Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | July 12, 2019

Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hello, We are going to discuss Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Before going to discuss workout routine of Michelle Lewin and diet plan of Michelle Lewin, Let’s know about her. Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness model and social media Influencer. She was of 32 years old And married to Jimmy Lewin in 2010. She has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches (1.64 m).


Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Michelle Lewin Workout Routine and Diet Plan.


Michelle Lewin has a very inspiring story from rags to riches. She has around 14 million followers on Instagram and even has his fitness brand with an estimated net worth of 3 million.

Michelle grew up in a low-income family and thus, was very weak in her teenage. She was unhealthy, underweight until seventeen when she started to take care of her body year later she found a mentor Who could not only correct her mistakes but also impact her life in other ways.

Michelle face soon attracted a photographer who helps her to take the first steps in her fruitful carer, and from that point, her life changed upside down. Here in this article Michelle Lewin workout routine, Michelle Lewin diet plan, Michelle Lewin fitness regime, Michelle Lewin gym routine, Michelle Lewin fitness tips are explained in detail.


Workout Routine of Michelle Lewin

Now let’s start with Michelle Lewin workout routine. A prevalent phrase fits perfectly in Michelle life that “ Rome wasn’t built in a day” similarly, Michelle also not build in one day. Now, she is earning 10,000 dollars per post on Instagram, but for that, on the job, she consistently hard works for many years.


Michelle Lewin workout routine

Michelle Lewin workout routine


She worked hard for her extreme toned and attractive body. Being a fitness lover, Michelle trains herself at least five times a week, and she is very strict related to her diet and fitness.

Michelle Lewin very famous among female fitness enthusiasts and the most common thing for which Michelle is renowned for its Greek Goddess like figure.

She used to do training with lightweight instead of substantial weight to avoid injury. Michelle Lewin uses high repetition range than lifting heavy weight to get an incredibly toned body.

The basic rule of Michelle Lewin is to target different body parts on different days as, like most of the fitness trainer, she also believes in training everybody parts equally. 

If you want to make an extremely toned body and an attractive figure like her then you can follow her Workout routine :

  • Monday: Michelle Lewin workout routine

For Monday Michelle trains back and biceps

Chin ups                      – 4 *12 reps

Row Machine              – 4 *12 reps

T- Bars                           – 4 *12 reps

Dumbbell curls              – 4 *12 reps

EZ bar curls                     – 4 *12 reps

Cable curls                       – 4 *12 reps


  • Tuesday: Michelle Lewin workout routine

As a fitness model, she needs to do train her lower body also. So, she to workout for

Lying leg kale            – 4 *12 reps

SEATED  leg curls    – 4 *12 reps

Deadlifts                        – 4 *12 reps


  • Wednesday: Michelle Lewin workout routine

On Wednesday she trains her triceps and shoulders with the help of following exercises

Standing dumbbell triceps extension    – 6*12

Skull crushers                                              – 4*12

Rope overhead cable extensions             – 4*12

Military press                                               – 4*10

Shoulder press                                                – 4*12

Upright bars EZ                                             – 4*12

Side lateral raises                                            – 4*10


Michelle Lewin ABS Workout

Michelle Lewin ABS Workout


  • Friday: Michelle Lewin workout routine

Legs Training

Lunges                – 4*12

Good Morning  – 6*20

Leg press             – 4*15

Squats                 – 4*12


  • Saturday: Michelle Lewin workout routine

She trains her abs on Saturday

Hanging knee raises      – 4*12

Crunches                         – 4*20

Crunch on the ball                – 4 *12

Crunch Machine             – 4*12

Thursday and Sundays are kept as a holiday

This is all about Workout routine of Michelle Lewin. Now let’s discuss Michelle Lewin diet plan in detail.


Michelle Lewin Full Body HD Photo

Michelle Lewin Full Body HD Photo


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Diet Plan of Michelle Lewin

Michelle secret of the incredibly toned body is nutrition. She said in an Interview for building a lean physique. You should maintain light training with ample food.


Michelle Lewin diet plan

Michelle Lewin diet plan


Although Michelle eats Several small nutrition rich food in a day here are some of her days to day diet.

Here is the full “diet plan of Michelle Lewin”.

  • Breakfast
  1. Six egg whites
  2. Oatmeal topped with almonds
  3. Strawberries
  • Lunch

  1. Baked potato
  2. Grilled chicken breast
  3. Steamed broccoli with olive oil
  • Dinner

  1. Grilled Salmon
  2. Brown rice
  3. Casein protein shake before bed
  4. Michelle also added a supplement to her diet as per her needs with the favorite being Big blend, Bull NOx, Full dose, etc.

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This is all about the diet plan of Michelle Lewin.

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