Seulgi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 23, 2021

Seulgi Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Seulgi is a singer and dancer, Seulgi gets known for being a member of the famous Kpop group Red Velvet and Red Velvet- Irene & Seulgi. She is also very well built when it comes to physique; there are lots of people who want to know what Seulgi does to keep herself healthy. So let’s see the Seulgi workout and diet plan.

Seulgi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Seulgi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Seulgi Body Stats

Height 5 ft 3 inch
Weight 47 kg
Age 26 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

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Seulgi Workout Routine

Have you ever thought about Seulgi’s perfect strength and body to manage her busy schedule and stay fit? Well, it is her workout routine that helps her to stay very well in shape. As per Channel Korea, she is quite fond of doing pilates and workouts. She concentrates very well on toning the body and her inner muscles, and perhaps that is the reason for the excellent organization that the young girl has!

Seulgi Workout Routine

Seulgi Workout Routine

She also loves to dance, and it is one more thing that keeps her fit and on her toes. Seulgi has a body with perfectly toned muscles, and that’s why she looks great in almost any attire. She has an attractive body that her fans die for, and staying active is her only secret. 

Now, it’s time for us to get a routine that will help you get a body shape like Seulgi. The workout will be quite similar to her method with few changes like instead of dancing; we will be doing cardio and pilates.

The workout routine will consist of training for five days a week, and the rest two days will be an active rest day where you can go for hiking, trekking, playing sports, etc.

Seulgi workout includes:-


As we know that every Kpop idol has to workout, and that’s why the cardio routine is so essential in this routine. Now, you can do either an hour of dancing just like any Kpop idol.

However, if you are not comfortable dancing, you can simply do running as an alternative,  try to run at least four to five miles, if you can’t, then run as much as you can and cover the rest of the distance by brisk walking.

Seulgi abs

Seulgi abs

Pilates or Yoga

Seulgi has mentioned herself doing lots of pilates classes, but you can always switch it up with yoga, as both of the workouts have similar cores. They both follow in your inner and outer body, making it healthier and leaner.

Both of them also provide you excellent flexibility and tone muscles. Just make sure that you do an hour of workout and train for at least five days a week.

That’s all for the Seulgi workout routine.

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Seulgi Diet Plan

Seulgi has a body type that doesn’t gain weight too much, and thus, she eats a lot, but yes, healthy food items. She loves to eat and also to do workouts. Therefore, her body always stays in proper balance.

Seulgi Diet Plan

Seulgi Diet Plan

For Red Velvet, she, along with the other members, was told to lose weight, and hence the girls were put on an extreme diet. It was the time she had lost many pounds. In 2018 when she was getting trained to lose weight, she was allowed only soy milk. So, when she would get hungry, she drank a lot of it.

After Red Velvet, she got back to her healthy eating and workout routine. There is a video of Seulgi eating, and it shows how this girl loves to eat everything. Thankfully whatever she eats gets burned up because of her busy schedule and a regular workout routine.

Seulgi tries to stay fit by eating healthy foods. She tries to keep away from junk food and processed foods as much as possible.

That’s all for the Seulgi diet plan.

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