Ice Spice Weight Loss

By | October 5, 2023

Ice Spice Weight Loss: Ice Spice is quickly climbing up the charge as the future of the music industry. Born Isis Naija Gaston, and having lived all her life in New York City, the woman knows all the tricks of the game. At the age of just 23 years, she is already topping the charts. Times Magazine dubbed Ice Spice as the ‘Rising Star’.  The star American Rapper jumped to fame with the world-over hit ‘ Munch ‘ and then her duet with Lil Tjay ‘ Gangsta Boo’ and ‘ Boy’s a Liar ‘ too, were huge successes. 

Ice Spice looks gorgeous too, with all her curves and toned body, the woman is desirable to many. In her recent appearance at the Met Gala, Ice Spice surprised her fans by revealing her angelic avatar in a white Balmain dress. Many people noticed that Ice Spice seemed slimmer in this event and are curious about what the process is behind her recent weight loss and how to emulate it.

If you are one of them, this is the right place for you. In this post, I am Yogesh Suryawanshi, going to tell you about Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine and Ice Spice Weight Loss Diet Plan to give our readers a peek into her relationship with her body, which gives her fine tone, and energy, and strength.

Ice Spice Weight Loss

Ice Spice Weight Loss

Here’s a look at Ice Spice Body Stats-:

Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 58 Kgs
Age 23 Years
Waist 26 inches
Shoulders 33 inches

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Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine

Ice Spice carries a very toned physique. With her workout sessions being consistent, Ice Spice maintains a conscious choice with her body. She is not one of those fitness freaks, nor does she like to be too negligent with her food choices. She knows how to maintain balance and follows a good fitness schedule even when she is not trying to lose weight. That’s why she can get the results much faster. She works out for at least an hour 5 days a week and that’s been a consistent routine for her.

Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine Includes-

High-Intensity Interval Training

For her latest workout, Ice Spice has been trying to lose weight fast. So for rapid results, she got into High Intensity Interval Training and was very consistent with it. Since Ice Spice has a very hectic job, she tries to get the most benefits in a short time. Most of her High-Intensity Interval Training sessions included lots of Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbers, Burpees, High Knees, and plankjacks. It’s known to increase oxygen consumption, build muscles, and increase metabolic rate, burning loads of fats and carbs. So, HIIT has been a key part of the Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine.



Ice Spice is a Star rapper. She loves music. So, how can dancing not be a part of her workout session? For Cardio workouts, Ice Spice does lots of Walking, Jogging, and Dancing. All her stage performances require Ice Spice to maintain a high energy level for longer periods. She practices this by regularly challenging herself through walking, Jogging, and Dancing. 

Dancing is one of her favorite activities. A 30-minute dance schedule per day has tremendous health benefits for the body and mind alike. Building Muscles, Endurance, and releasing happy hormones is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the huge benefits of dancing. 

Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine

Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine

Gym Workouts

Ice Spice also worked out regularly at conventional gyms. She combined the slimming effects of HIIT with bulking effects of weight training. This gave her lots of strength and conditioning and also helped in maintaining her curves. Her Gym Workouts included a mix of weighted Jumping jacks, Kick and Jump Lunges, Plyo jackets, DeadLifts, Jumping Toe Strikes, Hip Thrusts, Glute Bridges, and Planks. 


Other Exercises

Ice Spice also did many holistic exercises like Cycling, Pilates, and Yoga during this time. This gave her body a calming effect and also improved digestion, which is the core of weight loss. Thus, the Star rapper followed a holistic routine that led her to such phenomenal results, within a short time. Further, the singer also did lots of stretching while on rest to recover well.

That is all for the Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Ice Spice Diet Plan

As mentioned, Ice Spice is quite an evolved woman when it comes to her food choices. She likes to keep it simple and nourishing. This means all processed food and sugary items and other high-cholesterol foods are consumed in a very limited amount. In fact, there was not much difference in her food choices at the time of weight loss. Also, the star singer lost her baby fat, which seems to have a role to play in her recent transformation.  


Portion Control

Ice Spice is always about not excessively restricting yourself. So the rapper has enough cheat meals and she enjoys every one of her favorites, once in a while. She just follows portion control with that. This gives her the ability to be consistent and loyal to her diet plan commitments in the long run and helps her maintain discipline.


Approach to Diet

The ‘ Munch’ star is quite sorted with her food choices. She eats a protein-heavy diet and tops it up with high-quality carbs. She carries highly toned Abs and Legs and this requires a high consumption of good-quality protein. So, Ice Spice eats lots of Lean Beef, Turkey, Tofu, and Salmon. She also eats loads of steamed veggies, fruits, Walnuts, and Almonds. For snacks, Ice Spice goes for Greek Yogurt, Popcorn and berries, and Honey and Dark chocolate. Her supplements include protein powder and collagen.

Is Ice Spice Vegan?

No, Ice Spice is not Vegan.

That is all for Ice Spice Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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