Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 4, 2022
Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Arnold Vosloo is a veteran actor known for his remarkable work in the movies like mummy and ludik 2022. Arnold is of South African origin and has acted in many south African films. Arnold is known worldwide for his remarkable acting and looks; despite his age, Arnold is obsessed with working out and being passionate about maintaining his body.

When it comes to bodybuilding Arnold has a very keen sense of humor. He says that it is necessary to work out to remove stress. This mindset has made many fitness enthusiasts fan of his work and body. However, Arnold Vosloo diet and workout plan are unknown. But no worries, after researching a bit, I learned about his workout and would like to share it with you guys. Stay tuned.


Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Arnold Vosloo Body Stats

Height 6ft 2inches
Weight 81kgs
Age 57 yrs
Chest not available
Waist not available
Hips not available

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Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine

Arnold is 6ft 2inches tall, showing his discipline since childhood. Arnold has played the role of high priest Imhotep in mummy and mummy returns. Arnold has worked with the famous bodybuilder and actor Dwayne Johnson (the rock). Arnold was always addicted to exercise, and he never missed any sessions. He has even served in the south African military. His obsession with bodybuilding grows every day. A healthy lifestyle makes him happy, so he likes to work out.


Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine

Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine


What kind of workout does Arnold Vosloo do?

We all know that Arnold is addicted to working out, but many of us still don’t know why. Arnold believes in hitting the gym 6 days a week and says rest is important, so he takes a day off to give his body ample rest. Arnold does traditional weightlifting exercises and if you are willing to know about it, keep reading…

Arnold Vosloo workout routine includes:

Weight Training

Arnold lifts weights to train all the parts of the body. He follows the traditional Push pull legs workout plan many gym rats use. This workout is very suitable for his body weight and height. Arnold never misses any session and works out for like 6 days a week. His workout in a week is divided like this:


Monday/Thursday (push day)

On Monday and Thursdays, Arnold performs all kinds of push exercises that include the Chest, Shoulder, and triceps muscles; He does four chest exercises(Incline, flat, Decline, and fly moment and) 2 triceps (Overheads and skull crushers) and 2 shoulders(Side lateral and overhead press).


Tuesday/Friday (pull day)

On Tuesdays and Fridays, Arnold prefers training their back and biceps by doing various pull exercises. Pull exercises usually train the latissimus dorsi muscle of the back. He performs Four exercises that train all the back muscles (deadlifts, lat pull down, sit and rowing, and pent over rows) and two exercises for biceps(alternate dumble curls and preacher curls).

If you are a beginner and willing to train like him, you can try 3 variations of pull exercises accompanied by rear delts, which will give your back a good posture. If you want to begin with push exercises, try doing incline flat and fly moment first and then increase the number of exercises.


Wednesday/Saturday (legs and abs)

He does all kinds of lower body exercises on Wednesdays and Saturdays, including the legs and abs muscles. These exercises help him improve the mobility

of the lower body. Many people do not often prefer training their legs, which weakens their lower body; however, training the lower body is also necessary to improve its lower mobility. He does various leg exercises that train Quads hamstrings, glutes abstracts, and calve muscles of his lower body.

Two compound exercises that he likes to do are Squats and leg presses. For abs, he does core exercises like crunches, leg raises, planks and many more. You can try squats, leg curls, leg extension, and calf raise for the first month. 



Cardio is very important to burn calories, and Arnold believes in doing cardio for a healthy heart and Stamina. Arnold does cardio after weight training for 30 mins, which helps him maintain his physique over a long period. If you want to increase your stamina then you should prefer going for cardio every day. Arnold does treadmills for 20 minutes and 10 minutes of cycling.  

That’s all for the Arnold Vosloo Workout Routine

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Arnold Vosloo Diet Plan 

Having a physique like Arnold’s requires a lot of hard work. Hard Work not only gym but also in eating healthy. I learned about Arnold’s cutting therapy in an article that maintained his diet for the mummy movie.


Is Arnold a vegan?

No, Arnold is not a vegan.


Arnold Vosloo diet plan for the movie Mummy


  • Egg whites for breakfast 



  • Potatoes for saturated fats (boiled).



  • Half a steak and a supper

Note: This diet is not recommended for the calorie deficit.

That’s all for Arnold Vosloo Diet plan.

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