Justin H. Min Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | July 10, 2023

Justin H. Min Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Randell Park’s directorial debut is all set to release next month. And the trailer is already catching both breaths and eyeballs. The series is based on a book by the same name, featuring  Justin H Min and Ally Maki in lead roles. The series seems to be an unconventional take on love and its turbulence. 

Justin H. Min, the breakout star of The Umbrella Academy and Beef is all set to don the hat of a romantic lead in the movie. Justin has had quite a good journey till now, with loads of acclaim and recognition already to his name. His famous works are in projects like The Umbrella Academy, Beef, and Joy Ride.

The boy carries his own charm with a combination of wisdom and glamor. He is pretty fit too, with his ripped pictures on Instagram, the guy is already admired by many.

So in this post, we will look at Justin H. Min Workout Routine and Diet Plan.


Justin H. Min Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

Justin H. Min Workout Routine and Diet Plan.


Justin H Min Body Stats

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 74 kgs
Age 33 years
Waist 30 inches
Shoulders 34 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Justin H. min Workout Routine

First thing first, Justin is not a fan of working out. Unlike what one may expect, looking at his toned body. He is not a gym freak. So how does he maintain such a physique? 

The answer is in taking a smart approach to health and fitness. 


Justin H. min Workout Routine

Justin H. min Workout Routine


Justin H. min Workout Routine includes:

Team Sports

Justin is a good basketball player. His project titled ‘Beef’ was all about his perfect dunks, jumps and expert moves on the basketball court. 

Basketball is a great sport, allowing you to build lean muscles while improving cardiovascular strength. Basketball or any other team sport, like football, baseball, or handball is one of the smartest ways to improve physical and mental health. It’s essentially a team-building exercise that allows you to bond with your fellow players and gives emotional release. It improves explosive power and coordination while working on your cardiovascular strength.



Justin likes to walk through his day. He enjoys the calmness of nature through his regular walks and that’s his secret to a healthy and toned body. Walking is a great exercise for everyone from any age group. It’s essentially a weight-bearing exercise, which tones your lower body and builds lung capacity, and improves heart health.

A 30 min walk in the morning or evening is good to start with and slowly you can turn it into brisk walking to improve results. Walking regularly is a proven way to stay away from all chronic illnesses and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. It is also known to improve mood by releasing happy hormones. It’s highly beneficial for balancing your hormonal health and helps you deal with anxiety and depression.


Weight Training

Recently Justin Shared a picture of himself all sweaty from an intense workout. He isn’t a fan of working out, yet sometimes he has to get to the gym and pull those weights. Justin has really toned upper arms, probably he is involved in lots of pull-ups, bicep, and tricep curls, and deadlifts. For the lower body, he does a combination of functional exercises like squats, sit-ups, and crunches, along with weight training.

A little weight training is important for people of almost every age group, except children. Weight Training builds muscles and that’s your ultimate protection from any kind of wear and tear in the body.



It seems Justin loves his marathons. He is a regular runner in local marathons and loves to shower himself in the ard-earned sweat from those marathons. 

Running helps him stay calm and releases stuck energy from the body, detoxifying your body and mind.

So, Justin’s secret to a healthy body is to mostly work out through exercises he really enjoys, like basketball and walking. This helps you in being more consistent and disciplined with your workout routine without much effort.


Emotion Wheel

Every kind of physical fitness is incomplete without mental and emotional fitness. Justin takes care of his mental health by regularly visiting his therapist and by being conscious of his mental health.

In that respect, an emotional Wheel is one of his most important tools. You can watch him talk about it here.

That’s all for Justin H. Min Workout Routine.

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Justin H. min Diet Plan

Justin H. min Diet Plan is not actually discussed. But we know he loves avocados and is pretty expert in them. His favorite breakfast is either avocado toast or simple avocados with seasoning and lemon juice. Other than that, the guy isn’t into counting his calories and is obsessed with food intake. He likes to take his sweet time to enjoy his meals without guilt. 

Some of his favorite dishes are avocado Toast, Eggs, cereal, Brown bread, chocolate sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, kinds of pasta, pastries, spaghetti, salads, salmon, and soups.

He loves his Korean delicacies.

One of his favorite seasonings is bagel seasoning which he puts in almost everything he eats on a regular day. He likes bagels and salmon too.

Justin doesn’t know how to cook, so most of his meals are light with a high amount of protein and good fats. His staple dishes include eggs and meat along with seeds, legumes, lentils, and nuts. Salmon fish is his favorite source of protein.


Justin H. min Diet Plan

Justin H. min Diet Plan


Is Justin H. Min Vegan?

No, Justin H Min is not vegan.

That’s all for Justin H. Min’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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