Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | September 6, 2020

Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Andree Bonifacio, aka AC Bonifacio, is a professional street dancer, YouTuber, singer, and part of last year’s World Hip-Hop Filipino team. Andree has also won the Filipino show called The Dance Kids and became the first-ever grand champion there.

She has gained immense popularity and fame worldwide by collaborating with many famous dancers, including Matt Steffanina, and many others. However, there is another thing that Andree is known for, and that is her slim and fit body shape. So let’s see the Andree Bonifacio workout and diet plan.

Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Andree Bonifacio Body Stats

Height 5 ft 3 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 17 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 32 inch

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Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine

Andree Bonifacio’s workout routine might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So get ready to expect the expected, yes, because it’s quite apparent what she must be doing to stay healthy and fit. Andree started pro dancing when she was just seven years old; after that, it’s been over a decade, and her practice and talent haven’t gone down even a bit.

The secret of Andree Bonifacio fitness is nothing else than her daily dance practice; Andree loves to train a lot. Especially before any big competition or event, you will see Andree dancing for hours every day. Well, I guess this is the reason why she is a champion and doing so well in representing her country at the World Hip-Hop stage.

Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine

Andree Bonifacio Workout Routine

However, if you think that’s all that Andree does in her everyday life, you are wrong, as she does many things. In one of the interviews, Andree talked about how she likes to play sports; Andree indulges in sports regularly, which also plays a significant role in her fitness routine. Now, if you also want to look like Andree and stay fit as her, you will need to do a workout that she does, or you will need to do another exercise that will burn that amount of calories for you.

If you want to do something other than dancing, you can follow this routine; in this routine, we will work out four days a week, and other days will be our activities. Now, the best way to burn calories is to do a combination of specific exercises. My recommendation is:

Andree Bonifacio workout includes:-

Yoga or Pilates

Training days: Monday to Thursday

Training time: Morning

Duration: One hour

Yoga and Pilates will be one of the best alternative workouts that will help you gain the same fitness level as Andree. Yoga and Pilates both give you flexible body shape, which is why dancers adapt many of the yoga stretches before starting their dance routine and practice. They both give you the same benefits as dancing, as they help you tone your muscles, lose weight, and burn a lot of calories in just an hour. An intense session of Yoga and Pilates can burn at least 600 calories to 700 calories in an hour.



Training days: Monday to Thursday

Training time: Evening 

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

You can do a cardio routine in the evening that will help you get leaner and lose weight. Cardio is an overall workout that removes excess fat from every part of your body. This routine will help you burn the extra 200 to 300 calories, which will give you a total close to 1k calories burn in a day. In the workout, you can either do 40 minutes running. Or you can break the activity into different exercises like this:

  • 15 minutes of running
  • 5 minutes of cool down
  • 15 minutes of biking
  • 5 minutes of the water rower

That’s all for the Andree Bonifacio workout routine.

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Andree Bonifacio Diet Plan

Andree Bonifacio Diet Plan

Andree Bonifacio Diet Plan

In that same interview where Andree tells a few things about her, Andree also stated that she eats a lot and does not follow any diet. It is not that hard to believe, as she dances almost every day, plays sports, burns many calories, and Andree is just a teenager who makes her metabolism rate very fast. So till now, Andree has nothing to worry about, at least for a few years.

The same goes for anyone who is less than 20 years. If you follow the workout routine given above, you can enjoy your Adobo and Pansit and other food items. However, make sure to eat in moderation and don’t consume a lot of food at one sitting if you are above 20 years than just follow a simple lean protein diet with low carbs and high fibers. Make sure you drink at least one to two gallons of water every day.

That’s all for the Andree Bonifacio diet plan.

Andree Bonifacio Fitness

Andree Bonifacio Fitness

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