Melisa Döngel Weight Loss

By | July 5, 2023

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss: Melisa Döngel has been in the limelight beyond the Turkish movie industry for quite some time now. With her acting talent, unique personality, and beautiful features, the young girl has already made her mark in the world of showbiz. Best known for the Turkish drama series Bezim Hikaye, Get Even and You Knock on My Door.

The actress is quite young and seems to have a promising career ahead with an already soaring following across all social media platforms. Melisa’s mother is Russian and she carries Russian citizenship and great Russian genes, which makes her look charming on screen. She seems to be looking to expand overseas and across industries with several big brand collaborations and partnerships and the move is bearing fruit. 

Melisa is getting lots of attention from different media industries. Apart from her acting talent, Melisa is also known for her aesthetics, which exude a classic vibe. Recently she seems to have lost weight, which has been a point of discussion on social media. And we think she looks stunning.

So in this post, we will try to break down Melisa’s secrets behind weight loss and how you can replicate the same in your busy lifestyle.


Melisa Döngel Weight Loss

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss

Melisa Döngel Body Stats

Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight  50 kgs
Age 23 years
Waist  24 inches
Shoulders 30 inches

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Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Melisa Döngel has recently lost a lot of kilos. People are really curious about her weight loss. With her millions of followers, she gets noticed for every slight change in her appearance.

So her weight loss journey too can’t be ignored. She appears leaner and more toned in her frame now. But her weight loss journey is not about fad diets and crazy gym routines. She likes to keep things simple and healthy. Here’s a list of all the exercises she did for weight loss. 


The actress is a great dancer too. Her moves seem to all land in sync and look beautiful. Melisa used her love for dance to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. She resorted to regular dance sessions to ensure that she maintained consistency in her weight loss journey around exercise. So, dancing formed a larger part of Melisa’s workout routine to lose weight. 

Dancing can help you lose and manage weight in the long term. Being an exercise where you can enjoy yourself, it’s easier to maintain consistency and discipline with dance routines.  So, Dancing can be your way of losing weight, just like Melisa.


Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine


The actress is also an avid swimmer. She regularly posts her pictures on social media sites from the holiday season. Swimming is a great exercise for boosting metabolism and firming up your body by building muscles.  It improves flexibility and strengthens core muscles. Further, it’s a relaxing form of exercise which allows you to soothe your body and mind. 

Swimming burns loads of calories, increases your heart rate, and improves metabolism, helping with weight management in the long term.



Yoga works on your emotional healing along with physical healing. This helps reduce emotional eating which promotes weight loss.  Yoga is known to improve metabolism, burn bad cholesterol, and improve the health of your vital organs. It’s also great for digestion and posture, both of which are essential for weight loss.


Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine


Melisa is an active traveler. She loves to go on hikes and trekking during her vacations, and these seem to be the secret behind Melisa’s toned physique and recent weight loss. Hiking, Trekking and even walking in general are closely linked with healthy body weight and burn a lot of calories. All these exercises are essentially weight-bearing exercises that work on building lean muscles in the lower body and improving your heart health. So hiking can be a great way for you to lose weight if you like to get rid of the stubborn lower body fat layer.

That’s all for Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Diet Plan

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss diet plan is also simple but effective. Recently she was interviewed by one of the Turkish Media industries and revealed that she follows a diet routine that ensures she doesn’t consume many calories after sunset, especially after her dinner.

She starts her day with a glass of warm water and Hawthorn vinegar, instead of the famous apple cider vinegar. She explained her preference by iterating that hawthorn vinegar does not upset the stomach, unlike Apple Cider Vinegar.

You can watch the interview here, don’t forget to turn on auto-generated captions.

The actress believes that you cannot gain weight in your 20s if you do not eat anything after dinner.


Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Diet Plan

Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Diet Plan


The actress laid special focus on the importance of hydration. She takes special care of her water levels and tries to regularly replenish her essential electrolytes throughout the day. She prefers to do so through fruit juices and smoothies rather than by drinking plain water.

Balanced Diet

The actress is not a freak when it comes to dieting. She keeps balance, by occasionally allowing herself a meal or two of French fries, burgers, and Pizzas. It seems she loves the classic pizzas. Further, the actress likes mashed potato sandwiches, croissants, cupcakes, pasta, spiced oatmeals, and a wide range of seasonal fruits. 

Is Melisa Döngel Vegan?

No, Melisa Döngel is not vegan.

That’s all for the Melisa Döngel Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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