Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 20, 2023

Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Sasha Pieterse is all set to lead the feature thriller titled ‘ The Image of You’, produced by MPCA. The movie is gaining a lot of attention already with a promising ensemble cast and a gripping story. 

Sasha Pieterse too is back with her phenomenal acting and the actress seems to be in a much better position in her career. The South African-American actress, singer, and songwriter has been the center of headlines for her recent physical transformation too.  Her struggle with health issues, while filming  ‘ Pretty Little Liars ‘ and her journey as an actor in Hollywood was documented recently in ‘ The Squeeze Podcast ‘. The actor has recently been a part of Dancing with the Stars, where she looked stunning and lost a huge chunk of weight.

Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan and Workout Routine

In this post, we will look into Sasha Pieterse’s fitness journey and her Workout and Diet Plan which is the secret behind her drastic transformation. Here’s a look at Sasha Pieterse’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 58 kgs
Age 27 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders 30 inches

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Sasha Pieterse Workout Routine

Sasha Pieterse has been a child actor and started appearing on television at quite a young age. Besides PLL, the actress has gained recognition from her roles in ‘ The Family Affair ‘, ‘ The Honor List ‘ ‘ Inherent Vice ‘ and ‘ Coin Heist ‘. During this journey, she has been a victim of online bullying due to her weight in the past, but she hasn’t allowed this criticism to come her way to a fit and healthy body. Here is a list of all the exercises that are a part of Sasha Workout Routine-:

Sasha Pieterse Workout Routine

Sasha Pieterse Workout Routine

Strength Training 

The Strength training routine of the Pretty Little Liars star has been a consistent part of her fitness journey. Sasha has had her struggles with health, but she was determined to work on herself. Regular Workout in the gym, consisting of lots of weight training exercises and cardio sessions was her route to fitness and health. 

Strength Training builds muscles and leads to consistent weight loss, by increasing metabolism which burns fats even at a resting state. Strength Training is the most effective way to quickly lose weight, replacing fats with a layer of muscles.

For Cardio, the actress prefers to either go for a run or a treadmill session, to get the heart pumping and the heat up in her body.


Indoor Climbing Gym

In an interview, about the fitness routines of all-stars from the cast of Pretty Little Liars, the actress revealed that her workout routine consisted of workout sessions in an Indoor Climbing Gym, which is basically an indoor rock climbing exercise. These exercises build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular power. Climbing can thus be one of the most efficient ways to gain back strength and health.



Sasha Pieterse’s journey in ‘ Dancing with the Stars ‘ and her subsequent weight loss throughout the season has been quite drastic. She lost more than 20 pounds throughout the season. On weight loss, the actress said she could instantly feel the difference in her body. She could actually enjoy the process of her weight loss by dancing her heart out. Many other celebrities are known to have lost a lot of weight through their stint in ‘ Dancing with the Stars’.

Dancing can be one of the best ways to lose weight almost instantly. Dancing being an exercise that works on your cardiovascular strength while building muscular strength, helps you be consistent in your workout routine.

Sasha Pieterse actually went through an impossible transformation in her journey on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and dancing has been a big part of her workout routine since then.


Struggle with Health

The actress has been suffering from PCOS since her teenage. This led her to gain 20 pounds at the age of 17 years. Since then, the actress has been struggling with weight gain and hormonal imbalance, in a highly aesthetics-driven industry. But Sasha has never allowed the negative comments to affect she has with her body, striving continuously for health and fitness for her body.


Seeking Emotional Support

Being a social media personality is not easy. Everyone is judgemental of what you wear and how you look at every point in time. This puts huge pressure on emerging actresses like Sasha who grew up facing the camera. So, in her journey to fitness, the actress takes special care of her mental health by confiding in friends and family. She also keeps herself motivated by consuming uplifting content on social media and by celebrating every small victory.

That is all for Sasha Pieterse Workout Routine.

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Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan

Sasha follows a highly nutritious diet to aid her efforts in the gym. This also helps her in managing imbalances caused by PCOS. She has been quite restrictive of processed food and stays away from Crash diets. Her diet plan has lots of organic food and fruits and vegetables with good fats like olive oil and nuts. Flax Seeds are highly beneficial in managing PCOS, so they form a good part of her eating habits.

Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan

Sasha Pieterse Diet Plan

Portion Control

As with Workout, the actress puts realistic targets when it comes to diet too. She doesn’t believe in completely restricting herself or tying herself to a given diet plan. Rather the actress goes for portion control. Eating almost everything but in moderation, and following the 80:20 rule in consumption of processed food. 

Is Sasha Pieterse Vegan?

No, Sasha Pieterse is not vegan.

That is all for Sasha Pieterse Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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