Nick Bare Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | December 8, 2022

Hello, we are going to discuss NICK BARE WORKOUT ROUTINE and NICK BARE DIET PLAN. Before that let’s know about him. Nick Bare is an American army war veteran, Fitness instructor, nutritionist, entrepreneur, and expertise in weight training. Nick also holds a degree in nutrition and his main aim is to help people to achieve a healthier body and a stronger mind.

Nick is famous among people for his fitness advice, However, Nick wasn’t always fit. In his teenage due to his terrible eating disorder, he always had a feeling of being too weak. Fortunately, on growing nick was able to beat his terrible eating disorder and achieve a stronger physique and also a healthy career in fitness.

Nick Bare Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Nick Bare Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Nick has done his degree in nutrition from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013. Nick always said that “ My fitness journey started as a young teen, recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning my focus to a healthier and happier me.”

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Nick Bare Body Measurements

Age  29 years 
Height  5 feet 1 inch (155 cm approx..)
Weight  205 lbs(88 kg approx..)
Hair  Blonde
Eyes  Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight

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Nick Bare Workout Routine | Nick Bare Fitness Regime

Nick Bare does his workout 6 days a week and takes rests only on Sunday. As a fitness instructor, his main focus was on Bulking his body. He performs the exercise at an intermediate level and not makes them very hard or go insane. So, here we are going to reveal the workout routine of Nick Bare.

Nick Bare Workout Routine

Nick Bare Workout Routine

Nick Bare Workout chart

Monday – Chest/Triceps – Bench Focus                                               

Muscle  Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets 
Chest Barbell  Bench 30sec 12 4
Chest Dumbbell Incline 30sec 12 4
Chest Machine Fly Machine 30sec 15 4
Triceps Dip 30sec 1 4


Tuesday Back/Bicep – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle  Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Back BackCable Rope lat 30sec 12 4
Nick Bare Exercise Routine

Nick Bare Exercise Routine

Wednesday Legs – Squat Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Upper Legs Barbell Squats 30sec 12 4
Upper Legs Dumbbell Hamstring 30sec 12 4


Thursday Shoulders/Arms – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Shoulders Dumbbell Lateral Raise 30sec 15 4
Shoulders Cable Front Raise 30sec 15 4
Shoulders Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug 30sec 20 4
Biceps weight Curl 30sec 15 4
Triceps Bench Press 30sec 15 4

Friday  Nick Bare Workout Routine Back/Chest – Deadlift Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Back barbell Deadlift barbell 30sec 12 4
Shoulders  Cable Row to Neck Cable Row to Neck 30sec 12 4
Back Pull-Ups 30sec 12 4


Saturday Legs – Hypertrophy Focus

Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets
Upper Legs Barbell Front Squat exercising 30sec 10 4
Upper Legs Leg Extensions 30sec 12 4
Glutes Exercising weight Hip Thrust  30sec 12 4

This is all about Nick Bare workout routine.

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Nick Bare Diet Plan

Here are some questions nick bare answers related to his diet plan and future goals. NICK BARE DIET PLAN Includes:

Nick Bare Diet Plan

Nick Bare Diet Plan

  • However, did you’ve got to regulate your coaching and diet?

Beginning recovery when my disorder, I didn’t specialize in coaching, however a lot of feeding to place the weight back on. For years when I still had unhealthy relationships with food and it took Main ages to feel snug feeding traditional amounts once more. When I’d designed my strength back up once more, I began to physically exercise, play sports, and become active.


  • However, did you get into training?

A year when I started recovery, I made a decision to travel to the athletic facility and physical exercise. I’d train at my faculty (high school) soccer gym when a school with friends. Initially, it wasn’t serious – a lot of a hang around, however, we’d bench press and hit bicep curls. Gradually, it became an enormous interest, and I was hooked on the fitness lifestyle by the time I need to school. It impressed me to pursue a degree in nutrition and be a part of the military.


  • What are your goals for the future?

within the past ten years, I always targeted exercising and powerlifting coaching. Recently, when the military, I even have a lot of interest in CrossFit coaching and endurance. Currently, my goals embrace learning and incorporating Olympic lifting training into my routine and competitive in Crossfit. I’m additionally coaching for a marathon in the capital of Texas, an American state, and also the Corregidor Memorial Death March in the Land of Enchantment. this is all about Nick Bare diet plan.

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