Nessa Barrett Weight Loss

By | October 2, 2023

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss: Nessa Barrett dropped her latest single titled ‘Bang Bang’ a week ago and she lets loose her deepest intrusive thoughts. The singer is drowned in disappointment with her ex and the song is definitely an attempt at revenge. Nessa Barrett is a young American songwriter and singer coming from a family of artists and claims that she has written songs since the time she learned to walk and talk. The singer rose to fame in 2019 with her TikTok lip-sync videos and slowly descended to creating her own musical content. 

The actress has also lost some weight and she is definitely in her latest appearances and photos. But the road to healthy fitness wasn’t smooth for her, which is the premise of her well-known work – dying on the inside. So in this post, we will deconstruct Nessa Barrett’s journey to a fitter and stronger body. But remember fitness is not a destination but a journey so you must definitely enjoy the process and results automatically follow.

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss

Nessa Barrett Body Stats

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 kgs
Age 20 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Waist 24 inches

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Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Workout Routine

We at healthyogi are quite updated with our coverage of fitness routines of emerging stars in pop culture. So we have already covered a fitness and workout routine of Nessa Barrett on our website, you can read it here.

Nessa looks like a fitness freak and even though she is young, she still abstains from getting into unhealthy eating habits and maintains a regular workout schedule. But in this post, we will focus on Nessa Barrett’s struggles with overall health, which she talked about at great length in dying on the inside and later in an interview with Nylon.

 But before that, here’s a look at what her Workout Routine looks like, which resulted in her weight loss.

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Workout Routine

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Workout Routine


Nessa Barrett seems to be a fan of Cardio workouts and she is completely immersed in her routines which include a good long cardio session consisting of a lot of Dance. As a tik toker, dance is one of Nessa’s favorite workout routines and she gets fitter on the go with her dance sessions.

Besides this, there is not much concrete information about Nessa Barrett’s workout routine for weight loss. But looking at her fitness levels we can suggest some exercises that will give you a push towards achieving a healthy body.


Weight Training Exercises

The actress falls on the leaner side but she is not weak, meaning she has a layer of lean muscles on her body which gives her a good lean but strong frame. Such lean muscular shields can be achieved by doing regular lightweight training, usually kettle training, or by using dumbbells or through bodyweight exercises like burpees, squats, lunges, pushups, and pull-ups.



HIIT is also one of the preferred exercises by actresses and artists for lean muscular frames across cultures. HIIT works on your cardiovascular capacity and muscle building at the same time it burns your fats and not your muscles. This gives a lean muscular frame to your body. It is usually difficult to lose weight without losing muscles, but with HIIT, this is possible as it burns fats as opposed to carbs in your body.


Nessa Barrett Health Struggle

In a follow-up interview to her album – dying on the Inside, with Nylon, the singer shed light on her struggle with body image and eating disorder which made her ill and almost neurotic with Borderline Personality Disorder.

The singer revealed that she used to not eat food at all and had struggled with Anorexia all her life. Nessa further said that her problem was aggravated by a lack of conversations about eating disorders which made it difficult to recognize her unhealthy patterns early on. And so with her album, she made an attempt to bring in conversations, real issues that common people face on health.


Road to Recovery

The singer even now struggles with Anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder and is seeking therapy. The singer credits her therapist with her somewhat better outlook on life and looks. But she still struggles with mental health due to the unrestricted influx of Social media in her life. 

One of the ways she manages this is by doing an exercise she calls – fact-checking. Which essentially means she checks each of her emotional reactions for the truth of it.  And this reminds her that Nessa Barrett is a unique person and not merely an opinion of others or a body for that matter and this has definitely helped her overcome some of her issues.

This is all about Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Diet Plan

Nessa Barrett’s diet is not covered extensively on the internet and she herself hasn’t really talked about this a lot. But she likes Eggs, bread, toast, and Juices. Salads, Chickens, and a lot of fluids are also some of her staple diets. Nessa has a lean muscular body, with a low fat percentage.

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Diet Plan

Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Diet Plan

However achieving such a lean muscular frame is more dependent on your nutrition, which should ideally be restrictive on carbs and include more lean proteins. Some good sources of lean Proteins are – Lentils, Eggs, Grass-fed Beef, Turkey, and Chicken.

Is Nessa Barrett Vegan?

No, Nessa Barrett is not Vegan.

That’s All for Nessa Barrett Weight Loss Diet Plan.

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