Danna Paola Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 7, 2022

Danna Paola Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Danna Paola is a Mexican actress, singer, and model, you all may have seen her albums like Mi Globo Azul, Danna Paola, and etc. Also, she has been on the cover of Vogue and other magazines.

She also represents Nike’s so yeah that itself says how fit she is. So I’m pretty sure that you want to know as well, what exactly the Danna Paola workout looks like and what food does a Danna Paola diet contain. So don’t worry I got you covered I will tell all about her workout routine and diet plan.

Danna Paola Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Danna Paola Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Danna Paola Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 3 Inch
Weight 50 Kg
Age 24 Years
Breast 32 Inch
Waist 24 Inch
Hips 35 Inch

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Danna Paola Workout Routine

When I went to search her workout routine I couldn’t find out much on the internet so I dug deep in some of her accounts and all other things and found out a few of the things that she likes to do. One of the basic things that she enjoys is her passion for dancing, she also loves doing yoga at her home and enjoys cardio and some weight training at the gym as well.

Danna Paola Workout Routine

Danna Paola Workout Routine

Danna Paola Exercise Routine includes-

Danna Paola Weight Training

Danna Paola works out 3 days a week in the gym where she does a mixture of upper-body, Lower-body, and core strength workout. So in the lower-body upper-body workout, she will be doing exercises like curls, bench press, lat pulldowns, Tricep pushdown, one-arm Dumbbell rows, shoulder shrugs, lateral raises, etc.

Danna Paola Workout for lower-body, she likes to do a lot of hips and legs exercises. So she will do a lot of squats, lunges, step-up lunges, leg extension, leg curls, glutes kickbacks, hip extension, hip thrusts, bridge kick.

Now for her core part, it contains exercises like crunches, crosses crunches, Russian twist, toe-touch raises, planks, side planks, deadlifts, hyperextension, etc.


Yoga  Exercise

Danna Paola also loves doing yoga as well at her home, she performs a full-body yoga workout where all the muscles are targeted. This is one of the reasons why she looks so lean and toned.

She does yoga 3 to 4 times a week and it goes anywhere from an hour to 2. 



We also found out that Danna Paola loves doing cardio especially treadmill and biking. It’s one of the things that she can do for an hour and feel good after doing that.

That’s all we can find out in Danna Paola workout routine, so if you want you can also start training like this and get a shape like Danna Paola.

Danna Paola Fitness

Danna Paola Fitness

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Danna Paola Diet Plan

The diet plan of Danna Paola consists of light meals with lots of veggies and fruits. She also loves to drink a lot of water throughout the day, as it helps to detox the body and also keeps her hydrated.

Danna Paola Diet Plan

Danna Paola Diet Plan

Danna Paola Diet Includes –

Danna Paola Breakfast Meal

  • Oats pancake
  • Eggs
  • Toast
  • Juice



  • Cold Juice
  • Almond


Danna Paola Lunch Meal

  • Chicken breast
  • Rice just a little
  • Veggies


Danna Paola Dinner Meal

  • Salad
  • Veggies
  • Chicken breast or fish

This is all about Danna Paola diet plan.

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