Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | April 7, 2023

Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The latest Netflix series ‘ The Night Agent’ climbed to Netflix no.1 last week and the Action Thriller series truly deserves the hype. Led by Lucaine Buchanan and Gabriel Basso, the series is truly a great watch, with its engaging cinematography and interesting gradual evolution of characters. Based on a novel by Matthew Quirk and created by Shawn Ryan, the series hit the floors in late March 2023 and has already been renewed for a second season.

With the amount of hype for this series, people are also curious about the real lives of Peter and Rose i.e Gabriel and Luciane. And both of them look absolutely stunning in their roles and have truly put forward their best work. Gabriel has been a Martial Artist and a Boxer, but Luciane seems to have put in special work for the preparation of her role. So, in this post, we will answer your queries about Luciane Workout and Diet Routine, and offsets. 

Being initially from New Zealand, the actress is a fresh face in the pop culture of Hollywood and seems to have a promising career ahead. If you want to know more about the Actress, keep scrolling.


Lucaine Buchanan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Luciane Buchanan Body Stats

Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 55 kgs 
Age 30 years
Shoulders 32 inches
Waist 24 inches

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Luciane Buchanan Workout Routine

Buchanan has been in showbiz for some time now. After graduating from the University of Auckland, the actress has taken up some quite appreciable strides in terms of critical acclaim as an actor. Her works like ‘Filthy Rich’, ‘ Billy’ and ‘ Stray’ are some of those kinds of works.

But the actress tasted commercial success with the role of Tripitaka in Season 3 of ‘The New Legend of Monkey’. But the Actress has been extremely fit throughout her career and carries a toned lean body that exudes strength and grace simultaneously.

Luciane Buchanan Workout Routine includes:



Being from New Zealand, the actress has been close to the seas. Her Instagram feed is proof of this. Every fifth photo is that of Luciane being a complete water baby. The actress likes to spend time on the beach, sea bathing and swimming and even surfing.

Swimming is up very common among actresses as it works on the lower body, where women tend to store fats. Additionally, it brings flexibility and strength. So, a swimming session of just 30 minutes, thrice a week can be life-changing in your fitness journey.

Being a low-impact exercise, it also has relaxing effects on your body.


Lucaine Buchanan Workout Routine

Luciane Buchanan Workout Routine



The Actress’s feed is replete with her pictures from vacations or otherwise, where she is enjoying a walk in nature. The actress is enthusiastic about being close to nature and stays literally grounded by walking towards the meadows and on vacations now and then. Most of her holiday destinations are explored on foot and she is definitely reaping its benefits, I mean look at those well-toned legs. 

So, Walking is an extremely useful exercise for people who complain of lack of time, or exhaustion throughout the day after Workouts. 

Walking is also a low-impact exercise but benefits blood pressure problems and heart problems.

Hiking is also one of the activities Luciane enjoys. Here are some pictures from her hikes.


Adventure Sports

Gabriel revealed that both of them went to great heights for the role; for real. Both of them did Bungee Jumping to build a good bond which was crucial for the movie. Gabriel posted some pictures on her Instagram and called it a great experience. Adventure sports burn a lot of calories and build mental strength. By pushing you to the edges of your physical health, it extends them.

So, if you enjoy Adventure sports or Extreme Sports, frequent sessions of it can be very beneficial for your physical health even more than a Gym, because it works all of your muscles at the same time.



The actress also shared a picture of herself in Padmasana which is one of the most essential meditation poses in Yogic Literature. So it seems, Luciane is involved in Yoga too. Yoga has been rapidly gaining its hold in the western fitness industry and rightly so. Yoga combines every aspect of your living- soul, body, and mind. This gives you long-term health and clarity which ultimately leads to a better standard of living for most humans.

So, a Yoga session thrice every week is one of the most efficient investments in your health.

The Actress bicycles too, and many times takes up a bike to explore her vacation destinations.

That’s all for Luciane Buchanan Workout Routine

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Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan

Luciane Buchanan’s social media is full of happy pictures from her time with friends and family. It seems the actress really enjoys good food in good company. So, Lucaine shares a lot of her food pictures from her time with her friends.



Many of Luciane‘s pictures witness her with a drink, either coke, water, or juices. The actress keeps a good track of hydration levels throughout the day. Hydration is one of the most essential habits for long-term health.

So, you must consider keeping a good tab on your water intake throughout the day.


Lucaine Buchanan Diet Plan

Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan


Is Luciane Buchanan vegan?

No, Luciane Buchanan is not vegan


Some of Luciane’s favorite foods include cheese pizzas, pasta, Spaghetti, Fish, Vegetables, Chickpeas, Spinach Salads, and Dumplings. 

But one of her favorite indulgences is a good quality wine. 


That’s all for Luciane Buchanan Diet Plan.

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