NBA Youngboy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 19, 2023

NBA Youngboy Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden who has got the professional stage name Youngboy Never Broke Again or the NBA Youngboy is a notable American rapper. His single “Outside Today” and the album “Until Death Call My Name” released in 2018 peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 and 200 chart. 

The famous rapper has ruled many hearts with his encouraging rap songs. But also he is a crush of many because of his superb body figure. Why not look at the NBA Youngboy workout routine and NBA Youngboy diet plan precisely? 


NBA Youngboy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

NBA Youngboy Workout Routine and Diet Plan

NBA Youngboy Body Stats

Body Stats  Units 
Height 5 ft. 8 inches or 1.73 m 
Weight 75 Kg 
Age 22 years 
Chest 40 inches 
Waist  32 inches 
Biceps 14 inches

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NBA Youngboy Workout Routine 

Purge Me fame rapping star Youngboy has made a special corner in the millions of people’s hearts via his meaningful and amazing raps. The self-titled YouTube channel of Youngboy has around 11.7 million subscribers and many more on other platforms. Let’s discuss closely the NBA Youngboy workout routine explicitly. 

NBA is very focused on his fitness and workouts. He has maintained this robust body image by putting a lot of effort into his workout sessions. NBA Youngboy workout routine has all the essential types of exercises included in it that helps tone every body muscles. The workout routine comprises of stretching exercises, strength training workouts, cardio, and core workouts, and at last yoga exercises to relax the entire body. He goes to the gym six days a week for at least 45 to 80 minutes to practice the workouts properly.

For all the male fitness buff, eager and wonderful fans, we are finally sharing the NBA Youngboy workout routine. Now it’s your turn to go through it nicely and derive your own workout schedule to begin your fitness training. Let’s get started: 


NBA Youngboy Workout Routine

NBA Youngboy Workout Routine


NBA Youngboy workout routine includes: 

Workout Training

Well, it is highly suggested to practice a short i.e., around 10 to 15 minutes warm-up session before beginning with the real workout training session. 


Stretching Exercises


  • Dancing frog 
  • Cat stretch 
  • Deep lunge knee lift 
  • Wall chest openers 
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Downward dog 
  • Hip rotation with leg lifts 


Strength Workouts


upper body workout 

  • Arm circles warm-up
  • Arm swing inside warm-up 
  • Arm walking + shoulder taps 
  • Push up + plank motion 
  • Superman overhead backswing 
  • Cool down stretches 
  • Arms kick back 
  • Arms back flutter 
  • Arms cross swing 
  • Lunge twist 



Slim legs exercises 

Reps count – 7 to 9 

  • Toe taps 
  • Russian twist 
  • Ankle touches 
  • Leg raises 
  • Leg pulses 
  • Side plank leg lift – 40 seconds for both legs 
  • Drop lunge – 40 seconds 
  • Hollow leg drop – 40 seconds 
  • Squat & twist – 40 seconds 
  • Side lift crunch – 40 seconds for each leg


Cardio training


Reps count – 10 to 12

  • DB punch out 
  • Upright row 
  • Overhead high knee 
  • Stab lunge 
  • Low impact knee-up drive 
  • Power mountain climbers 
  • Lunge knee up kick 
  • Plank jacks 


NBA Youngboy Workout Routine

NBA Youngboy Workout Routine


Core Training


Reps count – 10 to 15 on each side 

  • Toe touches 
  • Lower back extensions 
  • Abdominal crunches 
  • Boat pose with legs up 
  • Bent knee fallouts 
  • Bird dog crunch 
  • Reverse T-circle 
  • Plank shoulder tap 


Yoga workouts 


  • Low plank 
  • Three-legged dog 
  • Cat cow pose 
  • Reverse lizard 
  • Intense child’s pose 
  • Extended shoulder rolls 
  • Hip width forward bend 
  • Eagle pose 

That’s it! All the details collected about the rapper NBA Youngboy workout routine have been jotted down completely. He follows a well-prepared workout regime that contains diverse sorts of exercise to maintain a toned and fit body image. The best plan to attain a healthy body image is to indulge yourself in an everyday exercise routine. 

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NBA Youngboy Diet Plan

NBA Youngboy diet plan majorly contains traditional dishes that are rich in all vital elements required for a healthy body. The NBA Youngboy diet plan has foodstuff that is high in fibers, proteins, minerals, and nutrients. He never uses alcohol, high fats and sugar, carbs, and dairy products to keep himself healthy and fit. Also, he put emphasis on drinking a lot of water to maintain the right hydration level in the body. 

Let’s learn deeply about the awesome rapper  NBA Youngboy diet plan in an extensive manner to know what he eats in a day. 


NBA Youngboy Diet Plan

NBA Youngboy Diet Plan


Is NBA Youngboy a Vegan? 

No, Nba Youngboy is not a vegan. 


NBA Youngboy diet plan includes: 


  • Blueberry waffles 
  • Egg benedict
  • A slice of avocado toast 
  • Protein shake 



  • A slice of chicken breast 
  • Macaroni salads  
  • Barbequed veggies 
  • Kidney and steak pie 



  • Carrot & celery sticks 
  • Nuts & seeds 
  • Protein shake 



  • Light green salads 
  • A small cup of brown rice
  • Buckwheat with honey
  • Barbequed salmon 


So, we have entirely noted down all the information regarding NBA Youngboy diet plan. He knows the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet routine in daily life. NBA’s diet routine has all the healthy food items and drinks included in it. The conclusion of the entire routine is you must follow a properly nutritious diet habit to achieve and maintain a healthy and fit body image.

This is all about NBA Youngboy diet plan.

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