Agustin Bernasconi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 2, 2022
Agustin Bernasconi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Agustin Bernasconi Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Agustín Bernasconi is an actor, songwriter, and singer who has impressed millions with his tremendous looks. Agus has featured in award-winning shows like Soy luna and Aliados. 

However, this is not the only reason why people gaze at him. Agus has created a massive impact through his music. Agus is now renowned worldwide and is always a hot topic on the internet. Many fans have always wondered how he maintains himself with such a toned physique. His stunning looks in his songs have made many Gen Z youngsters have a physique like him.

Agustin Bernasconi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Agustin Bernasconi Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Agustín Bernasconi Body Stats

Age                       26yrs
Height   5.6 (5ft 6 inch)
Weight  75kgs
Chest   42 inches
Waist   32 inches
Hips          –

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Agustín Bernasconi Workout Routine

 His acting is remarkable in the show soy luna, where Agus played the role of Gaston Perida. Many people used to watch the show to catch a glimpse of him. His aspiring physique has always been a talk over the internet people wonder how he maintains himself despite so much work. Agus, from his childhood, was always an active sports person; while entering the world of cinema, he transformed himself by working out in the gym. 

What kind of workout does Agustin Bernasconi do?

 Agus has been doing weight training for years and has never taken a break. He trains his body by performing various weight training exercises like bench press, biceps curl, lat pull-down triceps extension, and many more. While performing various exercises, agus ensures his form is proper and is hitting the muscle adequately.

Despite so much weight training, agus not only does resistance training but also plays various sports like basketball and football. Playing sports helps him increase stamina and burn calories. To know his ultimate workout plan keep reading.

Agustín Bernasconi Workout Routine

Agustín Bernasconi Workout Routine

Agustin Bernasconi’s Workout includes:

Weight Training 

Weight training is said to be the ultimate training hack for muscles. Agustin Bernasconi is addicted to weight training, which has helped him maintain his physique. In one of his videos, he was seen performing these weight training exercises:

Biceps alternative curls: Biceps curls play one of the major roles in enhancing your toned physique. It focuses on the biceps and forearms of your body. This exercise will help your arms look broader, like Agustin Bernasconi. You can do three sets with 12 reps each.


Weighted Triceps Bench dips: This tricep exercise is very important. It focuses on the triceps and helps increase mobility. If you want a physique like Agustin Bernasconi, you should add this exercise to your workout.


ncline dumble press: The incline dumble press focus on the major pec muscle of the chest. This exercise gives your upper chest a quirky curve and improves stability. This exercise can help you develop a chest like Agustin Bernasconi, and you can do this for three sets with 15, 12, and 10 reps each. 


Close Grip lat pulls down: If you are wondering for a thick back like your favorite star, you should go for this exercise. Close grip targets lats and helps increase the thickness and mobility of the back. You can add this exercise to your workout and can perform this exercise for the desired number of reps and sets. Three sets for 12 reps each are recommended for beginners.


Sit and rowing: This exercise trains your mid lats, gives your back a perfect V Cut and makes it dense. Celebrities like Agustin Bernasconi prefers this exercise for their back. It would be best if you went for this exercise. You should try this exercise for four sets with 20, 15, 12, 10, and 8 reps each.


Resistance Training

Agustin Bernasconi is fond of different kinds of exercises. So he has also tried resistance training. This kind of training is done by using a resistance band. A resistance band is usually for stretching but can also train various muscles.

The most common exercise you can try using a resistance band is resistance overhead shoulder press, which can help your delts grow and give them a roundness like Agustin Bernasconi.

Resistance training is said to be effective and helpful. You can try doing this for 10-15 mins daily. However, Resistance training is effective only if your form is proper.



Cardio is very necessary to maintain a muscular body like Agustin Bernasconi. Sometimes, a Regular diet gets overflowed with calories that can increase the weight and affect muscle loss, that’s why many celebrities do cardio, and so even Agustin does cardio that helps him maintain his body. Agus is a very sporty person and plays a lot of sports, and this has helped him improve his cardiovascular system. 

That’s all for the Agustín Bernasconi Workout Routine

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Agustín Bernasconi Diet Plan

Being a super Busy celebrity, Agustín’s diet is a bit messed up. Diet plays a vital role in maintaining a physique, but sometimes it becomes hard to maintain. So, to get a rough idea of what Agustin eats daily, keep reading.

Agustín Bernasconi Diet Plan

Agustín Bernasconi Diet Plan

Agustín Bernascon’s Diet includes:

Is Agustín Bernasconi a Vegan?

No, Agustín Bernasconi is not a vegan.



For breakfast, Agus usually have Bread with boiled eggs accompanied by orange juice.



Agustin usually eats in restaurants because of meetings and work.



Agustin likes to have Non-veg dishes for his Dinner.

That’s all for Agustin Bernasconi’s Diet Plan.

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