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Sylvester Stallone Workout Routine and Diet plan, Age, Height, Body Measurements 2019

Sylvester Stallone is an American Action Star best known for his role in Rocky Balboa. He was born on 6 July 1946 in New York City at the time of his birth due to damage to his one of the nerves he was left with slurred speech. His work was affected by many external factors… Read More »

Dorian Yates Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Age, Height and Body Measurements 2019

Hello, we are going to discuss “DORIAN YATES WORKOUT” and “DORIAN YATES DIET“. Our focus for today is the most notorious Dorian Yates. Dorian Andrew Mientjez Yates was born on 19 April 1962. He is an English former professional bodybuilder. Dorian Yates won the Mister Olympia title six continuous times from early 1992 towards the… Read More »

Kai Greene Workout, Diet, Age, Height, Body Stats, Workout Video and Instagram Photos 2019 

Hello, we are going to discuss “KAI GREENE WORKOUT ROUTINE” and “KAI GREENE DIET PLAN”.  Before that let’s know about him. Kai L. Greene was born on 2 July 1975 Brooklyn, and he is a professional bodybuilder. Greene said that he became enthusiastic about bodybuilding during a school teen competition and since then, he never… Read More »

Bob Paris Workout, Diet , Age, Height, Body Measurements, Instagram Photos 2019

Hello, we are going to discuss “BOB PARIS WORKOUT ROUTINE” and “BOB PARIS DIET PLAN”. Before that let’s know about him. Bob Paris was born on Dec 14, 1959, and he is BodyBuilder by profession but bob is just more than a bodybuilder he is an artist, Public Speaker, Writer, actor, and Social worker also.… Read More »

Jim Stoppani Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Age | Height | Body Measurements | Workout Videos | Instagram Photos 2019 

Today we are going to tell you the JIM STOPPANI WORKOUT ROUTINE and JIM STOPPANI DIET PLAN. If you don’t know this amazing bodybuilder and doctor then, let me briefly introduce you to this famous man. Jim Stoppani is the leading authority on various exercises and science behind them. He is also considered as one… Read More »

Ulisses Jr Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Instagram photos and videos 2019

Hello, we are going to discuss Ulisses Jr Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Before going to discuss workout routine of Ulisses Jr and diet plan of Ulisses Jr, let’s know about him. Ulisses Jr is a big, shredded and aesthetic bodybuilder and Instagram fitness star. Many bodybuilders look up to him as a perfect example.… Read More »