Antonio Brown Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 7, 2022

Today we are going to reveal a famous American footballer Antonio Brown Diet Plan and Workout Routine, who has an amazing built-in muscular body. Let me introduce you guys to Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown was born on 10 July 1988, in Miami Florida. His journey is what we called a truly inspirational story. He didn’t like his stepfather and eventually, got kicked out of the house and slept many nights on a friend’s houses and even on roads.

Antonio Brown Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Antonio Brown Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Later, he earned a scholarship to Florida Miami university but he was expelled from there. Fortunately, he got a call from Michigan university.

In this article, we only focus on Antonio Brown diet plan, Antonio Brown workout routine, Antonio Brown age, Antonio Brown height, Antonio Brown body measurements and, Antonio Brown fitness regime.


Antonio Brown Physical Stats

  • Height: 178 cm or 1.78 m
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Chest: 46 inches (117 centimeters appx.)
  • Arms: 16 inches (41 cm )
  • Waist: 35 inches or 89 cm appx.
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Net Worth of Antonio Brown: 30 million dollars.

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Antonio Brown Workout Routine

Now let’s talk about Antonio Brown workout routine. Antonio is a footballer player so he needs strong legs and that’s why he focuses mainly on lower body parts. Three-time professional Bowler Antonio Brown encompasses a nice exercise. It’s designed to meet the biggest need for football players.

“How to induce quickness on the athletic field?.” Antonio Brown’s trainer says the key to getting quickness is outlay time within the weight area. Together, they mainly work on lower body strength as I told you earlier.

Antonio Brown Workout Routine

Antonio Brown Workout Routine

To gaining lower body strength, the main focus is nearly invariably on the hamstrings and glutes.

As a result, Antonio Brown is currently the city Steelers single-season record holder in receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns and general-purpose yards.

So, finally, here are 3 exercises that Antonio love to do and highly recommend:-

Antonio Brown workout routine includes,

  • Barbell lunges for Strength gaining
  • Box-Squat for power building
  • Lateral Step-up for explosive strength

If you don’t know how to perform these exercises, here is a full explanation for that

Lateral Step-up

The Lateral increase Jump helps Antonio Brown along with his explosiveness. This exercise helps a large receiver once getting off the road of scrimmage, creating his breaks and jumping to catch the ball. Brown says it doesn’t matter however speedy you’re if you can’t explode quickly.

Brown’s trainer says to begin by golf shot one foot on the platform, and exploding upwards. Drive initial through your heel, however, push off your toe, whereas jumping laterally. Land on the alternative foot, and certify to weigh down, therefore you’ll specialize in exploding into consequent rep.


  • Stand on a low box or bench. Hold a dumbbell in each of your hand at arm’s length, hanging by your sides.
  • Place one foot into  the box or step, while your other foot should  remain on the floor


  • Put your heel on the box and try to push yourself upward until your leg becomes completely extended.


  • Then, return to the starting position
  • Do 3 reps of 10 repetitions each.


Box- Squat

The Box Squat is used to develop the correct body posture. This body posture consists of the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. This helps great athlete Antonio Brown gain the facility and strength he wants for fast bursts of speed.

Antonio Brown Exercise Routine

Antonio Brown Exercise Routine


  • Start by lifting the barbell to your shoulders


  • Stand straight with the support behind you.


  • Lower into a squat position until and unless you feel like seat.
  • And then explode up.
  • Do 3 reps of 10 repetitions each.


Barbell- lunges

Antonio Brown talks about Walking Lunges with weight to strengthen his core and lower body. This exercise conjointly helps to extend the Wide Receiver’s hip and hamstring flexibility.

Don’t stop being fluid throughout the exercise. Doing Walking Lunges permits you to isolate every leg on an individual basis.

Hamstring isolation is very important for a large Receiver. in a very NFL game, Brow typically must break off the strength of only 1 leg.


  • Place the barbell on your shoulders


  • Step up forward and go into the lunge position


  • Step up forward with the opposite leg and go into another lunge
  • Do 3 reps of 10 repetitions each.
Antonio Brown Back Workout

Antonio Brown Back Workout

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Antonio Brown Diet Plan

Well it, unfortunately, seems that everyone could not afford the diet plan of Antonio Brown. As his chef was also an NFL star known as Nicholas Hasapogolu and the total cost of eating for one day of Antonio Brown is around 1000 dollars.

Antonio Brown Diet Plan for Back

Antonio Brown Diet Plan for Back

Chef Niko is answerable for getting ready a giant breakfast for Antonio that begins with six poached eggs. He eats two whole eggs and from others only white eggs.

Other than eggs, Brown likes to own bovid meat. He claims it’s a wonderful supply of macromolecule.

In the end, he loves to eat steel-cut oatmeal for dietary fiber.

Antonio Brown’s Chef Niko says that every one of his workdays lasts no but twelve hours, however aside from creating 3 daily snacks, a lunch, and dinner for Antonio, and delivers his lunch to practices or the gymnasium, and he conjointly prepares food for the whole Brown family.

More about Antonio Brown diet plan, to be good NFL player extremely every one of your days must be full of wealthy meals which can permit you to use your potential maximally – well unless you’re Julio Jones UN agency is managing to neglect most of those rules for the no once.

However, you must permit yourself associate degree occasional cheat here and there – as Von Miller will – however use it as a psychological feature treat to assist you to keep persistent and disciplined.

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Antonio Brown Workout Video


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