Paulo Dybala Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | May 22, 2019

Hello, We are going to discuss Paulo Dybala Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Before going to discuss the diet plan of Paulo Dybala and the workout routine of Paulo Dybala, let’s know about him. Paulo Dybala full name is Paulo Bruno Exequiel Dybala. He was born on November 15, 1993, in Laguna Larga, Cordoba, Argentina.

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Paulo Dybala Workout and Diet Plan


For his on-field performance, they are called ‘La Joya,’ in Spanish, which means ‘The Jewel’. Paulo has always been a very talented and skilled player, and his technique and the ability to control the ball in any situation makes him a special player. He is considered as one of the best footballer Argentina.

In this article, Paulo Dybala diet plan, Paulo Dybala workout routine, Paulo Dybala fitness regime, Paulo Dybala gym program is explained in detail.

He is a fitness fanatic and treats his body very well with a balanced diet and regular intense exercise session. He likes to do weight training and likes to work on his roots before going for his leg exercise. See Paulo Dybala Workout routine and diet plans.


Paulo Dybala Workout Routine

Now here is all detail of Paulo Dybala workout program routine. Here we have given workout sets days wise.

Paulo Dybala Workout

Paulo Dybala exercise HD Photo

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Paulo Dybala Workout 

  • Dumbbell bench press as a warm-up of 8 reps 2 sets
  • Twists of 10 reps 2 sets
  • Leg raises of 15-20 reps 2 sets
  • Dumbbell bench presses of 8 reps 3 sets
  • Dumbbell rows of 10 reps 3 sets
  • Alternating dumbbell curls of 5 reps 2 sets
  • Hammer curls of 5 reps with each arm 2 sets
  • Dumbbell shrugs of 22-25 reps 2 sets
  • Dumbbell front raises of 15 reps 2 sets
  • Shoulder presses of 10 reps
  • Triceps pushdowns of 10 reps

Tuesday, Thursday

  • Bicycle crunches of 10-12 reps 3 sets
  • Planks withhold 3 sets
  • Oblique crunches of 10-12 reps 3 sets
  • Russian twists f 12 reps 3 sets
  • Hanging leg raises of 10 reps 3 sets
  • Weighted sit-ups of 10-12 reps 3 sets
  • Lunges of 12 reps 3 sets
  • Leg raises of 20 reps 2 sets
  • Hamstring leg curls of 12 reps 3 sets
  • Barbell squats of 12 reps 3 sets
  • Inchworms of 10-12 reps 3 sets
  • V-ups of 12 reps 3 sets

Saturday and Sunday

  • Rest

Paulo Dybala Fitness regime

This is all about Paulo Dybala workout routine.

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Paulo Dybala’s Workout Tips –

  • Work your core before the exercise of the feet, the core will become active.
  • Follow the well-balanced diet to stay healthy and fit.
  • Always include Abs Workout in your routine. This is the fitness regime of Paulo Dybala.


Paulo Dybala Diet Plan

Let’s start with the diet plan of Paulo Dybala. Although we have not learned much about Paulo Dybala Diet Plan there are some things we have got:

Paulo Dybala diet plan

  • He takes several servings of proteins
  • He eats anti-inflammatory foods.
  • They eat healthy fat foods and wildly caught fish. This is all about Paulo Dybala diet plan program.

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More about Paulo Dybala 

Paulo was born into a middle-class family. Interestingly, his father had predicted that even before Paolo’s birth, his son would become a famous football player. Although his father never agreed to become a footballer, Paulo shaped his fate exactly as his father had predicted.

Paulo Dybala is an Argentinian footballer, who is famous for his impeccable style and goal ability. In 2011, he started his career with Argentine sports club ‘Instituto de Cordoba’. After this, he joined the Italian club ‘Palermo’ in 2012 and continued to play for the team by 2015.

His big success came in 2015 when he joined ‘Juventus FC’. During his first season for ”Juventus”, he played ‘The Coppa Italia’, ‘Supercoppa Italiana’ won. They are often regarded as New Messi due to their creative game and extraordinary skill.

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