Luke Newton Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 24, 2022

Luke Newton Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Luke Newton is an actor known for his movies and TV shows like Bridgerton, The Lodge, The Cut, Lake Placid: Legacy, etc.

Luke Newton is quite a well-known actor in his field. However, besides acting, Luke Newton is also famous for his looks and body physique. So if you also want to know more about how he keeps himself fit, keep reading. Keep reading as I will discuss the Luke Newton workout routine and the Luke Newton diet plan.

Luke Newton Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Luke Newton Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Luke Newton Body Stats

Height 6 ft
Weight 70-75 kg
Age 29 years
Chest 42-43 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 14 inch

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Luke Newton Workout Routine

Luke Newton is an actor who became known worldwide after his series Bridgeton. Many fans love the way he acted in that series, and I’m sure there will be more movies and series he can do that will make fans more exciting. However, fans also like how Luke Newton looked beside his movies and roles. Luke Newton has a beautiful physique and lean figure, which makes you wonder how he stayed fit throughout these years? If you also want to know more about Luke Newton, keep reading.

After searching about Luke Newton, I was able to get information about how he approaches fitness. While there was no information in any article and interviews, I had to go and check Luke Newton’s Instagram profile. I saw that Luke Newton has always stayed active doing indoor climbing for years, as you see here. However, Luke Newton also likes to go on for a swim and get a good workout through running, biking, etc. So it’s a mixture of different activities, and I haven’t seen any post about his gym workout yet. So I can’t say that Luke Newton is a gym-type person.

He would more likely go on for a run than a workout in the gym, and workouts like biking, climbing, swimming, etc., do help you develop an incredible physique. So now, if you want to get a physique like Luke Newton, you would need to fill your days with more natural workouts. I would suggest doing certain activities every day and filling up your day with at least one-two hour of activity. It can be playing sports, swimming, running, etc. As long as you are moving your body, it will be good.

However, I recommend a routine where you can get faster results by incorporating HIIT methods. For example, make a certain HIIT running and swimming routine to help you get faster and better results. If you don’t know which routine to follow, then you can follow this routine below. It will help you get an overall workout and help you stay fit and relaxed.

Luke Newton’s workout includes

Luke Newton Workout Routine

Luke Newton Workout Routine

Monday, Thursday, Saturday.

Three days of the week, we will be focusing more on cardio workouts. I would say workouts like running and swimming would be great. You can do an hour of running and then go for a swim for an hour, where you can do a 2-3 minute lap with a 30-40 seconds break in between every lap. However, don’t forget to get stretching before and after the workout to avoid any muscle stiffness and injuries.


Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday

Here, it would be best to focus on sports and other activities that will help you get much more muscle workouts—such as climbing, biking, rope climb, soccer, etc. These workouts will help you train muscles while also getting better cardiovascular muscles. Especially climbing will help you gain much upper body strength and use your core, shoulder, and arms. Likewise, biking will help you get a great core and thighs.

That’s all for the Luke Newton workout routine.

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Luke Newton Diet Plan

I haven’t found much of a diet plan for Luke Newton. Unfortunately, there was no interview or videos I could follow on what he eats during the day. Still, looking at how to approach his fitness and lifestyle, I would say Luke Newton also enjoys food and keeps it in moderation by mixing up healthy food and treats. I would suggest an 80/20 diet plan, focusing on eating primarily healthy and allowing treats once in a while. So, what foods should you eat? Well, see the diet below for a healthy day.

Luke Newton’s diet includes:

Luke Newton Diet Plan

Luke Newton Diet Plan

Is Luke Newton a Vegan?

No, Luke Newton is not a vegan.


  • Eggs scrambled
  • Avocado toast


  • Protein shake


  • Chicken breast
  • Rice
  • Veggies


  • Cod with veggies
  • Salad

That’s all for the Luke Newton diet plan.

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