Paris Jackson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | April 9, 2023

Paris Jackson Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Paris Jackson is making news headlines again with her stellar appearances in the Fashion Trust US Awards and a new prime video mini-series titled  ‘Swarm’, where she plays a relatively small and significant role of a stripper called Hailey.

Netizens can’t stop commenting over this mini-series that recently dropped and all of the performances are equally breathtaking.  Paris Jackson is new to professional showbiz, but she has been in the limelight ever since her birth.  After all, being Michael Jackson’s daughter has its perils. 

Paris is the daughter of legendary pop stars Michel Jackson and Debbie Rowe, and she remembers her father with a lot of respect and love. Paris is also making rapid strides as a model, actress, and body positivity activist in Hollywood. She is best known for her steps toward body positivity and the nudity movement.

But, she is fit too. When people think that concepts like body positivity is for the lazy, Paris shows us how limited that way of thought is.  She brings us a mix of care for health without a focus on aesthetics, unlike many others in the fitness industry. And this makes Paris the absolute Icon for Healthyogi’s next post.

Paris Jackson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Paris Jackson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Paris gives a voice to what Healthyogi has always believed and tried to propagate. So, in this post, we will look at Paris Jackson’s Workout and Diet Routine.

Here’s a look at her Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 55 kgs
Age 24 years
Waist  24 inches
Shoulders 28 inches

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Paris Jackson Workout Routine

Paris carries expressive blue eyes and blonde hair, which makes her look white. But she doesn’t consider herself white, her roots are black- just like her father’s and she is proud of that. One can often see her posting pictures of herself where she is not looking at the distant perfect person and that’s her statement as a star. 

But Paris works out, and for her own sake. She works out regularly and carries a fit, strong, and healthy body. Here are some of her pictures captured by the paps after a workout session.

Paris Jackson Workout Routine

Paris Jackson Workout Routine

Here is a list of exercises she Does-:

Gym Sessions

The actress shared that her exercise regime consists of 5 min each for the Upper Body, Core, and Lower Body; followed by a 5 minutes rest session.  Most of her gym sessions follow the same regime, which means to maintain her weight she might be going slow on her calorie intake.

Upper body exercises-:

Pushups, Pull-ups, Dumbbell curls, Resistance band exercises, and side and lateral arm raises are common upper-body exercises.


Core Exercise

Sit-ups, Plank, Russian Twist, and Crunch are some common upper body exercises. To increase impact use weights with these movements.


Lower Body Exercise

Lower Body Exercise includes Squats, Lunges and its variations, and calf raises.



Paris Jackson’s timeline on Instagram with a following of a whooping 4 million has a lot of pictures of beaches and poolsides. It seems the actress loves to be near water and probably is proficient in swimming too.  Swimming is preferred by many celebrities for its calming and low-impact nature. Thus it doesn’t exert your body too much and yet gives you those toned arms and legs.

It’s a good all-around activity that builds muscles and improves cardiovascular health.



We found a video of Paris Jackson dancing here. And she seems to be really enjoying her dance which she called hustle in the post.  Dancing is a common exercise and we have seen most K-pop celebrities turn to dance for their fitness.  So Dancing can be a good addition to your workout routine and we would suggest you start with a 30-minute session that is low impact and doesn’t pressurize your body too much. Consistency is the key to achieving results.



Paris has also shared a lot of pictures of herself with her dog on long walks. The actress likes long walks in the woods with picturesque scenes during the evening or mornings.  Walking is one of the most efficient workout routines, especially for busy people who can’t spend too much energy on workouts without feeling exhausted throughout the day.

So, brisk walking can be your way to good health too. That’s all for Paris Jackson Workout Routine.

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Paris Jackson Diet Plan

Paris believes in living cruelty-free and in sync with nature and its other creatures. So she promotes organic and vegan living.

Is Paris Jackson vegan?

Yes, Paris Jackson is vegan.

Paris has time and again iterated her love for food and living simply. She doesn’t even indulge in social media too much and posts on her own accord.  The actress shared that unlike what people expect from models, she loves her burgers and pizzas and likes to enjoy her food healthily. Her Breakfast is usually a Chai latte, Oatmeal, smoothies, granola, and Fruits. The lunch consists of Avocado Toast, Salads, Sandwiches, and Fruits. The dinner too is usually light with Squash Pumpkin Soup and Salad wraps.

The actress regularly consumes healthy juices, aloe Water, vegan Ice cream, and Cakes. One of her favorite dishes is Pancakes with chocolate sauce.

That’s all for Paris Jackson Diet Plan.

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