Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss

By | February 4, 2023
Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss: Aubrey Plaza has been a center of attention lately, for both her performance as well as a stellar physique in the Second Season of  HBO’s ‘ The White Lotus ‘.

The premiere of the popular comedy-drama series was held at the end of December last year, and many people talked about the absolutely powerful beauty of Aubrey Plaza.

Best known for her work in Parks and Recreation, Aubrey has maintained a toned physique which reflects a lot of strength and power, especially toned legs and Abs.

So in this post, we will look at Aubrey’s workout and diet routine for her Weight Loss prior to the premiere event. And also point out some tips that we can pick from the actress to apply in our workouts and diet for Weight Loss.

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss

Here’s a look at Aubrey Plaza’s Stats-:

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 38 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders 30 inches

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Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Workout Routine

Aubrey says she believes in holistic fitness that supersedes only physical measurements. So, her approach toward workout routines for weight loss or general health has been a sustainable one. She has revealed that she doesn’t like doing the same things consistently and rather mixes up things.

 Though her Workout Routine that helped in weight loss is not completely known, we have joined bits and pieces together to chart out her journey to weight loss.

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Workout Routine

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Workout Routine


The actor is not a fan of cardio workouts. She says it burns her out and she would much rather play a sport. And so Basketball finds its place in Aubrey’s workout routine, especially for weight loss, due to the insane amount of calories it burns. 

But due to an injury due to a tear, Aubrey left Basketball altogether and planned to restart it after the injury heals. So it is safe to assume that Aubrey would have devoted time to some sport before the event for those toned legs and Abs.



The actress reveals that she doesn’t like exercise that’s too burning or intensive. She would much rather prefer an exercise that calms her down. So although she left out Basketball, she still enjoys Yoga sessions a lot.

Her workout almost completely revolves around Yoga on a regular day.  

So she definitely includes Yoga in her workout targeting weight loss.

Yogic poses like Chaturanga Dandasana

( Plank Pose), Vidharbhasana( Warrior Pose), Trikonasana( Triangle Pose), and Dhanurasana( Bow Pose) are some of the asanas, widely hailed to be effective for weight loss, along with Sun Salutations and Pranayama( Breathing Exercises).



Stretching is another exercise that we can find in Aubrey’s workout routine for weight loss on a regular basis. As claimed by Aubrey, she likes the kind of workouts that make her calm and stretching is one of those.

According to, stretching helps in reducing weight by increasing the number of calories you burn in a day and also by improving the overall health of your body which itself requires lots of calories.

So, you can add stretching to your workout routine for long-term health and complement it with good eating habits.



The actress revealed that she was once put on a very crazy hiking session by her trainer, which she considers to be too adventurous.

Hiking has proven weight loss benefits which result from the muscle build-up in the legs and lower body along with the calories burnt during the tough hiking. It’s also helpful for cardiovascular health.

So you can also add Hiking to your workout routine to gain a much more rapid weight loss in a healthy manner.


Squats, Pushups, and Pull-ups

The actress also visits regular Gyms at times, and given the hectic schedule of these celebrities, it’s one of the fastest ways to lose weight. So one can say that Aubrey might have gotten into gym sessions before her red carpet appearance and did some conventional gym exercises like squats, pushups, weight training, and pull-ups which have a role in the complete toning of her body and those hard abs.

That’s all for the Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Workout routine.

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Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Diet Plan

Aubrey Plaza is all about complete fitness and her definition of health and fitness is about being conscious of what one puts into his/her body.

According to SuperHero Jacked, Plaza’s health comes from her lower body which means her overall health is a result of her healthy outlook toward food.

In another interview, the actress said that her secret to health is listening to her own unique system and body about what you are putting into it and when.

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Diet Plan

Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Diet Plan

Is Aubrey Plaza Vegan?

No, she is not vegan.


Morning Routine

The actress starts her day with a big glass of hot water, then a green smoothie, and finally coffee made in almond milk.



The actress’s weight loss tip around food revolves around hydration and lots of medicinal teas. She is especially fond of ginger tea and Chinese tea along with other teas with similar medicinal properties. 



The actress specifically makes very healthy and sustainable choices when it comes to snacking. She likes Greek Yogurt, Apples and soaked or roasted Almonds for snacking, which are all very healthy options. You can also go for roasted lotus seeds and peanuts.


Lunch / Dinner

Her lunches and Dinners usually contain Hummus, Salads, Brown bread, and healthy fats through peanut butter and carbs along with protein from Chicken and fish.

That’s all for Aubrey Plaza Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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