Han So Hee Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2023

Han So Hee Weight Loss: Han So Hee is a Korean Actress who is rising to great fame for her work and looks. She doesn’t really fit into the stereotype of fragile Korean women and takes up strong and bold characters, which she gives her cent percent effort to. It’s precisely for this reason that she has received a certain amount of critical acclaim at such a young age, while other actors keep struggling for years.

She is greatly known for her beautiful physical features and especially caught attention through her work in World of the Married where she lost considerable weight.

So in this post, we will look into her workouts that made the weight loss possible. In her recent social media updates too, she seems to have visibly lost a lot of weight. 

Han So Hee Weight Loss

Han So Hee Weight Loss

Here’s a look at Han So Hee Body Stats-

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 48 kgs
Age 28 kgs
Waist 28 inches
Shoulders  30 inches

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Han So Hee Weight Loss Workouts

Han So Hee is pretty flexible with her weight and keeps losing and gaining weight according to the requirements of her role. As mentioned already, she had lost about two kilos for 

World of the Married, and then again gained some weight for the next project called My Name.

In recent pictures, she has an even leaner frame. Her Exercises for weight loss are usually the ones she does for her overall health and is rather modified in her diet plan itself.


Running on a treadmill or otherwise forms a regular part of Han’s workout routine for weight loss. Though one can safely say that running as such is not the most effective in long-term fat loss, it burns a load of calories and builds lower body muscles that improve metabolism and burn calories. So, you can also resort to Runs and Sprints for weight loss and weight management, which is also good for your cardiovascular health.

Han So Hee Weight Loss Workouts

Han So Hee Weight Loss Workouts


Yoga is considered an exercise regime, but it’s a lifestyle shift that calls you to live in harmony with your natural cycles. Yogic postures are no doubt helpful in getting a fitter physique and working on a group of muscles at a time, yet its weight loss benefits can only be seen in the long term when it’s followed by a good amount of lifestyle changes. So, Han actually took good care of her diet and other aspects of her lifestyle that worked in her ultimate weight loss.



Cycling in the cold and serene atmospheres of mornings was a regular part of Han So Hee weight loss workout. Her cycling and other exercise sessions are followed by an elaborate rest and recovery procedure that works on building Muscles which in turn increases calorie-burning capacity at the rest of the body.

And this helps in long-term weight loss and fat management.



Han So Hee dedicates a chunk of her time to Pilates classes for weight loss. Her workout schedules shift between different types of exercises as mentioned above and she likes to change her workout patterns to be on the healthier side of weight loss which is fat loss.

She also trained in Martial Arts for her project My Name; where she performed her stunts by herself and it gave her a good edge in gaining muscle mass and losing fat percentage. 


Weight Training 

According to a renowned dietician and holistic life coach Luke Coutinho, a person must focus on fat loss, and work on replacing the lost fat mass with muscle mass. This can be achieved by building muscles through weight training and its various forms. Toning of muscles through the above exercises, or by using dumbbells or kettlebell training, or through simple bodyweight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, bicep curls, sit-ups, crunches, and a range of other exercises builds muscular mass that is the base to healthy weight loss.

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Han So Hee Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Han So Hee, collaborated with her dietician to lose weight for her role in the movie. Her workouts were intense but it was the diet that actually provided the required results. She revealed to a media outlet that she used to survive on chicken breasts and Vegetables for all three meals of the day. 

Which was essentially a protein-based diet with some hint of carbs from time to time.

Han So Hee Weight Loss Diet Plan 

Han So Hee Weight Loss Diet Plan

Good Sleep

Good Sleep is also an important part of Han So Hee weight loss procedure. This is pivotal to the rest and recovery process. Her rest and recovery process includes a good massage targeting nodes every day after the workout session. To sum up Exercise,  Food Intake, Stress Rest and Recovery form the basis of a healthy weight loss schedule. 

Han also emphasizes that good posture is also important for overall weight loss.


Chewing the Food

The actress pays good attention to the time food is present in her buccal cavity. This means that she chews every bite of food almost 50 times. This is a good tactic for long-term weight management, as it gives better digestion and works your jaw muscles, and amply works with portion control. So, you feel satiated in a less amount of food.

That’s all for the Han So Hee Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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