Dina Shihabi Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 7, 2023

Dina Shihabi Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Painkiller actress Dina Shihabi is captivating the industry with her looks. Shihabi hails from the land rich in gold, Saudi Arabia. To pursue her passion for becoming an actress, she moved to New York. It was there that Shihabi fell in love with her career, and that’s how her fans fell in love with her :P. Shihabi has starred in remarkable movies and series like Archive 81 and Ghost of Beirut.

Her presence has left a massive impact – her dialogue delivery, gestures, and mainly her skin and physique have made us fall for her. Shihabi is undeniably beautiful; no one knows the secret behind her unaging beauty. Shihabi posts sensational photos on Instagram, and people are enamored with her outfits and toned physique. Shihabi is also very mindful of her beauty; she never fails to astonish her fans with her stunning looks.

If you are also wondering how she manages all this, well, today in this article, we are going to uncover the beauty secrets of Shihabi that can help you look like her. We are going to tell you about Dina Shihabi’s diet plan and workout routine. Keep scrolling to read more.


Dina Shihabi Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Dina Shihabi Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Dina Shihabi Body Stats 

Height 5 feet 7 inch
Weight 54 kgs
Age 33 yrs
Breast 37
Waist 25
Hips 36

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Dina Shihabi Workout Routine

Shihabi is a born talent; she was only 11 when she started taking dance lessons. Due to her personality and skills, her teacher used to encourage her to pursue acting as her career. It was at that time that Dina aspired to become an actress. She might have never imagined that she would capture millions of hearts through her beauty and acting. Shihabi continues to surprise us. She played the role of Britt Hufford in the miniseries Painkiller. Fans were stunned by her graceful looks, and it was after this show that everyone became eager to learn about her fitness secrets.

Shihabi has earned a name for herself. No one knows how she manages to look so young. Shihabi has ample workout experience; since her childhood, she has been practicing dance, which has given her an upper hand in her fitness. Doing stretches before and after dance has helped her avoid injuries.

If we look at her workout routine, there is nothing specific for Dina Shihabi’s workout schedule, but her overall training program consists of cardio only; she is not consistent with any other strength and conditioning workouts. However, this has also had a significant impact on her physical well-being. So, if you aspire to look like Dina Shihabi, make sure you work out like her. Keep scrolling to get a free workout routine for yourself.


Dina Shihabi Workout Routine

Dina Shihabi Workout Routine


Dina Shihabi Workout Routine includes:


Shihabi is a cardio enthusiast. What she does for cardio is unknown, but looking at her, anyone can see that she is devoted to it. She has always been active in sports and games. At the age of 11, she started practicing dance. Cardio has helped Shihabi live life freely. Frequent shooting can be exhausting, but thanks to her activity levels, Dina is not prone to working for hours. We can see her energy and enthusiasm on screen even after working for hours. The main reason behind this is her cardio routine.



Shihabi is a natural talent; at the age of 11, she started dancing and has never stopped since then. Dance holds great significance for her, from being a background dancer to a mainstream actor. Shihabi has always cherished dance. Let us explain the importance of dancing in Dina Shihabi’s physical well-being. When it comes to dancing, the whole body gets engaged, impacting the functioning muscles. Dance makes you sweat and eventually burn calories. Moreover, dance is a cardio technique, and many celebrities opt for Zumba sessions to stay fit. Dance also has an upper hand in relieving stress, and for a celebrity like Dina Shihabi, stress is like an uninvited guest; that’s why Dina loves dancing.


Workout like Dina Shihabi

Dina has a toned physique; her bikini outfits always showcase her perfect curves. To look like Dina, you can follow this five-day training plan.

Train like Dina Shihabi:

  • Walk for 25 minutes.
  • Dance for 30 minutes.
  • Pushups (12×3).
  • Crunches (12×3).
  • Squats (12×3).
  • Lunges (12×3).

You can follow this workout routine to look like Dina Shihabi. However, it depends on your weight and body type. Make sure you do stretches like the cat-cow pose and other exercises to warm up your muscles and avoid injuries.

That’s all for Dina Shihabi workout routine.

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Dina Shihabi Diet Plan

Archive 81 actress Dina Shihabi loves outings. Well, Dina has a remarkable physique, thanks to her workout routine and diet. Dina has been in the industry for decades, and it appears she has never gained weight. Dina enjoys going out to restaurants and having her favorite meat and wine, but she doesn’t do this very often; only on special occasions like her birthday does Dina prefer eating out. Dina doesn’t have a specific diet plan, but she tries to eat 80 percent clean food and 20 percent normal. Shihabi makes sure not to go overboard when eating junk food; she prefers moderation.


Dina Shihabi Diet Plan

Dina Shihabi Diet Plan


Is Dina Shihabi a vegan?

No, Dina Shihabi is not a vegan.

That’s all for Dina Shihabi diet plan.

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