Seth Curry Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 23, 2022

Seth Curry Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Seth Curry, brother of Stephen Curry has been super awesome since he made his comeback in the NBA after the injury. Seth Curry plays the point guard and shooting guard and it won’t be bad to say when it comes to shooting 3’s he can be as aggressive as his brother Stephen Curry.

Currently playing for Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry has maintained a perfectly lean and muscular body that let him fly in the air while shooting the 3’s. So how is he able to maintain that body shape? I

n this article, we focused on Seth Curry workout routine, Seth Curry diet plan, Seth Curry’s fitness regime, Seth Curry’s gym routine, Seth Curry’s meal plan, Seth Curry’s exercise plan, and Seth Curry’s physical stats.

Seth Curry Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Seth Curry Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Seth Curry Body Measurements

Seth Curry Height  6 ft 3 inch
Seth Curry Weight  179 lbs
Seth Curry Age  29 years

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Seth Curry Workout Routine

The routine of any NBA player is most likely to keep a secret, not even the sports reporters get exact updates of their workout. Although that doesn’t mean no one can know it, it basically revolves around the foundation of basketball. Which is your passing, dribbling and shooting, the more powerful player you see the better their foundation gets? You cannot become a top player without having flawless basics.

Seth Curry Workout

Seth Curry Workout

Seth Curry Workout Includes-

While searching for Seth Curry’s workout we couldn’t find any exact workout but there were some things that Seth curry does.

It starts with stretching and straight forward going to drills. 

Form shooting

The thing about point guard is that they need to have a flawless form while shooting. Which is why Seth Curry pays extra attention to shooting the basket from all sides.


It’s really important to do the drills, it makes sure that you get enough stamina and can go back and forth easily on the court. More about the “workout routine of Seth Curry” is given below.

Ball Handling

Seth Curry works a lot on his ball-handling, there can be nothing more frustrating than seeing someone steal the ball from your hand.

Seth Curry Fitness

Seth Curry Exercise

Float dribble

Well, it’s the routine that most basketball players follow.

Weight training

This is what Seth Curry gets the explosiveness, unlike any other person athlete that does explosive sports like basketball, football, volleyball usually lift big but they do it explosively. The reps are less and sets are more, the power in every rep is to the full limit. 

So yeah there are other exercises and drills that Seth Curry does, but the ones that are here if you follow that you may be able to get the same level of power. This is all about Seth Curry workout routine.


Seth Curry Diet Plan

Seth Curry Diet

Seth Curry Diet

About Seth Curry diet plan, The diet plan is probably where it all counts, your body becomes what you eat as they say. I can’t argue with that as it is true if you eat more you become bigger if you eat fatty things you get fat if you eat healthy things you get a healthy body.

So yeah just like any other athlete Seth Curry also has a full diet plan which contains a well-balanced diet containing all necessary protein, vitamins, calcium, etc. Made according to his body only, which is why it’s really not out in the open.

All we know is that their diet includes lots of protein, carbs and good fat. 

The food that Seth Curry contains most of the time is chicken, turkey, salad, oatmeal, and milk products. It’s not confirmed but it’s a great guess that this sure does come in Seth curry diet.

Seth Curry

Seth Curry

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