Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | August 30, 2020

Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Grimes the real name is Claire Elise Boucher is a Canadian singer and songwriter.  She has amazing fitness due to Grimes Workout and Diet Plan. Mostly known for her relationship with the Elon musk the genius, the Multi Billionaire guy.

So yeah, she is for sure famous and she’s taking over her work too. She has been an amazing performer and actor. What is more amazing is her workout plan or routine which she said is true and if it’s true, it’s the most intense workout plan for sure without any doubt.

In this article, we focused on Grimes workout routine, Grimes diet plan, Grimes fitness regime, and Grimes body stats.

Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Grimes Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Grimes Body Measurements

Grimes Height  5ft 5 inch 
Grimes Weight  50kg 
Grimes Age 31 years 
Chest 29 inch 
Waist  23 inch 
Hips 32 inch 

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Grimes Workout Routine

Grimes Workout

Grimes Workout

I don’t even know how to start this one, but let’s just go directly into it and we all will understand it. The Grimes Workout plan I’m gonna be talking about it’s really her workout as she posted a video revealing it, so I’m not making it up. So here is the amazing and famous Grimes workout plan.

Grimes Workout Includes-

Deprivation Tank

Deprivation tanks are the tanks also known as floater tanks that contain salt in a certain amount. It is a pitch-black tank where you cannot send any light or sound it’s kind beyond my imagination but yeh. It helps with your senses and makes your senses better in some way. Often used by people for medical purposes.

Grimes like to do it for around 2 to 4 hours, which I won’t recommend especially if you do it every day. She seems like a professional floater, maybe that’s why it’s not affecting her. She said it helps her Astro glide through other dimensions like the present, past, and future. So yeah she does that for starters. 


Sword Fighting

After that she goes to do lots of sword fighting, the trainer of her said that they focus on the parts like oblige, core, triceps, and arms while they are doing sword fighting. Grimes said she loves to do sword fighting and it may be her only intense workout in this whole workout routine. She trains sword fighting for 2 hours straight and every day just after deprivation tank therapy.



After that exhausting workout of 2 hours of sword fighting, she likes to cool down her body. So she does 45 minutes to cool down on the treadmill while being on an incline. As it’s just a cool down she doesn’t really run much and hard in the treadmill session. This is just to make sure her body returns back to normal temperature, after the intense sword fighting.



Once she is done with the treadmill she likes to stretch so she does all kinds of stretching, from arms to legs, thighs, core, back, neck, shoulder and all of the other stretches. She does it for around 40 to 45 minutes at least.


Infrared Sauna

So yeah, back to another amazing relaxation routine. Well, this is for sure benefiting a person’s skin and removing lots of toxins and bacteria. Grimes didn’t say how long she stays in the sauna, but most of them come with a timer for 30 minutes so maybe she also does it for 30 minutes.


Screaming Session

According to her, she and her friend that she recently Collab with, do 20 to 30 minutes of screaming session, for their vocals. I know it sounds kinda crazy but that’s what she said.

This is all about Grimes Exercise Routine.

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Grimes Diet Plan

The diet plan of Claire aka the Grimes was not revealed and never been heard of. So we can not say it surely but she does eat 3 meals that give her good nutrition. She does start off with lots of supplements like Caratein, etc. 

Grimes Diet Includes –

Meal 1

Grimes takes food like egg whites, milk products, almond milk or coffee, oatmeal with berries.


Meal 2

Mostly consist of protein, with little and vitamins. She takes the chicken breast, salad, juice, protein shake, some fruits or maybe some brown rice.


Meal 3

Mostly chicken breast, with salad, or some kind of fruits, again rice with greens too as a side dish. 

This was the diet plan of The Grimes. Claire aka the Grimes diet plan is not fully fact but the workout plan is what Claire aka the Grimes was told on Instagram so it’s for sure is true.

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