ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 24, 2021
ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine: ITZY Ryujin is a rapper and singer known for being the lead dancer and rapper of the Kpop group ITZY. Quite a talented member of the group, Ryujin has to keep up with a lot of things.

Many fans admire Ryujin for her looks, and even for her body physique, Ryujin has maintained so well. If you also love that about Ryujin and want a body like her, I will tell you about the ITZY Ryujin workout and the ITZY Ryujin diet plan.

ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan and Workout Routine

ITZY Ryujin Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 48 kg
Age 19 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 24 inch
Hips 34 inch

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ITZY Ryujin Workout Routine

Ryujin is a pretty beautiful and friendly person that has given all her everything. However, when it comes to staying lean and keeping herself fit, Ryujin takes it quite seriously. Unlike most artists, she thinks being fit is her job, and she takes it very seriously.

You can read it in this article of Koreaboo, where they have covered the whole interview. Ryujin said that being fit is not what we have to be; they stay lean to make their choreography better and get similar costumes. Ryujin stated while idols need to be aesthetics, it’s not the main reason why Ryujin and other members stay fit.

Everything they do is to make their performance better and make it more eye-catching. Ryujin is also the lead dancer, so there is no doubt that she takes care of performances more than anyone else. Now coming back to the Ryujin workout, I tried searching about her routine, but there was not much I could find.

I think Ryujin only does a dance routine and practices dancing for hours every day. As she is the lead dancer, her skills are also quite excellent, and all of that dance practice helps her stay lean and burn many calories. On average, Ryujin must be doing two hours or more training and burning at least 800 to 1k calories.

Other than that, Ryujin must be doing some stretching and bodyweight exercises like other members. However, yeah, I can’t tell that for sure as there is no proof of the bodyweight exercises.

Now, let’s make a routine consisting of these exercises and some other workouts to help you get in shape like Ryujin. We will do a total of five days of training and activity, two hours to three hours. So let’s get into the routine:

ITZY Ryujin diet includes:

ITZY Ryujin Workout Routine

ITZY Ryujin Workout Routine

Morning Routine

We will do a workout like yoga or pilates to give us a flexible and lean body figure in the morning routine. You can choose the workout you want to do or do both alternatively for one hour a day. Both of these workouts are adapted by many Kpop singers so that you can strive for a kpop body with these.


Evening Routine

In the evening routine, I will recommend doing an hour of dance practice to burn many calories. If you are used to dancing, then increase the course to two hours a day for better results. Also, make sure that you do stretching before the dance practice to avoid any possible injuries.

That’s all for the ITZY Ryujin workout routine.

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ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan

Ryujin likes to stay fit, and that’s why her diet is relatively healthy and contains primarily clean food. According to the Koreaboo, she doesn’t eat breakfast and skips it. The Ryujin diet includes drinking lots of water, and she enjoys having vegetables more than anything else. Now let’s see the diet plan:

ITZY Ryujin diet includes:

ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan

ITZY Ryujin Diet Plan


  • Glass water



  • Fried veggies with oyster sauce



  • Jellies or candies



  • Salad, but if she wants something else, she goes and has that food.

That’s all for the ITZY Ryujin diet plan.

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