Camille Rowe Weight Loss

By | December 6, 2022
Camille Rowe Weight Loss

Camille Rowe Weight Loss: Camille Chrystal Pourcheresse, is an amazing French actress and model recognized professionally as Camille Rowe. She has modeled for famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch & Adidas Originals. In 2016, she walked the ramp for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

Camille being a model has always had a perfect body figure and adorable beauty. She has been on many ramp shows, cover pages of Playboy, and more. Camille has lost some weight and transformed her body image which gained the attention of her fans swiftly. So, here we are going to catch out the Camille Rowe weight loss journey precisely. 

Camille Rowe Weight Loss

Camille Rowe Weight Loss

Camille Rowe Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units
Height 1.71 m or 5 ft. 7.5 inches 
Weight 54 Kg 
Age 32 years 
Chest 33 inches 
Waist 26 inches 
Hips  35 inches 

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Camille Rowe Weight Loss

Camille has a million followers on her social media handles. She has been at the top of the search currently for her amazing transformation after weight loss. She has shed 20 pounds and now she is only 119 pounds. To lose weight in a healthier way, she chooses to eliminate unhealthy diet patterns from her life.  

Camille started to shift her focus more towards workouts and a nutritious diet. With the help of a trainer and nutritionist, she has maintained a perfect balance between her exercise & eating habits. Camille Rowe weight loss is a consequence of the serious efforts that she puts in on her body to get an attractive & curvy figure. Let’s check out the workout regime and diet plan that she followed to shed weight.


Camille Rowe Weight Loss Workout Routine 

Camille Rowe decided to lose weight when she realized that she has more BMI than needed which can be fatal for her health. She chooses to work on her body by practicing several exercises like squats, sit-ups, pull-ups, and yoga. 

She used to spend 2 hours in the morning in the gym doing various workouts to tone up her body image. She has very dedicated to her fitness regime. Let’s dive in: 

Before she starts her actual workouts, she likes to do a quick warm-up of 10 to 15 minutes to get her body muscles active.  

Cardio Workouts: 

  • Single leg squat 

This workout in which a single leg is involved on an alternate basis helps to train both legs to take the entire body weight. 


  • Dumbbell bench step-ups 

Camille used to practice these dumbbell bench step-ups as it enables them to develop the similar muscle group that one will be utilizing when going for a sprint to jump.


  • Burpee Pull-ups 

Rowe performs this pull-up because it works wonders for a wide group of muscles comprising the chest, quads, arms, hamstrings, and glutes. 


  • Lateral band walks 

This exercise helps to prevent injury either from overstretching or muscle fatigue and so on. 


Yoga exercises:

  • Side angle – 

This yoga pose helps in enhancing balance and build focus. It strengthens and stretches the hips and leg muscles. 


  • Boat – 

Camille used to practice this pose as it focuses on the core muscles, transverse abdominals, hip flexors & upper back.


  • Forearm Plank: 

This yoga pose helps to boost the tone of your deltoids, strengthens legs & arms, and stretches hamstrings, shoulders, calves & arches. 


  • Cobra & Upward Facing Dog: 

This exercise enhances the posture, strengthens the wrists, arms & spine, stretches the lungs & chest, shoulders, and abdomens, and firms the buttocks. 

Apart from this, Camille loves to go hiking & also brought a trampoline to use it as a fun way to stay fit and well-toned. 

This is all a part of the model Camille Rowe Weight Loss workout routine that she practices in her everyday lifestyle.  She used to focus more on exercises of various types to tone up & shape her physique well. So, if you look out at her as your fitness idol & inspiration then start practicing a few workouts every day to stay fit and healthy. 

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Camille Rowe Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Camille Rowe diet plan was based more on organic foods & she completely cut off processed foodstuff. She began to cook for herself by taking guidance from a nutritionist. She also added plant-based food items to her lunch and controlled her calorie intake which help her burn fats. Camille focused more on drinking plenty of water throughout the day as it keeps her energetic as well as hydrated. 

Let’s delve deeper into the secrets of the popular Camille Rowe Weight Loss diet plan that helps her to stay in shape. 

Is Camille Rowe a Vegan?

No, Camille Rowe is not a vegan.

Camille Rowe Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Camille Rowe Weight Loss Diet Plan


  • A bowl of oats 
  • Protein shake 
  • Celery or ginger juice



  • Spinach & kale salad 
  • Peanut tofu Buddha bowl 
  • Lentil soup 



  • Avocado salsa
  • Green Olives 
  • Roasted Chickpeas 



  • Cauliflower rice bowl
  • Tuna egg salad stuffed peppers 
  • Mediterranean Cobb Salad 

I Hope, you all have enjoyed reading! That’s all about the actress Camille Rowe Weight Loss diet plan that she used to implement in her daily routine to maintain a healthy and fit body figure. As we all know that nutrition and proper diet is the most important aspect to attain fitness and good health. So, try to lean more towards healthy foods & proper hydration. 

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