Troye Sivan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 1, 2022
Troye Sivan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Troye Sivan Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Troye Sivan is a well-known singer, actor, and YouTuber featured in the movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spud. Troye has showcased his talent on various platforms and is believed to be the most handsome alive by his fans.

Troye’s stunning look and voice are incomparable. His fans are immensely curious about how he maintains himself in such a great physique. Troyes workout plan is not known by many of his fans. Despite his young age and stress, troye has never stopped caring about his looks and physique, and this mindset has made him what he is today.

Troye Sivan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Troye Sivan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Troye Sivan Body stats

Age                       27yrs
Height   5.8 (5ft 8 inch)
Weight  55-60kgs
Chest   36 inches
Waist   30 inches
Hips          –

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Troye Sivan Workout Routine

Troye Sivan, at such a young age, has accomplished so many things that even many renowned actors and singers aspire to achieve. Troye has played the role of john spud Milton in the movie spud for three consecutive sequels. His acting has created a tremendous impact on the people who love cinema. Troye having a hardworking and pleasant personality has never let down his fans. His fans’ love and punctuality towards him is something we don’t often see on the internet.

Troye Sivan’s lean body and aesthetic figure are so eye-catching that many people cannot resist themselves to look at him. However, troye has maintained himself by doing an unknown workout over the internet. I searched for troye’s workout and was surprised to know that troye performs isolation and different kind of pull exercises.

Troyes workout plan is designed in such a way that it helps him train every part of his body. Troye’s workout plans also include sit-ups and squats that help him maintain his lower body. So, to have a physique like troye, we need to work on isolation exercises, sit-ups, and squats.

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan workout includes

Pushups (Incline, Decline, and flat)

Troye, in a video about his daily life, shares the variations of pushups he does in the gym. He performs incline decline and flat pushups to train his chest muscles (Pec major/minor). Performing various pushups has helped him train his chest in a manner that covers all the muscles of the chest.

If you are wondering about achieving a physique like him, you should add variation pushups to your workout routine. You can try three sets of each variation (Incline, Decline, and flat) with 12 repetitions. This can help you train your chest in variations.


Pull exercises

Troye shares that he likes to perform various pull exercises in the gym. Pull exercises are the key factor in how his body is so lean. Pull exercises help him train his back and give it a V-shaped look. Performing various pull exercises in the gym has helped him maintain his back in a lean position.

If you are wondering how to do the pull exercise, don’t worry; I’ve got your back. You can perform pull exercises with the help of a resistance band. The most common exercise is the lat pull down, which will help you train your lats and give you an aesthetic lean physique.


Core and lower body 

Troye, in a video, said that he was concerned about his lower body because he used to focus more on upper body exercise, which made his upper body a bit bulky compared to the lower. So, he started doing squats to improvise his lower body condition.

Troye also trains his core by doing sit-ups. Well! These exercises are not only perfect for your quads and core, but they also help you improve your stance. To improve your lower body, you should try squats for three sets with 12 repetitions each.

That’s all for the Troye Sivan’s Workout Routine.

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Troye Sivan Diet Plan

While sharing his daily life on the internet, troye talked about the diet that he usually follows. Troyes diet is not much of the talk but is filled with veggies and grains that help him keep himself lean.

Troyes diet usually includes the food his mother cooks for him. he shares the food his mum makes is tasty and helps him maintain his looks. He also shares that he misses the food she cooks when he is out for some shoot. Being of South African origin, his mum cooks various South African dishes filled with veggies.

Troye Sivan Diet Plan

Troye Sivan Diet Plan

Troye Sivan’s Diet includes:

Is Troye Sivan a vegan?

No, Troye Sivan is not a vegan.



Troye has a south African dish called chakalaka with some boiled eggs for breakfast.



Salmon with veggies and mashed potato, veggie wrap with falafel balls, and a bunch of different veggies.



For dinner, troye goes out alone to treat himself to the restaurants, which helps him release some pressure.

That’s all for Troye Sivan’s diet plan.

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