish to achieve a well-toned and chiselled body image, then make sure to stay adhered to the healthy eating habits and hydration.  


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