Eva Andressa Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | September 30, 2023

Hello, We are going to discuss “Eva Andressa Workout Routine and Diet Plan” Before going to discuss the workout routine of Eva Andressa and the diet plan of Eva Andressa, let’s know about her. Eva Andressa was born in Brazil and is a famous Brazilian fitness model and social media personality and is best known for athlete of athletic  nutrition

Eva feels embarrassed in childhood for being too thin or skinny. At the age of 17 Eva Andressa tried to get into the shape but, without knowledge and proper training she gave up early and after a period of time she met with her future husband, Jardel Barros, and she got into relationship with him ,surprisingly her husband was an athlete and gave Eva an inspiration to change her body.

Eva believed that she has achieved her goals. She had attained her dream physique and also won several competitions. But she didn’t stop there after 2010 Eva was invited to appear on a celebrity brazil tv show and from there she became the best-known athlete and an online sensation.

Eventually, after this show, she became a fitness icon in brazil and featured in numerous magazines and thus got globally recognized.

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Eva Andressa Workout Routine

Most of Fitness stars have their strict workout routine, but Eva Andressa was not from them. She has no specific workout routine, and her training was based on what she feels necessary on a specific day.

Since 2014 Eva Andressa gained fame and has been working hard to inspire the lives of millions and helping people to achieve their fitness goals through motivational speech or her training. Her workout layout is also different from other fitness stars. Eva Andressa always completes the four sets of every exercise and train to failure with no specific reps

During her competing days. Andressa trained her body twice a day with almost no rest days. Eva Andressa also performs aerobic activities for a session of a minimum of 40 minutes. Surprisingly after achieving her goals, Eva has stopped training her chest, triceps and biceps muscles as she thinks they were in Ideal size and need not teach more.

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Eva nowadays mainly focuses on her leg workout which is as follows –

Eva Andressa legs workouts

Exercise                                                           sets reps

Leg press                                                             4 8-12

Leg curls                                                              4 10-12

Lying squats Machine                                        4 8-12

Back Squats                                                         4 8-12

Eva Andressa Abs workouts

Eva has been continuously working hard on her abs even after achieving her goals. Her abs are one of the most attractive and stunning parts of her body  Although her exercise for abs varies from day to day, she believes in the proper diet more for making stunning abs

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Eva Andressa Diet Plan

Being a fitness star, Eva is very strict about her diet. She frequently eats every 2-3 hours of the day and takes around 7-8 meals a day. Although her intake of a meal depends on how much time she sleeps in a day.

Eva said that in the first four meals of the day she eats a combination of protein and carbohydrate and in the last meals of the day she preferred to eat only protein.

Here are full details of a full-day diet of Eva Andressa

Food 1 – 2.5 tbsp of oatmeal  and two spoons of liquified protein

Food 2 – 3 tbsp whole wheat pasta, Vegetables, 100 grams of chicken breast.

Food 3 – 3 tbsp oatmeal, two tbsp protein

Food 4- Tuna, 2.4 gm graham toast

Food 5 – 100 gram of chicken breast grilled with vegetables

Food 6 – Omelet of 5 eggs

Food 7 – Whey  protein with Glutamine

If you wanted to know which extra supplement does your favorite Eva takes?  then the answer is Whey protein and Glutamine.

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