Brendan Fraser Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 19, 2023

Brendan Fraser Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Brendan Fraser is an actor known for his successful movies like The Mummy, George Of The Jungle, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, The Whale, etc. Brendan Fraser has been part of this industry for over three decades.

The experiences and the things Brendan Fraser learned got him the Oscar this year. Brendan Fraser went through a tremendous weight gain transformation to get that award. However, Fraser looks much healthier now. So if you are also wondering about the Brendan Fraser workout and the Brendan Fraser diet plan, keep reading.

Brendan Fraser Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Brendan Fraser Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Brendan Fraser Body Stats

Height 6 ft 3 inch
Weight 85+ kg
Age 54 years
Chest 44-47 inch
Waist 36-39 inch
Biceps 16-18 inch

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Brendan Fraser Workout Routine

Brendan Fraser is an incredible actor known for many transformations during his career. Whether we talk about ‘The Mummy’ to the ‘George Of The Jungle’ physique or ‘The Whale’ now, Brendan Fraser has always tried his best to keep up with the roles he plays. As we know, ‘The Whale’ is a movie about a teacher who overeats and stays in his flat.

Brendan Fraser gained weight to play that role, and it still wasn’t enough. That’s why they used prosthetics to make him look like a 270 kg person. However, that did lead Brendan Fraser to gain quite a bit of weight. Brendan Fraser is working on getting fit again. We saw him at the Oscars, where he was already looking much better than he looked during the time of ‘The Whale.’

So how is Brendan Fraser losing weight at this moment? Well, I tried researching, and sadly not much information there about his current workout. I would say that Brendan Fraser might not even be working out. I think Brendan Fraser is focusing on staying active throughout the day. The reason is that when Fraser was gaining weight, he was overeating and not working out. So Brendan Fraser might have stopped overeating and become active.

That’s all for the Brendan Fraser workout routine.

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Brendan Fraser Diet Plan 

Brendan Fraser Diet Plan 

Brendan Fraser Diet Plan

Brendan Fraser is known to go to the extreme during his diet. I was reading his statement about how he maintained the George Of The Jungle physique, and it was by starving himself. Brendan Fraser said it started with a strict diet and removing all carbs.

After that, he took it to the extreme and started skipping meals. It got to a point where Brendan Fraser’s mind was not working. Brendan Fraser mentions how once ‘he went to an ATM to get some cash and couldn’t remember the pin.’ If he is doing the same thing to lose weight that Brendan Fraser gained for ‘The Whale’ or not is still unknown.

However, it doesn’t look like he is starving himself this time. Brendan Fraser looks good and seems to be losing weight with a healthy approach. That’s why I think that Brendan Fraser probably started eating healthy and limited his food to 3 meals.

Believe me, when you are overweight and have a lot of fat, you can lose pounds by limiting your meals and keeping them under a calorie count. However, staying active is essential to make the most out of the diet. His current diet is unknown, and the chances of getting a proper diet plan from Brendan Fraser are relatively low.

So I highly recommend following a three-healthy-course meal to start your diet. If that stops working for you, then you can also go to a professional nutritionist and ask them for a proper diet plan for your body. If you still need a diet, then you can start with this meal plan:

Brendan Fraser diet includes:

Is Brendan Fraser Vegan?

No, Brendan Fraser is not Vegan. 


  • Avocado toast with scrambled eggs (4 egg whites and 1 whole egg)
  • Juice 



  • Fruits 


Lunch & Dinner 

  • Chicken/salmon/turkey breast/tofu 
  • Sauteed veggies 
  • Rice 

That’s all for the Brendan Fraser diet plan.

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