Laura Haddock Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 14, 2020

Laura Haddock Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Laura Haddock is an actress mostly known for her movies like Transformer, guardian of the galaxy, etc. Back when Laura Haddock got pregnant with her child, she gained weight, and her body was not just the same, although, with her hard, intense workout routine in 2016, Laura Haddock made a huge comeback. She looks very amazing in her new Netflix series White Lines.

So if you also wanted to know what the Laura Haddock Workout routine and diet plan contains, then; don’t worry, I got you covered.

Laura Haddock Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Laura Haddock Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Laura Haddock Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 6 Inch
Weight 56 Kg
Age 34 Years
Breast 35 Inch
Waist 26 Inch
Hips 34 Inch

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Laura Haddock Workout Routine

Laura Haddock workout journey was great, after searching for a while I got to learn a lot about what she did to gain that fantastic body back. Laura Haddock had to try a lot of things when she was working out to lose that post-pregnancy weight.

So we are going to take a look at all of those things, although there is no telling if Laura Haddock still does that routine, as other than that, there is not much information about her workout routine. Laura Haddock Workout routine mostly contains doing things like Pilates, weight training, and barre work, which is part of ballet.

Laura Haddock Workout

Laura Haddock Workout

Laura Haddock Exercise Includes:-

Weight Training of Laura Haddock

The weight training routine got made by her trainer, which she needed to follow strictly. The method made in a way by which Laura Haddock wouldn’t hurt herself and don’t get injured.

Laura Haddock said in one of her interviews that when she was working out, she needs to be careful because her body was changing, and it was not the same as it was before. So to provide Laura Haddock with a comfortable yet effective routine, the trainer had to supervise her workout routine very carefully.



Pilates is another thing that Laura Haddock did while training, and you may even have seen Laura Haddock posted a video about seven seconds in her Twitter account, showing her doing a Pilate stretch in Pilate gym. The Pilates classes helped Laura Haddock’s body to get flexible again and gained that mobility and essential strength that she was looking for after her pregnancy.


Barre work

The workout routine was not just about getting Laura Haddock in shape; Laura Haddock shared that she wanted to gain strength and condition her muscle while losing weight. So one of the things Laura Haddock tried was doing barre workout, which is considered part of ballet practice.

For people who don’t know the barre workout, so it’s a warm-up workout for professional ballet dancers. They do this to gain strength, especially lower-body power. This workout provides you flexibility just like Pilates and also lets you have a healthy body.

This is all about Laura Haddock Workout Routine.

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Laura Haddock Diet Plan

Laura Haddock Diet Plan

Laura Haddock Diet Plan

Laura Haddock’s diet plan contains eating a healthy diet and a balanced diet. She does eat a lot of fruits and vegetables to maintain her body figure. There are times when she lets herself go with food when she is enjoying with friends and family, but then later, she balances it by eating a healthy diet that is low in calories.

There was not much I could find out about her diet plan; there were some minor details that Laura Haddock eats lots of vegetables and fruits, and drinks a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and healthy.

Laura Haddock, in one of her interviews, did mention that she loves to eat scrambled eggs, rye bread, and avocado. The. Later she often goes and gets some crunchy cornflakes and eats them just like that with her hands.

So, that’s it for the Laura Haddock workout routine and diet; you can try doing all those exercises to get a body just like Laura Haddock.

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