Pia Mia Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | June 20, 2022

Pia Mia Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Pia Mia Perez born on the 19th of September, 1996 is a notable & stunning American model, singer, and songwriter. She got breakthrough recognition from her series of singles “Do it again” and “Touch”. She has gained popularity by being featured on will. i.am’s single “Boys & Girls”. 

Miss Me star singer Perez has achieved a name in the music industry so well by showing her amazing talents globally. But fans also admire her for her curvaceous and impressive body posture. So, here in this article, we are providing the Pia Mia workout routine and Pia Mia diet plan in a detailed way. 


Pia Mia Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Pia Mia Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Pia Mia Body Stats 

Body Stats  Units 
Height  5 ft. 5 inches or 1.65 m 
Weight  53 Kg 
Age  25 years 
Chest  32 inches 
Waist  26 inches 
Hips  33 inches 

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Pia Mia Workout Routine

“How We Do It” feat singer Pia Mia is well-known for her voice worldwide and receives so much love from her fans. She has a huge fan following on her Instagram handle around 8.2 million people follow her there & 607 K on Twitter. She also has a self-named YouTube channel with 1 61 million subscribers on it. Let’s look at the stunning star Pia Mia workout routine below. 

Pia Mia has a toned body figure for which she exercises regularly. She has been seen doing punch boxing and various other exercises to maintain her curvaceous body posture. Pia Mia workout routine is composed of varied sorts of exercises such as strength workouts, cardio, and core training exercises. She spends an hour and a half practicing her workout sessions without any misses every five days a week. 

All those females who want a body figure like Pia Perez can try her strict workout regime. Here is the Pia Mia workout routine that she follows regularly to maintain her fit & well-carved physique. Start practicing these workouts to stay fit & attain a well-toned body figure.


Pia Mia Workout Routine

Pia Mia Workout Routine


Pia Mia Workout Includes:

Workout Training

Must do a warm-up or stretching session of 10 to 15 minutes before doing the actual workout sessions.


Strength Training


Upper Body workouts 

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

  • Incline Dumbbell presses 
  • Horizontal rowing 
  • Up and over shoulder press 
  • Assisted pull-ups and dips 
  • Lat pulldown
  • Military presses
  • Bear crawl and hang clean



Lower body 

No.of sets – 4 to 5 

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

  • Hip hinging motion 
  • Bulgarian split squats 
  • Plank jacks burpees 
  • Heavy sled push 
  • Mini band kickback
  • Squat glute stretch 
  • Leg bridges 

Wednesday -Stretching exercises

  • Trunk twist 
  • Seated glute stretch 
  • Hip flexor stretch 
  • Standing toe lift 
  • Wing stretch 
  • Butterfly stretch 
  • Piriformis stretch 



Cardio Workouts, High-Intensity Interval Training/HIIT

  • Chest cross arm swing 
  • Side bend stretch right side 
  • Hand walkout 
  • Close grip chest press with crunch 
  • DB over-the-shoulder chops 
  • Lunge to split jumps 
  • Plank to hip dips 
  • Push-ups with shoulder taps



Core workouts

No.of reps – 10 to 12 

No.of sets – 3 to 4

  • Single leg bridge 
  • Side plank with a hip dip 
  • Side-lying hip abduction 
  • T-spine twist 
  • Starfish hold 
  • Punch boxing
  • Med Ball Side Toss 
  • Superman plank 


This is all details we have got about the Pia Mia workout routine that helps upkeep the curvy and fit body shape. The eye-catching body image is maintained by performing rigid workout sessions regularly. If any of you wish to possess a fit & healthy body image like Pia Perez, then practicing a couple of exercises is the vital key to getting a perfect shape.

This is all bout Pia Mia workout routine.

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Pia Mia Diet Plan 

Pia Mia Diet Plan is all about vegan or says a plant-based diet. She completely gets the nutrition and essential minerals from the vegan food items which are healthy & full of proteins, fibers, etc. She drinks plenty of water the entire day to remain hydrated. She keeps herself away from junk food items, alcoholic beverages, and high fats, and sugars to maintain a fit body image. 

Let’s have a quick peek at the fabulous Pia Mia diet plan to infer what she eats in a whole day. 


Pia Mia Diet Plan 

Pia Mia Diet Plan

Is Pia Mia a Vegan?

Yes, Pia Mia is a vegan. 


Pia Mia diet plan includes:


  • Vegan quinoa porridge 
  • Avocado toast with cucumber 
  • Turkish eggs with caramelized onions & tomatoes 



  • Chickpea salads & greens 
  • Vegan paella with artichokes & olives 
  • Ukrainian Borsch 



  • Greek yogurt parfait with frozen berries 
  • Lentil Strawberry Salads 
  • Millet Mushroom Patties 



  • Baked Portobello Mushrooms &
  • Zucchini stuffed with spicy millet  
  • Green Asparagus Celery Soup 

That’s all about the stunning vocalist Pia Mia diet plan that she follows regularly to keep her body figure in shape. She only consumes those food items that are healthy and nutritional. So, if you are the one impressed by her physique then must try to eat only healthy meals & avoid junk meals in your diet.

This is all bout Pia Mia diet plan.

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