Trae Young Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurements 2020

By | February 18, 2020
Trae Young Workout Routine and Diet Plan
Trae Young

Trae Young

Trae Young Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Trae young the man who has been playing for Atlanta hawks, the guy is on roll and still slaying in his 20’s. You can say he will be a better point guard than Stephen Curry in a few years if he kept his performance up. The NBA player after playing now wanted to increase the weight and that is why he has been following a new diet with a great workout routine to follow so let’s see it.

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Trae Young Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Trae Young Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Trae Young Body Measurements 

Trae Young Height 6ft 1inch / 185 cm
Trae Young Age 21 Years
Trae Young Weight 177lbs / 80.28kg
Wingspan 6’3

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Trae Young Workout Routine

Trae Young is an NBA player so yeah his workout does consist of lots of basketball and less weight training, but it’s not easy to follow. We couldn’t really find the whole workout of Trae Young but we did find out some of the main things he likes to work on.

Trae Young Workout

Trae Young Workout

Trae Young Workout Includes-

Form shooting 

At first Trae Young does an insane amount of Form shooting, from every side being a point guard you need to shoot form outside a lot that is why while shooting from outside you need to have a perfect form. Which is why Trae Young keeps doing the Form shooting.

Trae Young Dribbling 

Next up he practices dribbling, yes if you play basketball it’s really important you have good dribbling skills. So which is why he practices a lot of dribbling skills, getting past different players, one on one, two on one and even three on one in practice sessions. In this, he focuses on how to leave a player behind and how to watch out for the screen.

Ball handling 

What’s the point of having a great form and dribbling skills when in the end you will just lose the grip of the ball. Trae Young understands that well, which is why he never slacks off this part and practices ball-handling with 2 balls at a time.

3’s shooting 

As a point guard when a player from inside passes to you outside on the 3 pointer zone, it gets really necessary you make that shot. This is why your 3’s should be amazing and Trae Young practices them a lot. More about Trae Young workout routine is given below.

Trae Young Abs

Trae Young Abs

Trae Young Agility training 

Once he is done, he goes to work on agility, does lots of drills and works on his footstep. This also works as a cardio session building up the stamina.

Trae Young Weight training 

After finishing everything on the court, he likes to hit the gym, especially now that he is trying to bulk up and gain extra pounds. He does lots of explosive sets with minimum reps and maximum weight that he can get. Which is the way you can bulk up? This is all about the workout routine of Trae Young.

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Trae Young Diet Plan

Trae Young Diet

Trae Young Diet

About Trae Young diet plan, he was not really good on his diet before he was just eating chicken strips and pizza which was really not good for him. He admitted that he still eats all of them sometimes but he also started eating other healthy stuff so he can be better.

Trae Young said it’s not easy but I have been trying to consume a lot of calories with good healthy food only. 

He said he has started taking protein shakes a lot, and before he didn’t use to drink so much water but now he has been drinking gallons of water. This is all about Trae Young diet plan.

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Trae Young Fitness

Trae Young Fitness

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