Kevin Hart Weight Loss

By | January 24, 2024

Kevin Hart Weight Loss: Kevin Hart and his obsession with being the perfect celebrity is well known. The guy is a phenomenal comic, a good actor, and a perfect self-care expert. His accident which led to a back injury, following which he went through tough cycles of therapy and rehabilitation, and now a complete recovery is quite commendable. But his fitness level, despite injuries and in general is quite inspiring. Kevin is known for his work ethic and disciplined approach to life. 

But his recent weight loss is an inspiration to many. In all major recent appearances, Kevin is present with his new and fitter physique, leaving people curious about what led to such perfect weight loss, in a short time this 44-year-old. So, in this post, we will put a pause on that question. 

We will be dealing with what led to the perfect weight loss for Kevin Hart, and what workout routine and diet plan he followed.

Kevin Hart Weight Loss

Kevin Hart Weight Loss

Kevin Hart Body Stats

Height 6 Feets
Weight 60 Kgs
Age 44 Years
Waist  30 Inches
Shoulders 36 Inches
Biceps 14 Inches

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Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine

Kevin Hart is a man of insane commitment to fitness. He doesn’t go even one day without his morning workout. In fact, even while traveling, the guy is up with his training sessions, to the extent of working out at 4 in the morning. So, Kevin has this very positive and inspiring approach to fitness and health, which is not rooted in self-shame or body image issues, but in a sense of happiness that he gets from working out every day.

So, Kevin was very intense with his workout sessions, for the recent weight loss. His focus was on increasing the load to effectively challenge every muscle.

Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine

Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine

Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine includes: 

Weight Training

Weight Training is one of the core exercises in Kevin Hart’s Workout routine. But he preferred bodyweight exercises. Now, his focus has shifted to including lots of weight training besides body weight exercises. Intense weight training poses more challenges to your muscles than bodyweight exercises. So, they are quite effective at weight loss results. Deadlifts were an important part of Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine. He took special precautions to not overstretch his back muscles, which were still recovering from the injury. So, for weight training, Kevin hired a good trainer and physiotherapist, to get expert guidance. This helped him avoid injury and led to much better and faster results. 

So, Intense Weight Training, along with adequate precautions was an important part of Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine.


Treadmill Run

Kevin seems to be a big fan of cardio workout sessions. And he prefers a good treadmill run over outdoor running. For Cardio Kevin relied on a good 15-minute cardio workout session. He starts his workout routines with a cardio workout and then moves to weight training.  For warm-up too, Kevin Hart goes for a treadmill run. Getting a cardio pump is important for everybody looking to lose weight. For following an intense weight training session like Kevin, a good treadmill run is important to warm up the body, and prevent injury.

Running in general, burns loads of calories but when followed by weight training, it improves overall fitness and gives strength. So, a good 15-20 minute high-speed run on the treadmill was a consistent part of Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine



Recently, Kevin is known to have challenged Michael Philips. And it says a lot about his swimming skills. For his recent weight loss journey, to relax and calm down, Kevin Hart underwent constant swimming schedules.  To work on flexibility alongside weight loss, swimming was a major part of Kevin Hart Weight loss workout routine. 

As we get older, loss of flexibility is one of the key indicators of low fitness levels. Swimming is an exercise that burns a lot of calories too, aiding weight loss. So, swimming was a major part of Kevin Hart Weight loss workout routine.


Other Exercises

Kevin also included CrossFit training, mild forms of Yoga, and Breathing exercises to get complete fitness that is beyond aesthetics.  So, Kevin Hart Weight loss workout plan was wholesome and focused on complete fitness.

That’s all for Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Kevin Hart Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kevin Hart is not a fan of fad diets. So, even though it may look like he follows a particular diet plan, he doesn’t. Kevin Hart believes in liking what he eats, and not pushing ourselves to unhealthy limitations and prohibitions which may prove counterproductive.  So, Kevin Hart eats lots of vegetables, high protein diets and fruits. He doesn’t support any liquid diets or intermittent fasting. 

Kevin Hart Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kevin Hart Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kevin Hart’s Portion Control

As much as Kevin dissociates himself from fad diets, he is a big advocate for portion control for people intending weight loss. So, he much rather prefers a balanced eating habit, over a hypervigilant eating habit. Portion control gives you the liberty to eat anything, reduces cravings, and supports you in the long run.  It also means you are consuming fewer calories, so it aids weight loss.  So, Kevin ate almost everything, but with a focus on quantity.

Kevin Hart Diet Plan for Weight Loss included lots of Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, plum, pineapple, raisins, Yogurt, frozen eggs, and lots of vegan meat. He also likes a good sandwich and eats lots of chicken and fish to meet protein requirements.

Is Kevin Hart Vegan?

No, Kevin Hart is not vegan.

Thats all for Kevin Hart Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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