Troian Bellisario Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | May 2, 2023

Troian Bellisario Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Troian Bellisario is all set to move into her Spanish colonial revival Property in California, with her husband Patrick J Adams. The property carries history and has been abode to other power couples in the past. She invited several magazines for a house tour and it was phenomenal. 

The actress has an enviable balance of family life and a happening career, she is a mama and a successful professional. She seems to truly have it all.  Not just a balanced person, Troian is also a complete fitness buff. Even the stress of motherhood could not stop her from taking care of her body and being conscious about her food choices. 

Having graduated from the University of South California in 2010, she quickly got the role of Spencer Hastings in the TV series ‘ Pretty Little Liars’, which ran for seven years. ( 2010-2017). The actress has several other projects to her credit, including the production and writing of the American drama film ‘ Feed ‘. The actress has several feathers on her hat and looks stunning while doing all this. So in this post, we bring you the fitness and Workout Routine of Troian Bellisario that gives her the energy to have it all, while also taking care of herself.

Troian Bellisario Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Troian Bellisario Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Here’s a look at Troian Bellisario’s Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 54 kgs
Age 37 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Waist 24 inches

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Troian Bellisario Workout Routine

As mentioned, the actress follows a very balanced lifestyle with workouts and conscious eating. This shows in the ageless beauty she carries. Unlike many of us, Troian likes to work out and it gives her energy to don a range of different hats while being a mother. She has a lean but strong frame, that exudes youth and longevity.  Here’s a look at the exercises that Troian Bellisario Does-:

Aerial Yoga

The internet is full of Troian’s pictures of working out in silk. And she is quite diligent with that. Her trainer emphasizes more on being strong rather than just looking strong. Her trainer Mark Wildman shared in an interview that they usually try to have two sessions a week where the focus is on full body,  Core intensive training strategies. Aerial Yoga is preferred by many celebrities for its combination of flexibility and strength-building effects. It promotes balance, and stability and improves mood. So, Aerial Yoga can be a great start to your workout routine if you want to gain strength without losing flexibility or bulking up.

Troian Bellisario Workout Routine

Troian Bellisario Workout Routine


The actress is also a Pilates and Yoga enthusiast and likes to mix things up in her workout sessions. For Troian, the workout is nourishment for the body-mind and usually, she likes to take it slow and feel the range of motions her body goes through during workouts and each breath she takes.

Pilates and Yoga are a great fit if you like to work out with mindfulness. It builds core strength and a lean muscular frame.  Both of these don’t require any fancy equipment, so you can add them to your home workouts and be good to go through your day.


Hiking/ Running

The actress also adds exercises that improve endurance like Hiking and Running to her regular schedules. It improves cardiovascular strength and improves mental health. Both of these exercises build muscle tone in core body parts like the legs, waist, and lower belly. Many celebrities go for such sustainable approaches which helps with consistency.  So, you can also go for such exercises that you love- be it anything. Start slow and build on your endurance.


Dance church

Dancing church means that you dance for God, in God’s glory. Troian is not a very religious person but she loves her Church Dance sessions. Dancing has a range of other benefits, besides building endurance and adding skills to your personality. Dancing helps build flexibility, improve cardiovascular strength, and builds stranger bones which reduces the risk of osteoporosis which is common in Women above 30. Dancing is a great way to lose weight postpartum and helps deal with postpartum depression in women. So Dancing is an exercise that you must try to add to your workout routines.


Other Exercises

Other than these, the actress does a range of other exercises, like light kettlebell training, Soul cycling, and functional exercises like Squats and Pull-ups. She has also trained in fighting and sometimes uses combat sports for workout sessions. Altogether the actress likes to mix things up and keeps her workouts interesting and challenging.

That’s all for Troian Bellisario Workout Routine.

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Troian Bellisario Diet Plan

Troian revealed in an interview, she needs to know where her food comes from, and its ethical and environmental effects. She stays away from food that involves violence while sourcing, so she is a Vegetarian. Further, Troian has never been a Junk Food lover, and for almost all her life, she has made healthy food choices, partly because of her eating disorder.

Troian Bellisario Diet Plan

Troian Bellisario Diet Plan

Is Troian Bellisario Vegan?

No, Troian is vegetarian

Eating Disorder

Troian has been a victim of an eating disorder when young, and she used to restrict herself to 300 calories a day due to the Illness. The actress is healthy now, but she still struggles with loving herself on some days.

On a normal day, Troian starts her day with a vegetable smoothie and eats an energy bar as a snack. She loves a good avocado Toast, kinds of pasta, and pizza for her diet on regular days.

That’s all for Troian Bellisario Diet Plan.
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