Ashley Park Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | June 25, 2023

Ashley Park Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The trailer of ‘JOY RIDE ‘ was released a few days back and the movie seems hilarious.  Following Audrey’s journey to her birth country and the complications that ensue, the series promises some good laughs. Featuring Ashley Park and Stephanie Hsu, the movie also seems to present both of them in impressive roles. The movie marks the pivot of Ashley towards the film and movie from her already-established tv career.

Ashley Park Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Ashley Park Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Ashley Park gained lots of fame with her role in ‘Emily in Paris’ and since then has enjoyed a good following from the general public. The actress is known for her acting talent and strong personality, but recently she has been making the news for her toned and strong body, especially her strong abs and arms. She is an inspiration for women moving into the muscle-building space. 

In this post, we bring for you a carefully compiled list of exercises that Ashley Park does to ensure that she healthily maintains her strong body.

Here’s a look at Ashley Park’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 32 years
Shoulders  33 inches
Waist 25 inches

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Ashley Park Workout Routine

Ashley Park Workout routine is well-documented by various media houses. And why not? She carries a highly toned body, with lean muscles which exude confidence and strength.  Her Workout Routine has undergone an evolution as far as the approach towards working out is considered.  In an interview, she shared that initially, she used to work out to burn calories. But after the COVID pandemic, she intends to build strength through working out. She shared that she loved the way it feels to have a layer of muscles over your body, that makes you feel strong and powerful.

Here’s a list of Ashley Park Workout-:

Strength Training

The woman is a complete package. With excellent acting talent and a busy schedule, she still manages to regularly find time to take care of herself. She works out at least three times a week and keeps a balance between cardio abs and strength training sessions.  Her appearance has been praised time and again for her muscular frame without any bulking up. The strength training sessions include functional exercises like sit-ups, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, and burpees along with classic weight training.

It’s a myth that women must not lift, or that it ends up bulking them up. Unnatural bulking up is a result of extremely high levels of testosterone, which in women is very low. So they can only form lean muscles without sedatives. 

Ashley Park Workout Routine

Ashley Park Workout Routine

Weight Training for Women

Weight Training in women has various benefits. Firstly it helps with reducing bone loss, which is a common phenomenon among women after 30. It builds strength and overall fitness. It also helps women with maintaining their menstrual health and hormonal balance. 

Ashley Park is the perfect example of a strong woman, literally.



Recently the actress has been open about her love for Pilates sessions. She is now an active practitioner of Pilates with her trainers Brandon Perry and Sarah Brooks. The actress said her workout sessions are not about weight loss anymore, it’s about building strength. She does three Pilates sessions per week moving from basic to advanced stages.

Earlier the actress used to focus on cardio sessions. Now she enjoys her strength-building sessions much more. Her Pilates sessions are intense and she is left sweaty and accomplished. So her Pilates sessions are quite challenging, consisting of rolling reverse planks, toe taps and single-leg oblique crunches, and other exercises.



The actress recently sprained her ankles due to which she doesn’t run as much. But before the injury, Ashley was a regular runner. Running is a cardiovascular exercise that improves your heart health along with maintaining your mental health.

Recently the actress has also included a range of therapies including aroma therapy and essential oil massages to relax and recover from the intense workout sessions.

That’s all for Ashley Park Workout Routine.

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Ashley Park Diet Plan

The actress has not shared her complete diet plan. But we have plunged deep into her interviews to find some bits and pieces of her diet plan. The actress loves a replenishing and nourishing meal. She also tries trending tik tok recipes to see if it suits her. She recently tried the trending tik tok cottage cheese meal.

She also loves tacos and cheese, along with a Coke. Fresh fruits and vegetables are her go-to meal for healthy options.

Protein Rich Diet

To maintain a muscular frame and ensure full recovery, the actress resorts to a protein-dominant diet consisting of protein shakes, chicken, fish, and cottage cheese. She also adds lots of fiber through fruits and vegetables to complete micro and macro requirements.

Ashley Park Diet Plan

Ashley Park Diet Plan

Cheat Meals

As mentioned, the actress believes in taking a healthy approach to health. So she doesn’t restrict herself to impossible limits. Croissants, Coffee, Cakes, pasta, and Pizzas are all her favorite dishes which she eats from time to time. Cheat meals are extremely important if you are looking for long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Cheat means ensuring that you take a balanced approach to your eating habits. It reduces cravings,  helps with the replenishment of nutrients, and improves your determination and discipline. So you can use cheat meals just like Ashley to ensure that you stick to your diet routines for the long term and actually change your lifestyle.

Is Ashley Park vegan?

No, she is not Vegan.

That’s all for Ashley Park Diet Plan.

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