Richard Armitage Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 3, 2023
Richard Armitage Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Richard Armitage Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Richard Crispin Armitage, who is an actor and author from England, became well-known in the United Kingdom for his first leading role as John Thornton in the British television series “North & South” (2004).

At 51 years of age, Richard Armitage has wowed his fans with his good looks and well-maintained body. It’s no secret that he has achieved his toned physique through a rigorous fitness routine, which he follows with discipline. By exploring Richard Armitage workout routine and Richard Armitage diet plan, you can gain insight into how he has achieved and maintained his impressive physical form.

Richard Armitage Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Richard Armitage Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Richard Armitage Body Stats 

Height 1.89 m or 6 ft. 2 inches 
Weight 85 Kg
Age 51 years 
Chest 43 inches
Waist  33 inches 
Biceps  14 inches 

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Richard Armitage Workout Routine

Richard Armitage, famous for his roles in “North & South” and various popular films, has gained a massive following of nearly 199K Instagram fans and many others due to his impressive physique and charming personality. To maintain his robust body image, he engages in a range of workouts, which we can explore in-depth by reviewing Richard Armitage workout routine.

It is truly impressive and admirable how Richard Armitage has managed to maintain his youthful appearance and strong physique. This can be credited to his unwavering commitment to intense workouts that are designed to burn calories and build an impressive physique. Richard Armitage workout routine is diverse and encompasses a range of exercises that have proven to be effective in maintaining his physique. He devotes four days a week to his workout sessions, which include strength training, core workouts and cardio exercises, among others. Without fail, he invests one hour each day into his workouts.

Richard Armitage Workout Routine

Richard Armitage Workout Routine

Richard Armitage workout routine includes: 

Cardio workouts: 

Richard values cardio workouts as an essential part of his fitness routine, incorporating activities like swimming, dancing, mountain climbing, and jumping rope. These exercises offer various health benefits, strengthening the heart and lungs and improving overall function.

Incorporating regular cardio exercise, as Richard does in his fitness routine, increases the heart rate, which helps pump more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The physical and mental health benefits of cardio workouts can lead to a happier and healthier life.


Core workouts: 

Richard Armitage stresses the need for strong abs and core strength in maintaining a well-toned physique. He uses various core exercises to improve core stability, including flutters, hip lift, bent leg raise, and scissors, which can help burn fat. Adjusting the number of reps and sets to one’s comfort level is recommended.

Engaging in these core workouts can lead to the development of stronger abs, improve body balance, reduce back pain, enhance agility, and work wonders for the midsection of the body, making them beneficial for men looking to improve their overall fitness.


Strength training: 

As part of his fitness regimen, Richard includes a 25-minute session of stretching exercises that comprises chest and shoulder stretches, deadlifts, reverse crunches, v sit-ups, planks, and military push-ups. In order to improve his flexibility, increase blood circulation, stay active, and prevent injuries, he incorporates strength training and endurance exercises into his workout routine.

Richard has made a conscious decision to prioritize his physical health by incorporating strength workouts into his fitness routine. This proactive approach is indicative of his commitment to maintaining his overall well-being and preventing any potential injuries that could impede his fitness progress.


Jogging & treadmill:

Richard used to include a combination of daily jogging, treadmill exercises for 10-15 minutes, as well as cardio exercises such as brisk walking and running in his fitness routine to maintain his fitness levels and energy. This regimen enabled him to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower his blood pressure, and increase his lung capacity.

By including low-impact treadmill exercises in his workout routine, Richard reaps the numerous benefits that come with it. This type of exercise improves cardiovascular health, helps burn calories, and assists in maintaining overall fitness and body image. 

The above passage provides comprehensive details about Richard Armitage workout routine, which he adheres to shed pounds and increase his calorie burn. His disciplined exercise regimen helped him attain a robust and well-built body. Hence, one can extract a straightforward fitness formula from his workout routine, which entails incorporating a few exercises into one’s daily routine.

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Richard Armitage Diet Plan

Richard Armitage firmly believes that a healthy diet plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining physical fitness. As such, his diet plan is centered around consuming food elements that provide him with the necessary energy, stamina, and essential nutrients. To ensure that he meets his dietary requirements, Armitage primarily relies on fresh and wholesome foods that are rich in dietary protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients. 

Moreover, Armitage stresses the importance of maintaining a well-balanced diet. For him, this means incorporating a variety of foods that provide a balanced combination of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). 

Is Richard Armitage a Vegan? 

No, Richard Armitage is not a vegan. 

Overall, Richard Armitage diet plan is a clear illustration of the vital role played by balanced and nutrient-rich eating habits in achieving ideal physical health and fitness, as evidenced by his well-toned body image.

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