Annie Leblanc Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 7, 2022

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Annie Leblanc is a teen sensation and an awesome singer. You must have seen her on YouTube a lot when she does come in trending videos. She has released lots of songs and is currently doing lots of shows.

While she’s just in her teenage years she is really concerned about what she looks like and likes to stay in shape. She shared a video of her workout routine so let’s see what exactly she does to stay in shape.

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine and Diet Plan

In this article, we focused on Annie Leblanc workout routine, Annie Leblanc diet plan, and Annie Leblanc Body Stats.


Annie Leblanc Body Measurements

Annie Leblanc

Annie Leblanc

Annie Leblanc Height 1.67 m
Annie Leblanc Weight 50 kg
Annie Leblanc Age 15 years
Chest 33 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

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Annie Leblanc Workout Routine

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine is a mixed workout routine that you can really do at home without having any trouble. It’s basically all bodyweight exercise and there are 2 to 3 exercises that she does with a dumbbell which you can totally do without it too. So Annie Leblanc does 3 times a week this routine and when she’s super busy with shows she just does it 1 time.

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine

Annie Leblanc Workout Routine

Annie Leblanc Workout Includes –

Jumping jack

Annie Leblanc’s routine starts with 15 jumping jacks and then, a few seconds rest and again 15 jumping jacks. So 2 sets of jumping jacks. 


Burpees I won’t say it’s the best side of her routine and a strong point, but she does them very neatly. She does 5 burpees and 2 sets of them and rests for a few seconds between the sets.

Skater jumps

This is the exercise even I like to do, Annie Leblanc does around 20 of them just one set of skater jumps. 

Weighted squats

Annie Leblanc does front weighted squats with a dumbbell. She does around 10 of them.

Annie Leblanc Fitness

Annie Leblanc Fitness


She said that she doesn’t really like to do planks, which I respect because if you don’t like and still do it that makes me want to respect you. So she does around 1 min of the normal plank.

Plank twist

Well, plank twists are like planks just instead of staying still you move your lower body that means hips part side to side while other parts stay still.  She does 30 twists means 15 each side. More about Annie Leblanc workout Routine is given below.

Plank leg lift

It’s like you get in a plank position and one by one lift your leg up. She does around 30 in total means 15 each side. 

Side plank

Annie Leblanc really doesn’t like this, she does 30 sec of side plank each side.

Hip raises

Hip raises she does 30 in total.

One leg hip raises

So it’s like hip raises in this your 1 leg goes in the air and with other you do hip raises, she does 15 hip raises each side.


She likes doing crunches. She does 20 simple crunches.


Annie Leblanc does a bicycle for about 30 sec, try to go as fast and smooth as you can.

Leg raise

She does 20 leg raises, the key is to not let your feet touch the ground. 

Lemon squeeze

Annie Leblanc does 20 lemon squeeze.

Annie Leblanc Exercise

Annie Leblanc Exercise

Plank rows

She takes a 5-pound dumbbell for this and does around 20 means 10 each side.

Side plank leg lifts

Annie Leblanc does 15 of them on each side.


Push-ups are her weakest thing you can say, she aims for 5 push-ups.

This is all about Annie Leblanc Workout Exercise Plan.


Annie Leblanc Workout Video


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Annie Leblanc Diet Plan

There’s not much about Annie Leblanc diet plan as she’s just a teenager and her metabolism is good. Although she focuses on 3 things mostly in her diet.

Annie Leblanc Diet Plan

Annie Leblanc Diet Plan

Annie Leblanc Diet Includes –


Annie Leblanc likes to eat food with more protein and fewer fats. So food like chicken and seafood all that stuff.


She does take carbs but in Sufficient amount.


Annie Leblanc likes to drink water lit which is really important for anyone.

This is all about Annie Leblanc diet meal plan.

Annie Leblanc Meal Plan

Annie Leblanc Meal Plan

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