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By | September 12, 2022

So, today we will talk about one of the most amazing personalities in the world Arnold Schwarzenegger. We will talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan and how his daily life eating habits keep him so fit.

Like we all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most amazing bodybuilders of all the time winning continuous many Mr.Olympia competitions and then making a successful career in Hollywood movies, then writing some books and when he was done with that he finally joined the government and became the governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan

I mean he has done everything that he wanted but while doing that he also took good care of his diet and what he eats. That is why he is still fit and healthy and able to workout while being in his 70s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Body stats

Arnold Schwarzenegger Height 1.88 Meters
Arnold Schwarzenegger Weight 113 Kg
Arnold Schwarzenegger Age 72 Years
Chest 57 Inch
Waist 30 Inch
Biceps 22 Inch

If You are fan of Sylvester Stallone, then You must know and follow a workout routine and diet plan of Sylvester Stallone.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan

The diet plan of Arnold Schwarzenegger has also evolved with his life. Earlier in his bodybuilding days, he used to go for more carbs, protein, and fats but now he doesn’t really take that many carbs and he started eating more vegetables. Like we know he has turned into an almost vegetarian person and eats more vegetables and stuff now. So we will talk about how Arnold Schwarzenegger usually starts his day and what food he eats.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal Plan

Arnold Schwarzenegger Meal Includes

Protein Shake

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has an awesome way of making his protein shake and I think not many people drink their protein shake that way.

  • He takes almond milk in his jar, also if you don’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t drink any other milk other than almond milk.
  • Cherry Juice, so according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, helps with inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • A whole egg, don’t break the shell just put the whole egg there. The outer shell will give you extra calcium so don’t worry you can definitely drink it.
  • 1 banana, peel it do not put whole this time just peel the banana and put it in the jar with all other things.
  • Now the last thing to do is a scoop of his protein shake and voilĂ  you are done. A breakfast meal in Arnold Schwarzenegger diet plan is given next.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fitness

Arnold Schwarzenegger Breakfast Meal

  • 2 whole eggs, you can either make scrambled eggs or have sunny side eggs just make whatever you like.
  • Oatmeals with some fruits give you nice fibers and vitamins it also helps you stay young with the anti-aging benefits. Also if you want you can put some honey on the top of it.
  • Also sometimes Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to put a scoop of protein in his oatmeal.


Lunch Meal in Arnold Schwarzenegger Diet Plan

  • Broccoli boiled not fried
  • Avocado
  • Tuna sandwich or chicken breast
Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Body

Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Body


  • Boiled vegetables, this is maybe the most vegetarian meal as the other one either consists of your eggs or some other meat.
  • Fruits, mostly he eats like blueberries and fruit with lots of antioxidants.
  • Almonds

More about “Arnold Schwarzenegger diet plan” is given below.



  • Salad, sometimes he seasons it with some sour cream or mayonnaise.
  • Chicken breast or fish.
  • Some green boiled vegetables.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Photo

Arnold Schwarzenegger Photo

Favorite meal to cook

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite meal to cook will be steak, he likes to eat steak once or 2 times a week.

So that was it for the Arnold Schwarzenegger diet plan, remember this is the diet plan that he follows nowadays. So don’t think this diet plan will get you the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his prime time of Mr.Olympia.Also, Check Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout Routine.

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