Platinum Mike Perry Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | February 26, 2022

Hello, We are going to discuss “Platinum Mike Perry Diet Plan and Workout routine”. Before going to discuss workout routine of Platinum Mike perry and diet plan of platinum mike perry, let’s know about him. Platinum Mike Perry is an American professional MMA fighter. He was born on September 15, 1991, in Flint, Michigan. He moved to various schools between Michigan and Florida, for most of his life. This instability led him to house arrest, drugs, probation violations, and prison exits. Mike Perry began boxing at the age of 11, which led to his career in MMA.

Platinum Mike Perry Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Platinum Mike Perry Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Perry made his professional debut on September 2014, completing 11 amateur fights with a record of 8–3. Mike Perry competed for many regional promotions across the United States. Within just two years, he battled nine times, eliminating all his opponents through KO / TKO. Platinum Mike Perry is an American professional MMA fighter known for competing in the welterweight division of the UFC. In this article, we explained Mike Perry workout routine, Mike Perry diet plan, Mike Perry fitness regime, and Mike Perry body measurements.

Platinum Mike Perry Physical Stats (Body Measurements)


  • 5 ft 10 in
  • 1.78 m


  • 170.5 lb
  • 77.3 kg

Eye Color     

  • Light Brown

Hair color     

  • Brown

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Platinum Mike Perry Workout Routine

Platinum Mike Perry trains for a half-hour or one hour in five days a week. He keeps changing his routine to keep it interesting for him. Mike Perry’s detailed workout regime is hard to find, but here are the something we got to know about Mike Perry weekly workout routine.

Platinum Mike Perry Workout Routine

Platinum Mike Perry Workout Routine

  • Mike Perry starts his workout after some stretching, followed by six to ten minutes of cardio as he runs on a treadmill or on a ladder master.
  • He focused on two body parts a day – chest and shoulders, back and biceps, chest and triceps and legs.
  • For the chest, Mike Perry does bench press, cable crossover, dumbbell press, dumbbell fly and incline press.
  • For his strong shoulders, he does military presses, neck presses, shrugs, dumbbell lateral raises, and behind upright rows.
  • For triceps, Mike Perry performs dips, reverses grip bench press, overhead dumbbell triceps extension, nose busters, and kickbacks.
  • For strong biceps, he does one hand curl with cable, optional dumbbell curls, concentration curls, and barbell curls.
  • For his back, Mike Perry performs lateral pull-downs, bends over rows, sits on rows, T-bar rows, and deadlifts.
  • For his legs he does leg extensions, squats, hack squats, leg curls, leg presses, and stud legged deadlifts.

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Platinum Mike Perry Diet Plan

Mike Perry believes that just following the only workout is not enough. Diet plan always plays a great role in keeping them fit and healthy for all their matches. Platinum Mike Perry follows high in protein and low in carbohydrate diets.

Mike Perry Diet Plan

Mike Perry Diet Plan

  • Perry follows a clever diet and classifies various food groups to improve metabolism.
  • He maintains 250 grams of protein each day and takes protein bars and shakes to complete his protein intake.
  • MMA Fighter champions usually avoid carbs after 8.00 pm and take carbs in the form of pancakes, potatoes, and oatmeal.
  • Mike Perry loves sushi and takes sushi at least three times a week.
  • His diet includes fish, eggs, chicken, and cheese.
  • Mike Perry never eats junk food. This is all about Mike Perry diet plan.

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