Angel Reese Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 7, 2023

Angel Reese Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Angel Reese is the new talk of the town. Not just the game, but her personality too speaks of confidence and an unapologetic attitude. Angel Reese is an American Basketball Player, currently playing for Louisiana State University, and graduates to play in a senior position this year. The 21-year-old is a force to reckon with, in terms of skills as well as dedication. 

Recently her match with the University of Iowa made history, with a total live viewership of more than 9.9 million. Angel Reese led her team to victory in this game too.  Reese has been in the middle of controversies without losing her calm and firmly stood her ground. The young talent is clear-headed and promises a bright career ahead.

Her style is iconic too. Accentuating the brown girl aesthetics, she dons her black hair with pride and loves to look good. She is an inspiration for millions of young girls who come from humble backgrounds and are made to carry stereotypical baggage. In this post, we will dive into Angel Reese’s Workout routine as a professional basketball player and her training modules. We will also look into her approach to training and health in general and her diet plan.


Angel Reese Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Angel Reese Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Angel Reese Body Stats

Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 75 kgs
Age 21 years
Waist 24 inches
Shoulders 30 inches

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Angel Reese Workout Routine

Angel is a professional basketball player. Her job demands a certain level of dedication towards fitness and eating habits. She carries a lean and tall frame with an optimum layer of muscles. She has to maintain an agile and flexible body, while also maintaining high energy levels for long periods. So Angel follows a well-curated workout routine and likes to ensure her targets are met regularly. In an interview, she revealed that she works out a lot and that’s the real reason behind her health, fitness, and performance on the court.


Angel Reese Workout Routine

Angel Reese Workout Routine


Angel Reese Workout Routine includes:


Angel has always been athletic. Her mother too has been an active basketball player. Growing up she encouraged her to take up sports, and Angel got into a range of different sports. That’s when she picked up swimming. And it hasn’t stopped being a part of Angel’s life since. So, Swimming is one of the major portions of Angel’s workout routine besides the formal training for the games. She likes the relaxing nature of Swimming and so her days usually end with a swimming session.

Swimming is an exercise that’s great for your mental and physical well-being. It works on your flexibility and agility while also building muscles. So, Swimming can help you maintain good health in the long run, while not being too exhausting for your body.



On-court training for Basketball is one of the most crucial parts of Angel’s Workout routine. She usually trains for more than three hours every day and then takes time to rest and recover. Basketball is one of the most enjoyable team sports, which builds power, flexibility, and strength, and burns a lot of calories. Basketball being her favorite sport, Angel swiftly made a career out of it. Basketball can also help you in weight management and improve cardiovascular health. So, if you’re intending on weight loss, Basketball can be the answer.



Angel has been athletic all her life. And so she has experience in most of the team sports. Though she is very young, the girl has experience in lots of different sports. Volleyball is one of them. Regular Volleyball sessions tone the body and burn fats. It’s also known to improve hand-eye coordination and increase metabolic rate. Further, Playing Volleyball improves mood and helps you with maintaining good mental health, by releasing happy hormones in the body.


Other Sports

Angel is a physically active person. She likes to keep a physically active routine even when on vacation. She has been into Ballet, Cheerleading and a range of other sports all her life and that has definitely helped her maintain a great physique. Field and Track events too have been her forte. 

Her approach to fitness is simply based on her love for sports and athletics and this gives her the beautiful physique that we all envy. 

That’s all for Angel Reese Workout Routine.

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Angel Reese Diet Plan

Angel Reese Diet plan is well-curated to meet her requirements as a sports personality. Especially during the game season, Angel is quite conscious of her eating habits.

But she is not a fitness freak and likes to take pleasure in her favorite dishes now and then. So, the secret to her sustainable energy is balance. And she doesn’t force herself to fit into a certain narrative, not even in terms of calories. 


Angel Reese Diet Plan

Angel Reese Diet Plan


Is Angel Reese Vegan?

No, Angel Reese is not Vegan.


Adequate Rest and Recovery

An adequate recovery strategy is the core of Reese’s performance on the court. She keeps track of her recovery period and ensures optimum deep sleep which can help her with her performance. The basketball star also relies on Cryotherapy and massages to adequately relax the muscles.


Angel Reese Diet Plan includes: 

As far as diet is concerned, Angel keeps her diet carbohydrates heavy with close to 60 % of the diet being bread, pasta, fruits, and cereals. The next 30% consists of protein which usually includes Meats, Nuts, and beans. She also ensures an adequate intake of fats in the form of Nuts, oil, and Butter.

That’s all for Angel Reese Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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