Ja Morant Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | February 14, 2020

Ja Morant Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Ja Morant is an amazing basketball player, that has been playing for Memphis Grizzlies as a point guard. There are lots of things that a point guard can do but surely the most important thing that comes in mind is shooting all those 3’s. 

Just like any other point guard, Ja Morant follows the same basketball workout routine. The slim lean build helps Ja Morant to move easily on the court and he can control the ball and get fast breaks. So let’s see how he maintains that lean body. Here in this article, we focused on Ja Morant workout routine, Ja Morant diet plan, Ja Morant fitness regime, Ja Morant gym pattern, Ja Morant meal plan and Ja Morant physical pattern.

Ja Morant Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Ja Morant Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Ja Morant body measurement 

Ja Morant Height 1.9 m
Ja Morant Weight 79 kg
Ja Morant Age 20 Years

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Ja Morant Workout Routine

Ja Morant follows the simple yet the most effective workout plan, it contains your basketball drills and evolving his shooting, passing and drinking skills more. 

The point guard’s job is to defend and attack both when it comes to a time when the forward can’t make a basket, he passes it to the point guard. 

The point guard is no doubt one of the most dynamic positions on the court.

Ja Morant Workout

Ja Morant Workout

Ja Morant Workout Includes-

Form shooting 

He starts with doing his form shooting practice from every angle, the aim to get every basket looks super smooth. Having a perfect form is really important for a shooter. The form plays a great role, if you are shooting the ball and your form is correct the ball will go directly in without even touching the hoop. Making it a clean shot, but if you are not in proper form then maybe it will go by luck and for sure every time it will touch the hoop. This is one of the best workouts of Ja Morant.


Dribbling is a really important part of the game. You should know how to dribble past any guy who tries to block you. For that, your dribbling skills should be really high.

Ball handling 

There will be no benefit from dribbling and shooting if you can’t handle ball handling. This is good for having great control over the ball. 

Rip through, Cross and Inside Finish

The training contains the knowledge of countermoves and it’s really important to get your explosiveness out. Lets see more about Ja Morant Workout.

Between the leg fake and spin one-foot fade

The training goes with more exercise like this to help him get more expensive moves and attacks. While doing this he also aims to improve his ability to counter finish.

Ja Morant Exercise Plan

Ja Morant Exercise Plan

Weight training 

He also follows a weight training program, with the same athlete workout routine in the gym. Focusing on more explosive power and fewer reps.

This is all about Ja Morant Workout Routine.

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Ja Morant Diet Plan

Ja Morant Diet

Ja Morant Diet

Talking about diet, just like any other NBA athlete that is also not been in open yet. They all have their plans for themselves, which is only fair. Thinking about it, it’s not too hard to figure out Ja Morant takes a balanced diet and he eats cheat meals too as his metabolism rate is high. Plus he is always playing and training. More about Ja Morant Diet, He needs more strength and gets bigger, a meal plan containing proteins, vitamins, Omega-3 and other good fats, some carbs, etc. Which keeps him moving forward while playing basketball. 

Ja Morant eats highly protein food like chicken, turkey, and seafood like salmon and other stuff. Contain fibers too with oatmeal, also drinking gallons of water in a day. This is all about the Ja Morant diet plan.

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