Anya Chalotra Weight Loss

By | September 30, 2023

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss: The Witcher Season 3 is all set to be unveiled on Netflix with its last part of this season releasing on 27th July 2023. The series has become quite popular with its audience and drives huge numbers on the streaming platform. Led by Henry Cavill who plays the role of Witcher, the season will feature Henry in his last role as Witcher, as he is set to be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. 

Alongside Henry, the one name that gained a lot of attention was the character of Sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg, played by Indian Origin Anya Chalotra. Anya has been making a steep rise in showbiz with a lead character in Netflix’s Wanderlust and in a short project called ‘The Village’ where she received critical acclaim for her performance. 

Recently the 26-year-old actress made an eye-catching appearance at the premiere of Season 3 of The Witcher. The actress looked noticeably slimmer with a sharp jawline and toned abs, and people are clearly wondering about her routine. So in this post, we will be looking at Anya Chalotra’s secrets behind weight loss and whether or not she intended to lose weight, and what her workout and diet looked like for weight loss.

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss

Anya Chalotra Body Stats

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 50 kgs
Age 26 years
Waist 24 inches
Shoulders 26 inches

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Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine

Anya looked breathtaking in her black tulle gown in the premiere in which she looked visibly slimmer and more toned. Anya carries a naturally thin frame and does not have a very dense bone structure, so she already looks quite fit. We have also shared Anya Chalotra’s Workout Routine before the weight loss and everyone knows she is quite conscious of her weight and fitness level. Here’s a list of the exercises that Anya did to lose those extra inches-:

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine includes:


The show itself required some physically intense tasks and one of them was trekking. The actors were required to fall from and climb on tough treks and shoot fight scenes in those tough terrains. All of this itself was too physically taxing and it seems Anya lost a lot of weight during the shooting itself. 

Many actors prefer trekking to maintain their body weight and really enjoy their workout sessions, rather than just looking at the wall or mirrors while walking on a treadmill. Trekking is a tough sport and involves a range of muscle groups, including leg muscles, buttock muscles, and good pressure on the abdomen. It also works on your cardiovascular capacity and improves heart health. Trekking at regular intervals has proven to help with weight loss by building muscles and increasing metabolism.



Recently the actress told in an interview that a water sequence, where she was supposed to push through the water to get out of it safely, while also protecting a child was the toughest thing she had ever done in her life. She also shared the highly tiring nature of most of her shoot sequences including battle fights. 

In the same breath, she also iterated her love for physical tasks and shared, she likes to workout and sweat those extra calories. Swimming is also an exercise that most celebrities who feature in Health Yogi recommend. Swimming is a mindful activity, and being in the water truly relaxes you. 

Swimming regularly builds muscles and helps you in long-term sustained fat loss.


Ab Workouts

In the recent premiere, the actress flaunted her curves and her toned abs. She looked strong in that dress and people were curious about her ab workout. In an interview on her recent fitness regime, the actress mentioned, she is not doing anything new for her physical fitness and that the regular exercises like planks, sit-ups, and crunches are working just fine to build those abdomen muscles. Anya also did a lot of pushups and rope swings, as well as back and side exercises that helped her get those slim abs. 



Recently the actress opened up about her struggles with anxiety and her mental health journey. She revealed that she took up meditation and mindfulness practices that helped her be grounded in her approach towards life and manage her anxiety. The actress also revealed that anxiety is not necessarily a negative emotion, only the inability to manage it, turns it into a problematic disease.

That’s all for Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anya is a big fan of cooking it seems. She endorses thoughtful self-care, and this to her involves some cooking for herself. Recently she shared the recipe for vegan naan made from spelled flour, coconut yogurt, warm water, yeast, and maple syrup in one of her interviews and netizens are loving it.


Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Diet Plan

Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Diet Plan


Is Anya Chalotra Vegan?

Yes, Anya Chalotra is vegan.



Trying to have an optimum amount of sleep every day is very important to Anya in her journey toward thoughtful self-care. She strives to sleep well. And did we tell you how effective is sleep for healthy sustained weight loss? 

Sleep is essentially the time when your body taps into its innate wisdom and resets and

restores your body. This is important to balance hormones, which is one of the leading causes of obesity among women. So sleep is extremely important for you if you are looking to lose weight like Anya.

Anya Chalotra’s Weight Loss Diet Plan includes:

Favorite Food

The actress prefers to not use oil in most of her dishes and goes for air-fried food. She likes a good black coffee, seasoned wine, strawberry ice cream, and lots of good desserts on her cheat days. 

But on most days, Anya prefers to have Oatmeal, fruits, and salads for her food along with some smoothies.

That’s all for Anya Chalotra Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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