Kim Young-dae Workout Routine And Diet Plan

By | December 23, 2021
Kim Young-dae Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine And Diet Plan: With a following in millions and completely stellar performances at such a young age, Kim Young-dae is somebody to root for. He is one of those Kpop idols, who is set to get stuck in your heart. Kim Young-dae made his debut in 2018 and slowly rose to fame, gaining special recognition for his work in ‘the Penthouse’. In just three years of his debut, Kim Young Dae has an Instagram following of close to 4 million.

If you are somebody who has been captivated by his charm and impactful performance, then this post will compile some more information about his secrets to a beautiful persona. If you are looking for some fitness secrets for your workout routine, then this post will give some insights about the same.

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Kim Young-dae Body Stats

Height 6 feets
Weight 62 kgs
Age 24 years
Waist 32 inches
Biceps 14 inches

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Kim Young-dae Workout Routine

The Extraordinary You actor has certainly maintained a beautiful physique that makes fans drool over him. This post will compile his workout and fitness secrets with some recommendations from HealthYogii for a wholesome Kim Young-dae Workout Routine. We had a look at his popular social media profiles and appearances to comprehend a good fitness module for you.

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine

Kim Young-dae Workout Routine Includes:

Abs Workout

Let’s admit it, we have all been quite impressed with his abs and perfectly toned upper body in his dramas. Here are some exercises that will help you get the abs of your desire. Even if you don’t intend for the glorified six abs then the basic squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts are going to help you with that.


Dumbbell Crunches

For this, lie down on your back with bent knees and hold the dumbbell of your desired weight to your chest and try to raise your torso, and repeat this several times. This targets your Abdomen muscles.



We all know about crunches, but this is a modified version with legs raised. Lie down as in the previous exercise and raise your legs up and bend your knees so that only your back is touching the ground. Next, repeat crunches withdrawing of knees towards your chest. Start slowly and then stick with it, this will bring modification to your abs and define them better.


Hanging Bar Exercise

Hanging bars are excellent equipment for upper body workouts. It stretches your body and has other benefits too.


Lower Abs

This exercise will work on your lower abs and reduce fat accumulation in the lower belly area. This is a difficult exercise and requires more strength. Hang yourself onto the bar and raise your legs straight keeping ankles and knees touching. Use your lower abs to raise them and get control.


Knee twists

This exercise works on your side abs. For this exercise, hang yourself to the bar and take pull your knees upwards and twist your body to alternating sides.



Pull-ups are quite common and it works on your shoulders, toning them. Something that Kim Young Dae flaunts repeatedly. Simply raise yourself over the bar, as many times as you can through support from your bicep muscles.



Planks are one of the most difficult Exercises that are most effective too. In planks, the work on your abs is felt through the sheer stress that you feel. Planks work on all your major muscle groups and Kim Young Dae definitely seems to be including planks while working out.

This is all about Kim Young-dae Workout Routine.

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Kim Young-dae Diet Plan

The above exercises will enhance your calorie burn. But the main point lies in healthy eating. If you are somebody who is looking for weight loss or intend on sustainable diet plans then this section will help you with that.


Is Kim Young-dae vegan?

No, snaps of his post definitely have some good amount of meat in them. So, he is not Vegan.


Replace your fat weight with muscle mass

Muscles are the main calorie burner in order to maintain themselves. Muscle tissues carry metabolic activity, and they burn calories even while doing nothing, because of the energy required to maintain them.



Sugar has gained quite a bad name in the fitness industry, but a look at Kim Young-dae social media posts reveals that he is quite a consumer of sweet food. With cakes and desserts and cookies, he seems to really enjoy his sweet tooth. Sugar need not be eliminated from your diet, you just have to be conscious of it. Most health organizations believe that you have someplace for sugar in your diet. Especially on Cheat days, you can treat yourself with a controlled amount of sweet food in your diet.

Here is a Diet plan for complete nutrition. We have also listed some alternatives to conventional sugar.

Kim Young-dae Diet Plan Includes: 


  • Chicken Breast/ Salmon
  • Eggs
  • Veggies/Fruits



  • Oats
  • Muesli



  • Tuna- Quinoa toss
  • Egg salad
  • Chicken gravy with brown rice



  • Chickpea soup
  • Avocados
  • Dessert made with maple syrup or Coconut sugar

That’s all for Kim Young-dae diet plan.

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