Halle Bailey Weight Loss

By | July 10, 2023

Halle Bailey Weight Loss: Rob Marshall’s version of the classic princess movie titled ‘ The Little Mermaid’ has already been released for the masses and is all set to be available on digital platforms in a few days. The movie received positive reviews for the screenplay and performances, as well as the aesthetics of the show. Led by Halle Bailey as Ariel and Jonah Hauer-King as the charming Price Eric, the movie isn’t disappointing at all. Almost all the artists are receiving critical acclaim for their performance and Halle tops the list. With her conviction and acting talent, Halle made the part her own. 

Halle Bailey worked out intensely to embody the body language of her character, all while trying to keep her legs still. But she has received the most praise for her weight loss to fit the role. People are curious to know her path to the ripped body of a mermaid and Halle’s journey for the same. So in this post we will, we will answer just that. Halle Bailey’s weight loss secrets for her role and her workout routine resulted in such a healthy weight loss.


Halle Bailey Weight Loss

Halle Bailey Weight Loss


Halle Bailey Body Stats 

Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 52 kgs
Age 21 years
Waist 22 inches
Shoulders 24 inches

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Halle Bailey Weight Loss workout routine

Halle Bailey is conscious about her fitness, both while preparing for a role and in real life. She likes the healing aspect of workouts and loves to play with different formats of modern workouts. She is great with vocals, and after her role in The Little Mermaid, everyone knows she can pull off the hot girl vibe incredibly. We mean look at her weight loss for the role. Here’s a look at all the exercises she did to achieve such a transformation. Please note that each body is different and you must not imitate this intense workout without proper guidance.


Halle Bailey Weight Loss workout routine

Halle Bailey Weight Loss workout routine


Now a look at Halle Bailey Weight Loss Workout Routine


Swimming Training

Halle Bailey had half of her shooting schedule inside water and for that, she did intense swimming Training. In almost all of the movie, she is underwater so, it’s obvious that swimming was a big part of her training routine that helped her with weight loss.

Swimming is an exercise that’s preferred by most celebrities for its relaxing nature. But at the same time, it tones up your body pretty quickly, especially your lower body and legs. It also burns a lot of calories and so is helpful in weight loss. 

So, swimming can prove helpful, if you are looking to lose weight like Halle Bailey.


Gym Training

Halle started her day at 4 am with a gym workout,  while training for the role. She underwent intense gym Training with her trainer Sana Shirvani.

The schedule had lots of strength training and conditioning. The exercise aimed to build the strength to undergo long hours of acting as a mermaid and build the required endurance and muscle tone.


Stunt Training

For stunt training, Halle had to focus on building the strength to be hinged on wires for a long amount of time, with nothing but a wired network to support the hips. Her trainer shared that the focus was on building core and back muscles because as a mermaid she couldn’t use her legs to dive and drool.  

Sana Shirvani shared in an interview that her focus was on building the right mind-muscle connection that ensures Halle performs on the screen, rather than just having toned midriff. For this, the team used the Glute Hamstrings Developer( GHD), which roughly resembles the wire she is suspended to while shootingThe main exercises were deadlifts, hip thrusts, and isometric holds on the GHD.

Sana focussed on progressive overload, to ensure Halle continuously gains muscles and loses the extra kilos.


Hot Yoga

Halle is a fan of Hot Yoga and shared that she loved the healing and safety of Hot Yoga. The burn in calories and muscles can be felt in a hot yoga session. So Hot Yoga is an exercise that combines cardiovascular strength with toning and breathing exercises.


Circuit Training

Along with the formal training with her trainer, Halle took special care to not lose the results during the lockdown period. For that, she combined her regular workout sessions with those suggested by Shirvani. One of those was circuit Training. She often shares her workout sessions on Instagram and seems to like circuit Training. 

Each circuit consists of weighted squats, box jumps, burpees, weighted side planks, and a range of other strength-building exercises. Circuit Training is time efficient exercise that gives results in a short time, increases power, and burns loads of calories, helping with targeted weight loss.


The American Singer and Actor Halle shared in an interview that she was in the best shape of her life while filming the movie. Further the actors, including did a lot of neck and upper body training to get the right rhythm while being suspended in the air or underwater.

That’s all for Halle Bailey Weight Loss workout routine.

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Halle Bailey Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Halle Bailey is not very strict about her diet. She likes to have fun with her nutrition now and then and this was true during training for ‘ The Little Mermaid’ also. Her favorite food includes Avocado Toast, Rice, bread, and lots of sweets. Halle is vegan and goes for vegan cheesecakes, donuts, and pancakes.

One of her favorite snacks is a whole smoothie combining a lot of vegetables, fruits, and seeds. 


Halle Bailey Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Halle Bailey Weight Loss Diet Plan


Training for The Little Mermaid

While training for her role as Ariel, Halle was advised by her trainer to keep protein content high and choose whole foods like nuts and legumes to maintain body composition rather than lose fats.

Protein was also necessary for muscle recovery and growth. 


Is Halle Bailey Vegan?

Yes, Halle Bailey is Vegan.


That’s all for Halle Bailey Weight Loss  Diet Plan.

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