Coco Gauff Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 7, 2023

Coco Gauff Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Will Coco Cori Gauff become the world number 1? The American tennis athlete has shaken the world with her immense dedication to tennis. Coco is already world number 1 in doubles; nevertheless, she will soon secure the number 1 position in singles.

Gauff has held a racket since the age of 6. However, she never imagined this would be her career path. At the age of 8, she decided to become a tennis player and gave her all to achieve that dream. Gauff says she is truly inspired by the Williams sisters, whom she considers role models. Coco is well on her way to becoming one of the greatest tennis players of all time, and her modest and gentle behavior makes her a truly splendid person. Currently, she holds the number 4 position in the singles rankings, and to reach world number 1, Coco needs to work hard.

Amidst all the tournaments and media attention, Coco never disrupts her training. People are always shocked to hear that she is just 19. Coco has also been able to defeat seven-time major winner and former world rank number 1, Venus Williams. Yes, in the end, Coco was really excited to share the same court as her inspiration. For all this, Coco works hard in her training. Her training plan is anything but ordinary. To give you insight into Coco Gauff’s health secrets, a health yogi is here with Coco Gauff’s workout routine and diet plan. Keep scrolling!


Coco Gauff Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Coco Gauff Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Coco Gauff Body Stats 

Height 5ft 9inch
Weight 55kgs
Age 19 yrs
Breast 34
Waist 25
Hips 35

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Coco Gauff Workout Routine

Coco Gauff has 5 titles of WTA tour singles under her name. She is now looking forward to securing more. Gauff has a different aura around her, and no one can take their eyes off her when she is playing. Her energy levels have amazed many big tennis players.

After all, Coco has also been applauded by her inspiration, the Williams sisters, several times. People like Will Smith have also shown their support for the young generation of tennis players, including Coco. Coco has always dreamt of becoming world rank 1. In her junior tennis career, Coco dominated by becoming ranked 1, and now she looks forward to becoming ranked 1 in the senior category. She never spoke much about her training regime, but looking at her build, anyone can tell her dedication towards training.

Coco Gauff has been training hard since she was 8. Her training plan comprises a variety of drills and 2 hours of specific morning workouts. She works out 6 times a day and also does yoga. She even said that when she gets a day off, she feels like doing nothing. She also emphasizes stretching and warming up her body. Coco has a nicely built physique, and people are shocked to hear that she hasn’t lifted weights yet. Her overall workout focuses on tennis improvement, revolving around agility, velocity, power, mobility, reflexes, and stamina.

So, let’s look at Coco Gauff workout routine that has helped her enhance her gameplay. Keep reading.


Coco Gauff Workout Routine

Coco Gauff Workout Routine


Coco Gauff Workout Routine includes:


Coco intensifies her workout and understands the need to warm up. As a young athlete, she knows the danger of injury, which is why she warms up and stretches timely. Her warm-up and cooldown exercises consist of kneeling T-pine rotation, jump roping, broad jumps, and stretches like knee to chest, spine twist, and scorpion stretch. At first, we thought this was her workout, but I guess no, this is just her warm-up.


Tennis Training

Coco has a lot of things to work on in tennis: velocity, movements, reflexes, smashes, mobility, and serves. For all of this, she does a lot of training. Now, let’s look at what exactly she does:


  • Cardio Training:

Tennis depends on stamina, and it demands cardio in the life of Coco. Gauff has been seen on the treadmill and cycling a lot. She focuses on overall cardio. Doing this has helped her gain leg strength and build stamina.


  • Reflexes:

Reflexes play a vital role in the life of tennis players, and Coco always likes to hop on practice matches and do some training to help her reflexes reach their peak.


  • Mobility:

Tennis is all about moving swiftly on the court, and good mobility plays a key role in the game. Coco practices a variety of mobility drills like ladders, sidewalks, and many more. All of her training can be seen in her matches; the way she moves around the court tells a lot about her mobility potential.


  • Serves and Smashes:

Coco is always after improvising, and for hours a day, she practices smashes and serves. Doing these helps her outplay her former self in matches.


Coco Gauff’s Favourite Abs Workout

Coco said that she really doesn’t like the plank in her training regime; specifically, she loves an ab exercise called a dead bug.

That’s all for Coco Gauff workout routine 

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Coco Gauff Diet Plan

Protein is the secret behind Coco’s remarkable performance. Her day starts with protein and ends with protein. World rank number 4 is also a cook for herself. During the season, Coco never slacks off on her diet; she ensures her body heals and gets the required nutrition.


Coco Gauff Diet Plan

Coco Gauff Diet Plan


Is Coco Gauff a Vegan?

No, Coco Gauff is not a vegan.


Coco Gauff diet plan includes:


Coco’s usual breakfast is full of protein, including fruits, potatoes, sausages, and eggs.



Lunch depends on her match. Tournaments make her load up on pasta for lunch; otherwise, she eats a bowl of chicken, rice, and beans.



Usually, she cooks her dinner filled with protein like red meat, steak, salmon, and chicken.

That’s all for Coco Gauff diet plan.

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