Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan and Workout routine

By | March 7, 2022

Hello, We are going to discuss Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan and Workout routine, Height, Weight, Age, and other body Measurements. Before that let’s know about him. Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most iconic stars of Hollywood with his killer eyes. The actor is really indeed equipped with incredible talent. Leonardo has been the part of the most successful movies such as Inception, Wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York, etc. Being the most dedicated actor in Hollywood Leonardo doesn’t hesitate to transform his body into different roles in various movies. Here in this article, we explained Leonardo Dicaprio diet plan and Leonardo Dicaprio workout routine in detail.

Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan and Workout routine | Height | Weight | Age | Body Measurements

Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan and Workout routine

Read Leonardo Dicaprio Full information about Leonardo DiCaprio Age, Leonardo DiCaprio Height, Leonardo DiCaprio Weight, Leonardo DiCaprio Body Measurements Below:-

Leonardo Dicaprio Bio

Real Name          Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio

Nickname            Leo Lenny D

Profession           Actor and Film Producer


Leonardo Dicaprio Personal Life (Age)

Date of Birth       11 November 1974

Age                        42 years

Place of Birth       California

Hobbies                 Playing video games

Religion                  NULL( Doesn’t believe in any religion)


Leonardo Dicaprio Physical Stats (Body Measurements)

Height                  6 feet (183 cm approximately )

Weight                 75 kgs (165 lbs approximately )

Eye Color              Blue

Hair Color             Blonde

Chest                      42 inches

Biceps                    14 inches

Waist                     34 inches


Leonardo Dicaprio Favorite Things

Favorite actor       Robert di Nairo, Al pack

Favorite actress     Meg Ryan

Favorite food         Pasta, Lemonade

This is all about Leonardo DiCaprio Height, Weight, Age, Bodymeasuremets and other personal details. Now browse below for information about Workout Routine of Leonardo DiCaprio, Diet Plan of Leonardo DiCaprio and, Fitness regime of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Workout Routine

Leonardo DiCaprio Workout under the supervision of his personal Trainer  Gregory Joujon Roche. Leo workout six days in a week for ninety minutes a day. Instead of relying on high-intensity workout only his personal would tell him to do all forms of Exercise like fat burning exercises, Strength Training, Cardio, yoga and interval training.

These are the exercises that he does on a regular basis. Here I will reveal all “Workout Plan of Leonardo Dicaprio” 


–       Leonardo Dicaprio

Monday Leonardo DiCaprio Workout  Routine

On Monday Leonardo DiCaprio Focuses on training his Chest and Shoulders. Her’s Leonardo Workout Plan for Monday


Cardio/Treadmill(1 hour )

30 min Weightlifting ( Chest and Shoulders).

Leonardo Dicaprio Workout Routine

Leonardo Dicaprio Workout Routine

Tuesday Leonardo DiCaprio Workout Routine

On Tuesday Leonardo DiCaprio focuses on training his legs only. Legs are the bigger muscles as compare to any other body parts. So, they more training and diet to grow.

Here’s Leonardo workout routine for Tuesday

Morning run

1+ Hour weightlifting legs

30 min martial arts

Wednesday Leonardo DiCaprio Workout Routine

On Wednesday Leonardo focuses on Abs Training. Here is Leonardo Workout routine for Wednesday


Weight lifting 30 min(Abs focus )

1hour cardio


Thursday Leonardo DiCaprio Workout  Routine

On Thursday Leonardo DiCaprio focuses on Arms(Biceps and Triceps both). Here is the Leonardo Workout routine for Thursday.

1 hour Morning run

1-hour weightlifting focuses on Arms

30 min martial art

Note: On Friday Leonardo trains his chest and Shoulders whereas on Saturday he trains his arms and Sunday is the rest day for Leonardo at least from the gym.


Leonardo Dicaprio Workout Basic Rules( Fitness Regime)

Leonardo Trainer Gregory Joujon Roche tells some basic tips that he wants Leonardo to follow:-

General Rule

  • Find your Breakout Moments “Breakout Moments” area unit once your body says you can’t do one a lot of, however, your mind is aware of you’ll do 1 more end as several sets as you’ll this manner.
  • Directions
  • Try to do 3 sets of each exercise with a minimum of 15 reps.
  • Find a suitable weight that allows you to do at least 15 reps of each exercise.
  • Make sure you rest at least 60 seconds between each set and reps.
  • Make sure that you use good form. The good form gives you result faster than doing more reps.
  • Make sure you feel fatigued at the end of 15th reps. If not continue with your exercise to find your breakout point.
  • If you find 15 reps easy for an exercise then go more for the next set.
  • Remember to focus on your safety throughout your workout.

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Leonardo DiCaprio  Beach Body Workout.

I am including this “Leonardo DiCaprio special Beach Body workout”. As for this workout Leonardo Train with a different trainer. For The Beach, technologist DiCaprio trained with personal trainer dogwood Chin.

Chin says they used associate degree exercise routine the same as Leonardo’s previous movies, however, were restricted because of coaching on the beach in Thailand.

This was Leonardo’s 1st film once large, thus he needed to appear smart. Like previous films, the technologist DiCaprio travail used:

  • Aerobics
  • Push-ups
  • Bodyweight Exercise
  • Circuit training
  • Kickboxing
  • Sprinting


Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan

Basic Rules for Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan :

Leonardo Dicaprio counts on organic foods like organic meat, chicken, inexperienced veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds. The actor consumes a diet, which is a mix of lean supermolecule, carbs, and healthy fats. Besides that, he chucks many tiny meals in a very day to stay his body agile and choked with life.

Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan

Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan

The technologist DiCaprio starts with associate 11-day power cleans, per his trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche. technologist DiCaprio would cleanse his body a master cleanse of juice, spring water, and cayenne pepper.

When the cleanse, the technologist DiCaprio diet enclosed eight oz. of recent vegetable juice (80% vegetable, two-hundredths inexperienced apple), superfoods and raw quinoa. The idol actor shifts to crash diet plans directed by his nutrition knowledgeable, once he must comb out pounds and appearance emancipated with a time constraint.

Crash diet alias starvation diet programs will definitely shave off pounds from your body in a brief time. However, their severe impacts may last on your body for your period. So, you’re advised  to stay you from such diet plan

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Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan: Diet that Leonardo Follows

From Various Interview with Leonardo Dicaprio and his Trainer, Leonardo Dicaprio Diet Plan includes the following items:-

Breakfast: Leonardo Dicaprio  Diet Plan

Calories intake (600-800)


Protein shakes





Lunch: Leonardo Dicaprio  Diet Plan

Calories intake (600-800)

 Fresh Vegetables, Salad

Flax oil seeds, tamari, olive oil


Dinner: Leonardo Dicaprio  Diet Plan

Calories intake (800)

Grilled fish  or chicken

Vegetable soup

Cauliflower or capsicum


Water: Leonardo Dicaprio  Diet Plan

20 ounces of water upon waking up


Organic Green Tea


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