Damaris Phillips Weight Loss | Before and After

By | September 28, 2023

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss: The use of Weight Loss Drugs is on a rampant rise, especially in the US. With several celebrities accounting for its dangerous side effects, the curiosity around which celebrity might be using a drug to lose weight is growing. The latest celeb to feature in this list is famous American Chef and TV personality, Damaris Phillips. 

The famous chef regularly posts her love for food and cuisines on social media sites and hosts several cooking shows.  

Damaris is more on the plump side and has been chubby almost all her life. But in her recent posts, the Food Network personality looks noticeably slimmer and seems to have lost a good chunk of weight. Many people are worried if she is on some strict diet, or on any weight loss pills that have given her such drastic results. 

In this post, we will answer all your queries about Damaris Phillips weight loss journey and also shed some light on how she looks after the weight loss. We will also try to give some valuable tips to our readers on how to get the most benefit of following a healthy lifestyle and the science behind it. 

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss | Before and After

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss | Before and After

Here’s a look at Damaris Phillips’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 65 kgs
Age 42 years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders 32 inches 

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Damaris Phillips Weight Loss

Damaris Phillips shot to fame with her win in the 2013 edition of the Food Network Star Competition. Damaris is known for asserting her uniqueness through her food. She does not shy away from infusing her love for southern cuisines into all of her dishes and always tries out her versions of dishes. 

Cosmetic Procedures

The rumors of Damaris getting artificial procedures to shed off the weight are vague.

Damaris is quite conscious and respectful of her individuality. It seems quite unlikely that the chef might have gotten under the knife or any other invasive procedures to get the weight off.  Also, Damaris hasn’t confirmed any drug use, and her personality as reflected in most of her videos doesn’t seem to go with someone who is okay with cosmetic procedures. In several interviews, the star chef has shared that she cares much more about what goes inside her body, than how she looks on the outside. Reflecting that, the actress is quite careful of the ingredients she puts in her food and ensures they are ethically sourced.

So, No, Damaris Phillips doesn’t seem to have undergone any invasive therapy to shed the weight.


Damaris Phillips Weight loss Workout Routine Includes-:


Damaris likes to keep herself calm and soothed. So, she likes to go out on vacations. Hiking is especially one of her favorite activities while on a trip. She likes to go to the woods, find lost streams, and spend her day moving into the lost mountains.

Hiking is one of her favorite things, and Damaris loves to Hike often. So, Hiking has a significant role to play in her recent weight loss journey and it’s been a successful one. 

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable, and yet efficient activities to lose weight. It is also known to be very effective for mood regulation and gives you a calmer brain by releasing stress. Hiking builds muscles, especially in the lower body, and gives you a higher Metabolism rate that controls weight gain in the long run. 

So, like Damaris, you can experience striking changes, before and after your weight loss journey. Just a little willpower and discipline, and you’re there.



Cycling is also known to be one of Damaris Phillips’ favorite activities. She goes on cycling adventures often throughout the month and likes it. She likes to stroll through nature in most of her journeys and this definitely has a role to play in her recent weight loss. The star chef is all about enjoying the things you do, and that is reflected in her choice of exercises too. 

Other Exercises

It’s also known that she sometimes got into swimming, running, and strength training too, during her weight loss journey. But cycling, including soul cycling, remained a good part of her workout routine during the weight-loss period.

That’s all for Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Diet Plan

Damaris might not have been as consistent with her workout routine as with her diet plan.

She relied on controlled consumption much more than on intense workout sessions. She has always been a person who keeps her eating habits very conscious, including what goes on her plate. 

She prefers to have her ingredients directly from the farm that doesn’t have any pesticides or processing chemicals. She is also a vegetarian, so her caloric intake itself is relatively lower. 

Mindful Eating 

Mindful eating habits were the core of Damaris Phillips’s Weight Loss journey. She focused on portion control and gave up on sugary foods. She put her cooking knowledge into self-care and reaped such stunning results. She substituted major unhealthy food items with healthier versions and took good care of her hydration and sleep schedules. 

Her food includes lots of greens including Corn, Strawberry, Carrot, Basil, Cabbage, and Citrus Fruits.

Is Damaris Phillips Vegan?

No, Damaris Phillips is a Vegetarian.


Seeking Support

Damaris is a grown woman, old enough to know the effect of our emotional state on our bodies. So, she didn’t let the transformation take a toll on her mental health. She has always been a wise woman and has advocated for a healthy relationship with food. So, she found solace and emotional support in friends and family. She also consulted a dietician and fitness trainer to guide her in this journey.

Further, Damaris Phillips Weight Loss journey has been a long one, spread over years. So she ensured constant support to herself on this long road to regaining authority and health.

That is all for Damaris Phillips Weightloss Workout Routine and Diet Plan Results-: Before and After.

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