Victoria Secret Diet and Workout 2020

By | January 11, 2020
Victoria Secret meal and exercise

Victoria Secret Diet and Workout:

Every girl wants to attain a figure like Victoria’s model and as we know nothing is impossible in this world. You can become the Model like Victoria’s Secret angel by following the diet and workout that we will tell you Victoria Secret Diet and by doing some exercises that you can see on our blog.

Victoria Secret meal and exercise

Victoria Secret Diet and Workout

Victoria’s Secret Diet is one of the most searched diets on the Web but let me tell you it’s not a secret anymore. Now it is obvious that a ton of preparation is required to go on Victoria’s Secret fashion show and not the only exercise you also have to follow a very strict diet in order to become fit for the Victoria Model.

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Victoria Secret Diet Plan

The Victoria Secret diet would go on like that your diet should have a high amount of protein and fats (only good fats) and should be low in terms of carbs and the calorie requirement for the day is around 1300 calories for average women’s.

Low carbs in their diet mean their body reaches the state of the ketosis. In the state of ketosis, your body burns out the extra fat for attaining the energy. Starting with the fat the models of Victoria’s are not allowed to take sugar at all except some fruits like berries and you can eat 2 meals of fats which basically includes, butter, olive oil, and avocado.

Dairy products and vegetables which are hard to digest are completely banned for the models of Victoria Secret Diet. The good is a thing that models are allowed to eat 3 meals of protein like fish and beef  (if they are not interested in chicken they can eat the equivalent of eggs).

If you are even on those vegans who don’t even eat the eggs then don’t worry you will be given some plant-based proteins or legumes that will help you to optimize your health and will keep you in lean shape.

So, the quantity goes like that they are allowed only two serving of fat in a day and one serving is count as Per serving– A tablespoon of olive oil and the third part of an Avocado (Victoria’s model usually eat avocado they think is the best fruit for your healthy routine ). The Model’s Occasionally can have a half cup of lentils (dal ) with some brown rice and sweet potato.

Alcohol is a big no to all the models of Victoria and there last balanced meal should be finished by 6 pm.

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Let’s  See the other factors of model’s which are responsible for there beautiful physique –

Victoria Secret Diet and Workout Tips:

  • Workout of the Models:

The workout intensity totally depends on the model but on average a model workout 6 times a week and that too for a whole hour and most of the model hire a personal trainer for that too. 

  • A Big No to Snacks:

According to the Dieticians “Every time you eat a food or meal it gives the opportunity for your body to have a high blood sugar ”.

Which is inappropriate for the models instead the models are provided with the balanced meal which contains all the macronutrient and Vitamins to optimize the health of Models.

  • Intermittent Fasting of Models:

Apart from the workouts and their balanced diet, almost all models take part in the Intermittent Fasting which main reason is to maintain the caloric intakes of the model for lean looking of the models.

Although they may do it for the various less time as they already have a very less amount of calories in taken 

  • Peaceful Sleep:

If you think that the model’s regime is till dieting and workout then maybe you are wrong as food isn’ t the only thing that you should keep in mind for achieving an attractive body.

They sleep around seven to eight hours per day and the sleep timing for the model is Around 10 pm to 6 am.

The dietician for the models says that “ without an adequate amount of sleep you can perform your workouts well and will drain your energy also for that day “.

  • An adequate amount of Water:

After there last meal at  6 pm the last thing they encounter before going to bed is water they are constantly drinking around 2 quarts of water per day and also basis extra quarts on the basis of there workouts.

The models can also drink coconut water that will be sugar-free.

Note: These are very extreme diets so don’t try these diets at home without consulting your doctor first.

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