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By | September 19, 2019

Today we are going to discuss the “ROBERT WHITTAKER DIET PLAN AND WORKOUT ROUTINE”  Before going to discuss Robert Whittaker diet plan and Robert Whittaker workout routine, let me introduce this famous personality to you. Robert Whittaker was born in 1990 on December 20, Currently, he is of 28 years old. His Full name was Robert John Whittaker.

Robert Whittaker Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Robert Whittaker Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Robert john Whittaker is a professional Australian mixed martial fighter, Currently, he is fighting for America’s renowned MMA Promotion in the middleweight class. Robert Whittaker is a middleweight champion and professional since 2009 and also he was ranked in the top 10 UFC rankings of players. Here in this article, we focused on Robert Whittaker workout routine, Robert Whittaker diet plan, Robert Whittaker body measurements, Robert Whittaker height, Robert Whittaker weight, Robert Whittaker age, Robert Whittaker workout videos, Robert Whittaker Instagram photos, Robert Whittaker training routine and, Robert Whittaker weight training.


Robert Whittaker Physical Statistics (Body Measurements):

Height   6 feet 0 inches (183 cm approximately)

Weight   185 lbs (84 kg approximately)

Age 28 years

Stance   73 .5 inches (187 cm approx.) (In combat sports such as boxing, an orthodox stance is one in which the boxer places his left foot farther in front of the right foot and thus taking his weaker section of the body close to the opponent.)

Division Middleweight (2015- until present ) Welterweight (2009 – until present )

Other Names  The Reapers, The Biracial Angel, Bobby Knuckles

Nationality Australian

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Robert Whittaker Workout Routine:

Today we will give you information about “ROBERT WHITTAKER WORKOUT ROUTINE”. Let’s have a look into that. To achieve the flexibleness and strength of a UFC fighter, there may be no days off from workout. Robert Whittaker trains seven days every week during which there are twenty-two sessions.

Robert Whittaker Workout Routine

Robert Whittaker Workout Routine

The hours will vary too as high as five or six hours or one, counting on the coaching intensity. Robert Whittaker’s high-performance coach tells the U.S. that the alternating drill is what keeps Whittaker in fighting type that balances technique, fitness, endurance, strength, and strategy.

Robert Whittaker Workout Routine on Mondays, Wednesday  & Fridays:

  • Boxing x one hour
  • Stretching x one hour
  • Teaching a Jiu-Jitsu category to assist mentally visualize techniques
  • Finish with freestyle wrestling

Robert Whittaker Workout Routine on Tuesday and Thursday:

  • Jiu-Jitsu session
  • Grappling session
  • A session at Live Athletic for physiology and strength learning
  • Finish evening with kickboxing session

Robert Whittaker Workout Routine on Sunday:

Endurance coaching which has touched the dunes for sprints. If we talk about the recovery session of Robert Whittaker but generally Whittaker takes pool time, Spa time and some stretching programs. You will be surprised to know that Robert Whittaker focuses a lot on recovery sessions and rehab programs.

Robert Whittaker Exercise Routine

Robert Whittaker Exercise Routine

 The exercises that are mandatory in a UFC career or if you want to maintain your body like a UFC Champion. These exercises are recommended by Robert Whittaker and his trainer Lang.


In a squat rack, place a free weight across your traps. Push your hips back and lower till your thighs area unit a minimum of parallel to the ground. Pause, then block up. Whittaker can generally do five “build-up” sets before finishing three “work” sets of five reps.


Pistol  Squat

The balance on your right foot, your left leg extended ahead of you. Drop into a deep squat, then defend up to a standing position. Whittaker can generally do four sets of 3-5 reps on every leg.


Nordic Hamstring Curl

Kneel on the ground and anchor your feet beneath a loaded free weight or have a partner pin your feet to the ground. Keeping your body part straight, slowly lower your body as getting ready to the bottom as potential. Whittaker can do four sets of five reps.

Robert Whittaker Training Routine

Robert Whittaker Training Routine

Weighted dips

Grab a combine of parallel dip bars, elbows slightly bent. Keeping your be, lower till your higher arms area unit a minimum of parallel to the bottom. Pause, then oppose up. Whittaker can generally do four sets of five reps with 30kg strapped to his weight belt.


Back Extension

Place your legs on a bench or box and anchor your feet. Lower your higher body as so much as you’ll then raise your body part till your body is straight. Pause, then slowly lower. Whittaker can do four sets of ten reps holding a 20kg plate to his chest.


Hollow rocks

Lie face-up on the ground, your arms extended on top of your head. interact your core and lift your arms and legs thus your body describes a bow form. Keeping your core switched on, rock back and forth. Whittaker can do four sets of one-minute rocks. This is all about Robert Whittaker workout routine.

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Robert Whittaker Diet Plan:

Let’s know about the “ROBERT WHITTAKER DIET PLAN”. The building blocks of accomplishing UFC levels of fitness and physique comes from diet. As per Whittaker admits he’s a big foodie, it’s not super strict however it’s strict middling.

As long as I hit my sessions and coaching while intake ninetieth clean, a bit of cake here or there won’t kill you.” – says Whittaker.

Robert Whittaker Diet Plan

Robert Whittaker Diet Plan

Whittaker says he might take a supermolecule to shake each currently so however usually avoids everything else.

Things you should avoid to get a UFC champion body:-

  • Processed foods
  • Deep deep-fried foods
  • Red meats that aren’t ready during a controlled room
  • Snacking throughout the day of fruits and vegetables. This is all about Robert Whittaker diet plan.

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Robert Whittaker Workout Videos:


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Robert Whittaker Instagram Photos


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Robert Whittaker instagram motivation Photo

Robert Whittaker Instagram motivation Photo


Robert Whittaker instagram body Photo

Robert Whittaker Instagram body Photo


Robert Whittaker instagram stylish Photo

Robert Whittaker Instagram stylish Photo


Robert Whittaker instagram Photo

Robert Whittaker Instagram Photo


Robert Whittaker HD Photo

Robert Whittaker HD Photo


Robert Whittaker training instagram Photo

Robert Whittaker training Instagram Photo


Robert Whittaker Smile instagram Photo

Robert Whittaker Smile Instagram Photo

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